Re-did chapter 1, I don't own eva, SHOCK HORROR I don't own firefly either

Re-did chapter 1, I don't own eva, SHOCK HORROR I don't own firefly either

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January 15th, 2508, 16:50 hours

Relaxation, he remembered relaxation. Sitting on the beach, staring out at the ocean, watching the waves roll in as he drank from a coconut. He'd rather be there right now. Edward Kim was standing on the bridge of his newest acquisition, a nearly completely frigate. Nearly complete. He called into his radio, "Jonnie, what the hell are you doin' down there. Ships been sittin here for a week, I'd like to get movin."

Johnny's real name was Hiro Nagato, he got the nickname 'Johnny' because of his love of old John Wayne movies. He'd been with the Captain in the war, they'd been friends ever since that time. There's nothing Johnny can't fix, a fact he's proud to inform anybody who asks, and that's the reason the Captain called him when he found the ship floating free in the belt.

"Oh, just nappin, thought maybe the ship would fix itself 'n all that"

"Yeah yeah, just get the ship moving, smartass." replied Kim. He liked Johnny, they'd saved each other often enough during the war, and it just wouldn't have felt right to run this ship without him.

"Sorry Cap'n, I'm tryin down here." replied Johnny as he stared down the control panel and again tried to start the reactor, moving the control rods to operational height and engaging the coolant flow. Again it failed. As the control rods began to slide back into position after a failed restart he kicked the console, the rods suddenly sliding back into their operational position as the gauges on the console read out that the reactor was indeed active.

'We'll its about damn time' he slumped back into his chair and activated the power grid on the ship, the various systems coming online as a soft hum from the engines reverberated through the ship. He looked over to a small monitor next to his control panel expecting to see grid information, what he saw instead was a video-feed and cryo-pod status tables. As he looked at the video feed he saw three pods, three teenagers were in those pods, one with blue hair, one with red, and one with brown. Behind the pods he saw a large purple hand. 'What the hell is that'. He immediately keyed up the intra-ship comm unit. "Cap'n, i think you need to meet me in the cargo bay, I've found something"

Kim punched the comm button on the console in front of him and called into the headset, "Define 'something' Johnny, is it gonna blow up my ship?" Edward Kim was not a man that liked surprises as they usually ended up with him in a worse situation than before said surprise.

"No cap, I don't think its gonna blow up the ship but uh…I think it's the crew…."

With that comment the Captain dropped his headset and sprinted towards the cargo bay without even replying to the communication. 'Crew? There were no life signs on this ship…we scanned it!' As he thought about the situation it seemed almost ironic, he finally caught a break, landed himself a nice bit of salvage, his own frigate, only problem was that it apparently still had a crew.

Johnny crossed the corridor outside of the engineering section and continued on a few meters until he found himself in the cargo bay, in front of him were the three cryogenic sleeper pods….and beyond that was an arm. A giant purple arm inscribed with letters. "Evangelion Unit Zero One, what the hell is it…" Johnny was stumped, he'd never seen anything like it, and he'd seen quite a bit.

He walked over to the pods and looked in through the glass at the teens frozen inside. In the first pod was a pale skinned Japanese girl, her blue hair cut short above her shoulders, her eyes closed as she 'slept' in her pod. The second down the row was a girl about the same age, also showing Asian facial features, though her skin had more color and her hair was a shade of red. The final pod contained a boy who looked almost like he was related to the first girl, his hair brown and cut short to his head. "Why would there be children in cryo on a ship this old…."

As those words left his mouth he turned to see Kim slide around the corner and into the cargo bay, panting as he stood there looking at the pods. "You…said……crew?" Damnit, I'm not gonna lose this ship, I just got it running!

"Well, not crew so much I'd guess, they look like kids, that one on the far left looks interestin though." Johnny said and gestured towards the first cryopod "you think we should wake 'em up Cap'n?"

The Captain stands there for a minute, looking at the pods and the occupants of said pods. "I don't see why we shouldn't; they might know somethin' 'bout what happened to the ship that left it like this."

Johnny nodded and turned to the control console for the pods, activating the wake-up program. "Well Cap'n lets…see what they gotta say." He leaned against the console, waiting as the pods warmed and vented their gasses, the occupants stirred as the glass retracted.

The first to wake up fully was the boy. As he opened his eyes he turned to look at Eddie Kim, noticing his beard and his….familiar face. "father?"

"W-what? Kid, I'm pretty sure I'm not your daddy…" Kim looked at the kid strangely, then turned slightly to address the three of them together "so…who are you kids and what are you doing on a disabled ship out in the middle of the black?"

It was Shinji's turn to act surprised, Gendo never talked like this and the more he looked at the man the more he could see the slight differences to how his father looked. "M-my name is Ikari Shinji" What happened? I was in unit-01…I saw unit-02 laying in pieces in the geofront…

Asuka took this opportunity to break Shinji's train of thought with an outburst at Kim, "The Black? What are you talking about?" She noticed her surroundings as she finished talking, the metal construction of the room completely unfamiliar. "Just where are we? This doesn't look like the geofront…."

As those words left her mouth an alarm began to blare throughout the ship and kim turned around to face Johnny "What is that, did you fix the ship wrong Johnny?" This day was really starting to disturb his calm and his expression was showing that fact.

"That's the proximity alarm Cap'n" as the words left his mouth Johnny turned to the panel and accessed an external view of the ship. Gotta appreciate multifunction control consoles. And then he noticed what was on the display. "Ta ma de cap'n its an alliance cruiser comin' up on us!"

Kim stared slack jawed at Johnny for second before gathering himself "We need to get gone Johnny, go full burn and get us out of here!"

Johnny turned to kim with a horrified expression on his face "Can't Cap'n… I never fixed the engines.

"Zhen dao mei get the kids back into cryo and dump them off ship, I don't want an alliance hun dan gettin em" he turned to said kids "get back in the pods, we're gonna dump you into black, the pods will hold up for a few years at least. You're just kids and I ain't gonna let them have ya. We'll try to come back for ya, but I can't guarantee it." As he finished he shoved Shinji into the pod, followed by Asuka and Rei, sealing the pods and re-activating them. "Johnny, lets get the pods into the airlock and space them, put one of the beacons on it, set it to delay for a month before startin up."

And with that they began the task of dumping the pods into space.