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"Max? Max? MAX!!"

I sat bolt upright as Nudge yelled my name in my ear (which I am sure is now dysfunctional.) The child must have had a hyper pill for breakfast or something. But seeing as it's so early, I have a feeling that she didn't have breakfast, which is why she is waking me up.

"Max, I'm hungry." How well do I know my Flock?

"Fine, Nudge. I will get you some food. Just go and bug Fang OR Iggy for now OK?" I groaned, sitting up. Yes, I know I shouldn't have done that, and knowing Nudge she will probably end up annoying Fang. But I do need to sleep. Unless they would prefer me falling out of the sky.

Max, now why would we want you to fall out of the sky? You need your sleep. I think Nudge is just really hungry. We held her back for 30 minutes.

Angel, thank you. But what did I say about going into people's heads?

Don't do it. Bye Max!

'One day that child will be the death of me.' I groaned as I tried to go back to sleep. Let Fang handle her. I couldn't care less if he killed me for it later. I need sleep.

As I was just getting to sleep, I felt someone start shaking me VERY vigorously. 'Just breathe Max. Just breathe. In. Out. In. Ou- Screw this!'

I exploded and shot straight up from my "bed", screaming "What?! What is so important that no one can handle it without my help?" I was basically fuming right about now, because I have never had a good night of sleep in my life. It was dead quiet, and since no one answered, I decided to speak again, "Well since nobody has a reason…" and rested my head on my arms. Once again I was shook by someone, and I got no chance to even close my eyes. I sat up. 'Only one person is stubborn enough to actually attempt to try and wake me even after the outbreak.'

I sat back up and was met by, surprisingly, hot air. 'Probably came from his head.' I thought and I heard Angel snicker from behind me. Suddenly, more hot air hit my ear. I stiffened and shivered involuntarily. "You're going to pay for the little Nudge incident, Maxi." I couldn't really think straight, due to his sheer CLOSENESS. And where the hell did that thought come from? I felt Fang smirk and his breath left me. After that little incident, I found that I could actually breathe again.

'What the hell?' I sighed. 'This is going to be a long day.'

And the funny thing is, it hasn't even been an hour since I woke up yet.


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