Hair Dye

At NCIS there was only one locker room, which meant that after working out, Ziva, Tony, and McGee returned to the same place to shower and change.

It had been a slow day to Gibbs had forced the team to work out and Tony and Ziva had purposefully finished before McGee and snuck into the locker room.

"Are you sure this will work?" Ziva whispered.

"Ziva, I used to be the king of practical jokes. Of course it will work," Tony said as he pulled a package of blue raspberry Kool-Aid out of his pocket. Ziva unscrewed the cap off of McGee's shampoo and Tony ripped the top off of the package and dumped it in. Ziva screwed the lid back on and furious shook it. Just then, Tony and Ziva heard the door open and McGee's voice resonate through the locker room. Tony and Ziva ran away from McGee's things madly.

Later, McGee came up to the bullpen with his NCIS hat on.

"Why do you have the hat on?" Tony asked innocently. "Are we going somewhere?" Across the bullpen Ziva smirked.

"No," McGee said tightly. Tony could just see the blue peeking out from under the hat and he choked back a laugh.

"Gonna become a smurf, McBlue?" Tony asked, causing Ziva to laugh.

"Yeah, really funny Tony," McGee said.

"Relax, Probie. It's just Kool-Aid," Tony said.

"Yeah, well you don't have to walk around all day like this," McGee said sullenly.

"You know, McGee, it could be worse," Ziva spoke up.

"How could it possibly be worse, Ziva?" McGee asked.

"Tony could have used cherry Kool-Aid.

A/N: This one is for Cable Addict who came up with the idea while we were talking about how to play a practical joke on the roommate that I don't like. Hope you enjoyed!