hey this is my new story

This is my new story!! Hope you like it!!


Chapter 1


How could they do this to me? I was marrying a monster! All he cared about was his money, and he was going to be gone all the time! I am never going to see him! I guess I was over reacting just a little bit - I mean he was not a monster, or at least I hope not. And I don't think that he was too obsessed with money, even if it was a reason we were getting married in the first place.

I stood up in my gorgeous white dress and walked over to the mirror to make sure that no mascara tears had gotten on it.

The whole wedding was gorgeous; I was getting married to a millionaire, I mean what did I expect?!

It also helped that my fiancé's parents had hired a fantastic wedding planner.

Speaking of the devil, Alice came running in the changing room just as I put the final touches on my wedding dress. She scared the crap out of me so I yelled, "ALICE!?" at her.

"What?" she said looking up at me innocently. Alice was very pretty and full of confidence, but one thing she did not have was height. And in these heels (or more like death traps), (A/N pictures for the whole wedding are on my profile) I was way taller then her, so I looked right over her head and had to bend way down to just see her.

"Don't do that." I said, trying to keep it short and sweet.

She just came up behind me and started to fix my veil and make-up, which were both perfect. Alice had picked out all the right things and hired the right people for the wedding; I had not done anything for the wedding besides trying lots and lots of things on.

Once Alice was done she said we had to get moving because the wedding was supposed to start in only 5 minutes.

My stomach was doing summersaults and back flips. I was freaking out. I barley knew this guy. Why am I marrying him again? Oh yeah, because my parents want me to. UGH, I didn't want to go through with this.

Alice lead me to the doors and left me there and went to take her place in line; she had to be a bridesmaid because I did not have that many close friends the maid of honor was Angela a really good friend of mine from high school and the other bridesmaid was Alice's husband's sister Rosalie, who was very pretty.

The bridesmaids started to walk down the aisle.

And I continued in my insanity of freaking out.

I was only 22 - I had so much ahead of me. So why was I marrying him? He was a sweet guy and all, but I have met him only a few times, and I hate the whole arranged marriage thing. Do all rich families do this? Because it sucks.

I doubt this guy wants to marry me either. I mean I am an ugly little nobody who happens to have a rich dad, and he was a part of this big time billionaire family.

I started to walk down the aisle with Charlie at my side. I call him dad out loud, but I don't even really know him that well. He is never really around anymore. My mom and he got a divorce when I was really young, and around when I turned four, my dad struck oil and my family made billions off of it in Alaska. (A/N it just makes it easier if they lived in Alaska and not Forks.)

My mom did not get any of the money because they were divorced, so my mom sent me off to live with my dad so that I would have a better life. My dad was now one of the richest men in the world, everyone wanted to marry me, just so that they would have a chunk of the money I would inherit.

After a while my dad got tired of it all, and he made an arranged marriage with a friend of his son I was only eight at the time.

I have met him only a few times after that, our families spend Christmas together, but that doesn't mean anything. There are always so many people around us all the time, so we only see each other for a few minutes each year. Which means that I basically only know his first and last name!? Which was Cullen by the way.

I was thinking about all of this as I walked down the aisle toward my future husband.

All of this was crowding my brain, all my self pity, I was so not ready for this.

As I neared Edward I noticed he looked just as stressed out as I probably did.

I got up to Edward and all of my friends and family. I stood in front of him and he stared into his eyes. I could tell that he was just as nervous as I was, and I guess that was a good thing. At least I was not alone.

I looked around at the wonderful wedding that Alice had planned. It was beautiful.

Alice had made the wedding theme romance so there were roses, candles and diamonds EVERYWHERE!

It was the kind of wedding that every girl wanted to bad I was not like every other girl.

I also had that guy that every girl wanted he was rich, handsome, and out of town often.

I guess in some people's mind I was lucky too bad I don't feel that way.

I reached the alter and my father handed me to Edward the man started the wedding I don't even know who he is but he made it quick.

Edward stared into my eyes as we went over the vows, and I was a loyal daughter and said them.

We exchanged rings mine was diamond and expensive looking but I really liked it. Edward's was simple and manly.

Then the man that was marrying us said the words I had been dreading my whole life.

"You may now kiss the bride" he said in a calm smooth voice, as I was freaking out. I mean, I had kissed guys before against my father's will, but still. This was different. This was like the kiss that would start the rest of my life.

Edward leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. His lips left mine after way less then a second. There was no feeling behind them at all.

And I knew in that moment that this was going to be a rough road.

I also knew that I didn't know what was coming up next but I had to be ready for it.

Everyone cheered and shouted as I sulked in misery.

Then I sudden thought flashed through my mind I was married.


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