Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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I felt the hard, cold, door as I was pushed roughly up against it. Edward towered over me and he had one of his hands on my waist and the other kindly supporting my neck.

He looked down upon me and I looked up at him. We didn't move for the longest time.

"Bella?" he finally said in the sweetest of voices I thought I was going to melt, right then and there.

I know I couldn't speak clearly so I just nodded.

"I know that we have only been together for a few weeks, but you know I love you right?"

I nodded again.

"Bella, if you don't want to go any farther then this, please tell me now. I will go and sleep on one side of the bed and you can have the other. We don't have to go any farther, Bella, I am leaving it all up to you. There is no pressure." His eyes were scorching.

I was completely and utterly shocked that he was even asking me. Once again, he was surprising me, he was thinking about my feelings and emotions, not worrying about impulses and raw emotions, but the deep ones, you know?

It made me trust him even more than before, knowing that he would not hurt me even if he had no choice. It made me want to go further to show him how much I trust him, want him, love him, and need him.

I ran my hands from his shoulders down to the top of his belt. Then I ran my hands all the way around his waist, almost as if I was hugging him.

I decided it was best not to answer to just show him. So I slipped off my shoes, which were backless, and threw them in to the corner, by the bathroom door, with my feet. I then reached up on my tippy-toes and softly pressed my lips against his.

I watched his face as I did this. I watched as his eyes closed and he leaned into me. I watched as his chest move up and down as he took and deep breathe. I felt his warm breath onto my face. It smelled so amazing. I leaned closer into him, closer into the smell.

He gently spread my legs with his foot and put one of his legs in between my thighs. He rubbed his warm thigh against mine, causing a mind blowing friction.

I pressed my lips against his again. Slightly opening my mouth and slipping my tongue out. I slowly licked my lips then slowly licked his.

Since we were so close, I felt a shudder travel down his spine. This let me know that I was doing okay; that I wasn't doing horrible. It gave me the courage and the knowledge that I need to take things a step further.

I moved my hands from were they sat, comfortably around his waist, to his arms. I rubbed up and down his arms as I stared deep into his brilliantly green eyes and they stared back at me. They were full of pure hopeless love. I am sure that is what mine reflected also.

I just loved him so much more then I would ever be able to express on a physical level. But I was sure going to try.

I moved my eyes from his to his neck. I slowly licked my lips then pressed them gently against his neck. I began to gently suck his neck. I felt his hand travel from my upper back, downwards, at a slow agonizing pace. I could feel the warmth of his hand threw my dress. I felt a shudder travel down my spine this time. I could hear the outtake of breath as he smiled. Apparently, he had felt it too.

But honestly the smile just made me suck harder on his neck, determined to get the same reaction from him. I know that it would probably leave a bruise on his neck, and that was my goal.

I opened my lips and let my tongue barley touch his now wet and warm neck. Then, I got the reaction that I had been seeking. I felt the shudder travel down his back again. I smiled against his neck.

Edward pulled my lips away from his neck. He slammed his lips into mine and began to pull us off the door and towards the wall of the sitting area. We didn't make it to the wall. I think both of our thought processes went out the window as soon as his mouth opened and he roughly opened mine with his tongue, deepening our kiss.

His hand traveled from my lower back to my hips. Mine traveled up his back and into his hair. It was silky soft. I don't know how something that looked like it was never brushed was so soft.

We mapped out each others mouths. I pushed against Edward. Trying to tell him without using words to lower to the ground. But he didn't, he picked me up bridal style. He led me to the bed while continuing to kiss me.

I felt the soft silk hit my skin. I felt the soft feather pillows beneath my head. I felt Edward on top of me, his weight hitting me in all the right places, his hands traveling up and down my rib cage. I moaned into his mouth. He smiled against my mouth making me smile with him.

I decided that I was going to take control of this situation. I flipped us so that he was on bottom. I straddled his waist and looked down on him with the biggest smile on my face. I bet I looked like a fool, but I honestly didn't care.

I ran my hands threw his silky bronze hair messing it up further. I ran my hands from his hair slowly down his neck, kissing his collarbone, and then to the first button of his shirt. I slowly unbuttoned it. I watched his face the entire time I watched as his eyes closely watched me.

His hand moved from his side, slowly up my thighs, making me close my eyes, all the way up to my hips. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When I finally got to his belly button, only having four or five left, I began to kiss his stomach starting at his belly button and working my way up to his collar bone. I watched his face as his eyes closed and he exhaled in one long shaky breath.

It made me feel powerful that I could get this kind of reaction from him.

It made me feel in control; it made me feel beautiful. It made me feel like I wasn't some ordinary boring girl with a rich father. It made me feel powerful, and trust me; I was going to use that feeling tonight.


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