Wow, here we go again. This MB here and I never thought I post two stories in one day. Wow, go me. Originally, I was going to do this tomorrow but I decided to write this one today since I finally thought of how to get Neji to the tournament so here it is and I hope it's just as good as Argent's intro and hope you enjoy.

Right now, it was in the afternoon that a pale young man, with milk-white eyes, and long black hair. He wore a headband on his forehead which had a leaf on a silver plate, black and cream colored clothing that looked like traditional Japanese clothing and high-topped black colored sandals. This was Neji Hyuuga, a member of the Hyuuga clan.

Basically, he was back from a one hour jog in the forest outside of the Hidden Leaf Village. He once again stepped foot into the village returning to his home. But on his way, he stepped on something. He heard a "crunch" sound or something as he stepped on whatever it was. He looked down and he a simple flyer, he took his foot off from it, picked it up and examined it. However, this flyer is advertising a tournament at the El Centro De El Mundo which translates to Mall of the World, which is the largest mall on Earth.

This, the mall, he never heard of. But since it was a tournament, he decided to go but he cared less about whatever prizes are given, he saw this as something for his training. So, with permission from his father and the fifth Hokage known as Tsunade, he left the Hidden Leaf Village to compete in the tournament. Hinata watched him leave and did hope for his safe return.

So, you'd think there would be no way for him to travel to North America correct? Well, no problem there as he actually went there by sea. You see, he took a boat in order to travel to the United States, specifically California so yeah he had to use a traditional sailboat in order to go there. Curiously, on his way there, he saw someone riding on a dragon.

'What the hell?' Neji thought in shock of what he saw.

He just wondered if he really did see a dragon flying in the sky. But he didn't allow that to distract from what he was doing. So, he kept on sailing to California. It took him for about four or five days to get there. Thankfully, he took supplies with him, so he had plenty of food to eat. But finally hours later during the daytime, he finally saw shore. He figured he finally made it to California.

The shore he saw was a Californian beach full of teenagers, couples and families enjoying themselves. But of course, everyone was not everyone was prepared for the sight of a sailboat heading towards the sands of the beach itself. The sailboat finally stopped as it touched the sand. Neji departs and began walking as everyone just looks at him in awe. But he ignored their reactions.

He soon climbed up the stairs and he saw a male, long-haired blonde, black sunglass-wearing beachgoer leaning on the rails staring at the ocean itself.

"Where is the El Centro De El Mundo?" Neji asked.

But for some reason the beachgoer doesn't answer. He just continually stared at the ocean. Neji waved his hand in front of the beachgoer's face to get his attention but no answer came out of him. Deciding that he won't answer, he left him and continued onto his journey.

On his way, he asked random strangers about the location of the El Centro De El Mundo but the people who answered him were rude to him but others, they just simply don't know. In fact, as he was walking, an old lady talking to her friend at an outside table of a café, she whispered to her and said "He's up to no good, I know it."

She said that for racist reasons and Neji did hear that but he ignored her, she just wasn't worth his time. Anyway, he finally saw a California map at a travel stand, so he took one and walked off but of course, the guy who runs the stand saw that and asked him.

"Hey, you gonna pay for those?"

With the help of the map, he finally found his way to the El Centro De El Mundo mall. Satisfied, he started to walk there as he saw a creature that resembled a koala passed by him. But unlike the dragon, he didn't bother to notice and he also never bothered to look at the old man departing from the same dragon he saw behind as he walked through the automatic entrance doors at the mall itself. That and he also didn't bother to notice a pale-white skinned girl also walking towards the mall.

When he got there, he looked in awe as how big it is. I mean, it was just huge, I mean it had everything, and I mean everything. I mean, besides the usuals like the food court. It had a lot of stores like any Music/DVD store, Anime stores, supermarkets, etc. and it even had what was called the El Grande Theatre which not only plays the current movies that are recently shown, it also shows movies from the past decades, it even had something called Midnight Madness which shows various Horror films on Friday and Saturday at midnight. And it also had a Godiva outlet, I mean there are a lot of things the mall has which is too much to describe.

But Neji didn't want to get distracted so he kept on going until he finally saw a large number of people standing near a large, circular room. The room was about one hundred feet in diameter, with ten-foot-wide balconies on the rim. The balconies formed a giant spiral going up to the massive and awe-inspiring domed ceiling, with multiple large gates leading to the eight wings of the mall on each story.

Figuring this was the tournament he had read; he went to that specific area and stood there with the other competitors. As he waited a few minutes for the tournament, a young girl with Gray-White pale skin called him.

"Yo!" she cried.

He looked at her and he saw that she was wearing a strapless black dress, with a scarlet shirt, black knee-high stockings, full-length matching gloves, scarlet Mary Janes, and a black ribbon around her throat. And she also had unruly hair and was short and black with bangs dyed red. And soon, she stood next to him.

"What's all this then?" said the girl with a British accent although a bit jaded.

But they soon got their answer as two figures stepped into the arena.


Well that's Neji's intro. Hope you enjoyed it. Wow, that was the quickest story I ever wrote. As you guys noticed, I used the same descriptions from my previous story and avatar's story as well but I hope he doesn't mind that. The thing is, since I wrote it before why do it again? So, I copied and paste what I wrote but if anyone feels that was a cheap effort, I apologize really. Sorry. But I hope you guys still like it and I'll be reading your stories soon.