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Sleeping Beauty wakes up alone and does not know how long she's been sleeping. She feels half-dead, which is half less dead than she expected, so she revels in her discomfort like a child poking a loose tooth. She expects the Tooth Fairy must not have been able to breach the perimeter defenses to find her as a child.

Her eyes are gummy, but not from her sleep. She is full of chemicals and she almost chokes as she pulls tubing from her. One tube is connected to a plug in her side and she wonders how she will have that removed without questions. One more thing to hide.

Her feet are cold on the tile floor and there is no one around. On a gurney beside her is the clearly dead body of a fairytale monster and she realizes that something must have gone wrong for her captors. They think she is dead. It must have looked that way when she was disconnected from the machines, before her own body's systems kicked back in. Sleeping Beauty, not Snow White. She thinks of how Zach laughed at her stories and said that, with her hair, she should be Rapunzel.

The door handle turns and someone walks in. It's funny because she is supposed to be the faceless soldier but somehow it is all the normal humans working at Manticore that end up looking and feeling the same. Inhuman. She knocks him out like he is just a doll and inspects him for clues. He has a cargo manifest to transfer the two transgenic bodies to another facility. Carefully she switches their clothing and loads up the truck. No one sees her. She functions on the razor edge of her reflexes, expecting any minute to be stopped. Surely it couldn't be so easy? Not when the last time was running through the snow with search lights and dogs and men with guns. But it is. She drives right through the gates.

And then, because she is a transgenic supersoldier with enhanced intelligence and deductive abilities, she turns the truck north to Canada and starts driving. Driving to her prince and her son and her happily ever after.

And it isn't so long after that when she knocks on a strange door in a strange town to be met by two familiar faces.

Because princesses always live happily ever after.

Author's Note: This is my first Dark Angel fic, so be gentle with me. I just thought that it was silly that Tinga should be dead when Zach's still alive (sort of) and they assumed she was dead without ever checking. I mean, it doesn't make much sense to keep a dead body hooked up to all sorts of tubing, does it? It doesn't really make much sense to kill your science project on purpose either. So I figured that Max wasn't paying that much attention and it would take awhile for Tinga's own systems to kick back on if she was brutally disconnected from forced life support. Anyway, hope you liked it.