I just watched a cool episode from season 6 called 'Debt' and I had this idea

I just watched a cool episode from season 6 called 'Debt' and I had this idea. It will probably only be a few chapters long.

Summary: Ricky Yao is willing to co-operate on the terms that after he gives them the location of missing teenager Ping, his sentence is reduced and he'll only talk if it's on a date with Olivia.

Chapter 1

Olivia followed behind Ricky Yao, their best suspect in the case to find a missing teenager and her mother, as they walked into the interrogation room.

Ricky walked over to the table and sat down on the edge of it, Olivia walked over and stood right in front of him, hoping the movement would be slightly intrusive into his personal space and hoped it would kick off some sort of reaction.

"Where's Jiao Wu?" She asked him.

"Who's that?" He asked.

"The woman you murdered."

"You got the wrong guy." He told her.

"Yea, we got your errand boy next door. First one to talk gets a deal." She told him simply.

"Now hows about the two of us, candlelight, a bottle of crystol..?" He said suggestively.

"I don't date scum." She told him frankly

"Such a beautiful woman with such a foul mouth, what a turn on" Ricky said with a smirk.

"Shut up and wait for your lawyer I bet juniors already spilling his guts." Olivia said smugly.

After having interviewed both Ricky and his errand boy and getting pretty much nothing solid, everyone was wondering what the next move was going to be. They still had no idea where Ping or Jiao Wu where or if they were even still alive.

"That creep is talking to no one. He's too busy imagining playing games with Liv and I don't mean Battleships or Cluedo." Casey said as she came out of the interrogation room.

Olivia just shook her head. She knew what the guy had on mind, he had told her as much when she had tried to interview him.

"Look can't we threaten him with deportation or something?" Elliot said impatiently.

"If we lose this guy then we never find out where Jiao Wu or Ping are." Olivia said.

Everyone just fell silent. They were fast running out of options and ideas which meant time was or could be running out on their chances of finding the vics alive.

"Detective Benson!" They all heard Ricky shout from inside the interrogation room they were all stood outside of. They knew he couldn't see them from inside the room, but guessed he knew they were stood there going through what cards they had been dealt.

Olivia walked over to the door, pushed it open and walked in. "What?" She asked him.

"I have a proposition for you." He said.

Olivia looked at him for a moment. She stepped back and shut the door. "Captain?" She asked.

"Go ahead Olivia. Let's see what he has to say." Cragen said.

Olivia pushed the door open again and walked in, this time shutting the door behind her. She walked over to the table were Ricky was sat and sat down adjacent to him. "Talk." She ordered.

"I'll tell you what I know, which is just what you want to hear, if you let me tell you over dinner." He said.

"If you know the location of Ping and Jiao Wu and you won't tell us, we'll just hold you and charge you with obstruction." She said.

"But you still can't make me talk." He said matter-of-factly. "Face it detective, you have nothing on me that is going to stick in court, not yet. I'll be out of here within the hour and you won't know a thing…" He said smuggly.

Outside the room Elliot was ready for charging in and knocking Ricky's lights out, but Cragen was holding him back. "See what she does Elliot, this may be our only chance."

"How do I know you'll tell me? I'd have to sit through dinner with you and you may not even talk at the end of it." Olivia said.

"You have my word I will tell you." He replied.

"That means nothing to me, you are a criminal. Why the hell would I trust you?" She said.

"Because I'm the only chance you have." He informed her.

She knew he was right and she hated it, just like she hated the way his eyes were undressing her, God she wanted to bash his head against a wall and beat a confession out of him.

"Just dinner?" She asked him, knowing she indeed had no other option.

"Unless you change your mind about me and see that I am really a decent guy." He said with a seductive smile that didn't work a thing on Olivia.

"I think I'll just be about able to keep my food down whilst I have to look at your face." She told him bluntly.

"I know just the thing for a woman like you." He said.

"What's that? Shoving me in a brothel and letting the other scum bags like you take their turns with me?" She asked him.

"Nope. I was thinking more my place, just me and you."

"I bet you were." She said.

"I'll send someone to pick you up at 8." He said.

"From here." She told him.

He just nodded. "See you at 8." He said.

She stood up and stormed out. "You're not seriously going out with this guy?" Elliot exclaimed as she shut the door.

"Elliot if it means we find out where Jiao Wu and Ping are then yes…"

"And you really think he's going to tell you where they are he just wants to be able to sit and fuck you with his eyes." Elliot yelled.

"So be it if it means we get their whereabouts from him." She said firmly. "He's going to be out of here soon, we all know it. So I'm doing this with backup from you guys or not." She said.

"We'll be outside where we can keep an eye on you. The second he gives up the location we'll be in there nailing his ass." Cragen said.

"You gonna be there?" She asked Elliot.

He just nodded. It was all he could do, although he didn't like the idea one bit.


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