I do so love one word prompts, I'm not sure why I never got around to putting some up in this drabble collection. Feel free to suggest words to me.

In other news, I have some very much so M-rated drabbles/drabble ideas for Bart/Nat and a few Bart/Ptolemy. I was wondering what all of you would think of me upping the rating of this collection, or if I should perhaps make a separate collection specifically for those that are more mature. I can't decide because, on the one hand, my lovely readers (that would be you all) are used to coming here, but on the other hand it feels like it would be odd to have the first dozen or so chapters as fairly mild and then all of a sudden start having lemons everywhere. I just...can't make up my mind.

Let me know what you think?

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Bart/Nat: In a Word

Fragile – Human skin is so very sensitive…all it takes is the slightest touch applied correctly to send Nathaniel into blissful convulsions that Bartimaeus only stops when he's no longer sure Nathaniel will be coming out of this alive. The little pervert enjoys it though, so it works out in the end.

Mutual – Bartimaeus is obviously distracted today, he's put himself in Ptolemy's form but forgotten his loincloth. Nathaniel is now obviously distracted as well.

Run – It's a simple command, but Nathaniel finds himself unable to obey it until Bartimaeus has returned to his side, safe and angry that they haven't already gotten a move on.

Cupcake – Nathaniel has a weakness for sweets that he'd apparently been trying to hide…or save himself from, as after stuffing a dozen cakes into his mouth he's looking oddly purple and in desperate need of a bucket…Bartimaeus will not be volunteering to play the part of the bucket.

Resolved – Nathaniel stares at Nouda's approaching form and realizes dimly that he doesn't know what life would have been like for him if he'd never summoned Bartimaeus, but he knows without a doubt that he doesn't want to find out.

Mispronunciation – Nathaniel stumbles over the incantation, too tired to keep his eyes open to read where he went wrong. Bartimaeus takes the book away, telling him that he's lucky he wasn't in the middle of a summoning or something serious, and puts him to bed.

Frozen – Nathaniel has obviously never had the pleasure of being face to face with an angry afrit before without his protective pentacles…it's up to Bartimaeus to save him once again and the little brat really should appreciate that…

Twitch – After how horribly they've treated each other in the past, Bartimaeus supposes he really can't blame Nathaniel for being nervous when he finally decides to be nice.

Deflowered – Nathaniel stares dubiously at the gaudy irises on the table across from him and really can't see the sense in that particular euphemism. Bartimaeus rolls his eyes and informs him that it's not the expression he's concerned with so much as the act.

Sunrise – Bartimaeus watches the sun creep over the horizon and then turns to watch the sleeping boy beside him stir into wakefulness.

Procrastination – Nathaniel is working furiously…literally, he's furious with Bartimaeus for being such an accomplished distraction. There's no way he's going to get these reports done on time if…if he keeps stretching himself out across the bed like that…

Research – When a certain Miss Farrar finds a certain Mr. Mandrake fast asleep beneath a pile of books, a toppled book case balanced precariously over his small form, she sniffs condescendingly, making a scathing remark to her imp about the use of mind altering substances in the workplace. Bartimaeus hides behind a rather thick volume, mouse shaped and giggling squeakily, pleased to know that he; or rather certain activities involving him are now mind altering substances.

Stimulate – Demons just know so very much more about the human body than humans do. Nathaniel can't even begin to pretend that he's offended by that. Not when Bartimaeus is…ohhhh…

Satisfaction – Nathaniel's secretary is attractive, intelligent and completely in love with him for some reason. Bartimaeus can't help but be amused by the fact that Nathaniel had never even considered that a possibility, and he can't help but be a bit smug knowing that this is because Nathaniel's entire romantic existence revolves around him.

Mesmerize – Bartimaeus can take an infinite number of shapes, but Nathaniel finds none as hypnotically appealing as the lithe, tanned body of his favorite form.

Allergy – Nathaniel's entire body is splotchy and swollen. The cook apologizes repeatedly for having put coriander in the meal, but Bartimaeus tosses him out of the window anyway…he's the one that's going to have to hear Nathaniel whine after all.

Confide – When you spend as much time with a certain being as Nathaniel does with Bartimaeus, it is inevitable that that being will become a confidant to rather embarrassing information whether you want them to or not.

Unease – Bartimaeus doesn't utter a single insult all day. This of course results in utter silence that leaves Nathaniel craving some sort of jibe at his intelligence or appearance...why won't Bartimaeus speak?

Heels – Nathaniel wants to wear woman's pants, why won't he wear woman's shoes?

Fortuneteller – The old woman smiles disarmingly at Nathaniel and tells him that he's going to have a very unusual love life. He looks over at the djinni sneaking jewels from the dish by her doorway and has to agree that she's right about that.

Verbose – There's nothing quite like a sexually frustrated adolescent boy who seems to think he can fill that void with speaking rather than screwing. Pointing this out to him was probably a stupid idea though, as another monologue is apparently in order to set the wayward djinni straight.

Flimsy – Nathaniel doesn't seem to believe that the fabric of his clothing is far too thin, so Bartimaeus proceeds to prove it to him by ripping his shirt completely off of him before plunging two tanned hands down the front of his pants to see how his underwear holds up.

Envy – Kitty has inexplicably managed to teach herself how to summon demons for the sole purpose of seeking out Bartimaeus. Upon discovering this, Nathaniel feels inexplicably dizzy and faint, his cheeks flaming red in comparison with how deathly pale the rest of him has gone.

Victory – Nathaniel was so very pleased with finally winning an argument against the insufferable djinni…if only he hadn't spoiled the victory by leaving him in the aftermath of a senses robbing kiss…on second thought, he still won…

Emphasis – Bartimaeus is amused to find that, under the influence of alcohol he really should have known better than to accept, Nathaniel is unable to enunciate properly, doing something truly dreadful to the syllables of each word he utters. He would stop him from making an ass of himself…but it's just so fun to watch.

Tidy – Nathaniel's shirt is crisply pressed, his tie perfectly straight. His jacket is starched and sleek. Even the handkerchief sticking out of his breast pocket is folded to his exact liking…he'd look completely ready to meet with the Prime Minister if Bartimaeus hadn't hidden under the table during lunch and left him with a completely embarrassing and terribly incriminating stain across his thighs in the wake of his inhumanly talented tongue.

Fog – Nathaniel has done a lot of experimenting since the start of his relationship with Bartimaeus, but he does tend to remain firm in insisting that Bartimaeus will come to be in his usual human form…he's not really sure how Bartimaeus expects to have sex with him like that, but he also doesn't really want to find out.

Indulge – Bartimaeus doesn't eat, and because of that flavor is really just another way to identify things for him…but he does, he has found, thoroughly enjoy the cotton candy flavor of Nathaniel's lips. Far too sweet and feathery light.

Complete – Bartimaeus doesn't want to share Ptolemy's form with Nathaniel, and he tries several different shapes when they first begin this illicit, damnable relationship, but Nathaniel isn't satisfied until he's successfully talked Bartimaeus into the form he so loves. And that, after all, is why he wants it. Not because he has any attachment to the long dead Egyptian boy, but because Bartimaeus has made him such a part of what he is now, that he doesn't seem complete without it.

Gossip – As Nathaniel struggles to stay awake in his chair, lulled toward sleep by rich food and soft music, Bartimaeus hears an imp whispering an almost passing thought to his own mistress about how close the renowned Mister Mandrake seems to his djinni. Bartimaeus says nothing as he hands over Nathaniel's leftover dinner to the passing servant, but he knows what he'll be having as his own dinner later.

Lift – Bartimaeus is a chronic pickpocket, not because he cares for human possessions, but because he just so enjoys depriving others of them. Nathaniel is now too important to the Ministry for any of the lower members to comment when he shows up wearing their cuff links or wristwatches.

Spice – The first time they kiss, Nathaniel runs his tongue greedily over the hot protrusion of Bartimaeus' lips, reveling in the maddeningly inhuman flavor.

Tea – Nathaniel gets the worst colds during the winter time. Bartimaeus blames his obviously fragile nature for the sickness, but he blames Nathaniel for his newfound ability to make tea…in all his years of service he'd somehow managed to avoid that, probably because Nathaniel is the first human…well first human who didn't have human servants to make him tea at all hours of the night if he chose….who actually trusts him not to slip poison into it.

Paper – Eating anything that isn't alive and in possession of its own essence tends to clog Bartimaeus up, but it's worth it to see the incredulous expression on Nathaniel's face as he downs three weeks worth of research.

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