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The Pregnant ABC's

By Chibi Shino

A is for the agony that I'm going to be put through for the next 9 months.

B is for bitch. Sakura is a bitch when she's pregnant.

C is for the clan that I'm going to start again.

D is for death that I am going to see early.

E is for the extreme measures I'm going to be put through.

F is for me telling Sakura how she is very fa-OW! WHAT THE HELL, SAKURA?!

G is for the gross cravings (Peanut butter and ramen, WTF?).

H is for hell. Nine Months of HELL.

I is for insanity. I fear I'm going to suffer from it.

J is for juice. I wish I could take a break and have some juice...

K is for KO. I pretend to be this to get away.

L is for the light...that bright, bright light...

M is for mangos, Sakura's weapon of choice.

N is for no more. I WILL HAVE NO MORE BABIES...until next year...

O is for orange. I actually need the orange ninja for help.

P is for knowing this will payoff eventually.

Q is for quack. I didn't know I could make this noise until Sakura nailed in in my manhood.

R is for the minor regret I have of making Sakura pregnant (MINOR).

S is for Sasuke Jr. That will be his name.

T is for my unshed tears as Sakura has another craving.

U is for the unstoppable danger that is Sakura Uchiha (You didn't think I knocked her up when we were dating, did you?)

V is for vicious. Let's hope the baby isn't this god damn vicious.

W is for my will power. I'm living off of my will power.

X is what my eyes look like. X.X

Y is for yes! It's almost over.

Z is for-Zzzzzzzz...


Sorry for the complete and utter suckiness...

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-Chibi Shino