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R80: Thank you! Now, I've gone over the results of the tryouts for the "Room Service Anime" with help from Cell, and we've just about have all of our characters picked out.

Cell: Spike Speigel, you got Groucho's part of Gordon Miller.

Spike: Me?! But I don't even have the fake mustace!

Cell: The hair is close enough. Besides, it'll loosen you up for the upcoming Trigun/Cowboy Bebop crossover the boss will write soon.

R80: Duo, you're Chico's character Benelli.

Duo: *Beams* Cool!

R80: This one calls for a true blabbermouth, and you fit the bill.

Duo: -_-; Gee, thanks.

R80: Vash, you'll play as Harpo's character Faker.

Vash: But that means I can't talk throughout the whole thing!

Wolfwood: Betcha he can't shut up for one whole scene.

Vash: You're on!

R80: (I can see this is gonna be tough.) *Looks at his list* Goku, you're gonna be the Russian waiter, Sasha.

Goku: But I can't speak Russian!

Cell: You got 3 days to at least get the accent. Have Admiral Gloval help you out.

R80: Roger Smith!

Roger: Yo!

R80: You play Joe Gribble, Gordon's brother-in-law. I trust there won't be any problems?

Roger: Spike and I get along fine. It's our voices I'm worried about.

Cell: Why?

Roger & Spike: We have the same voice.

R80: I... see... Oh well, we'll work on that later. Faye, you're Christine, Gordon's girlfriend and secretary to a Mr. Freemont.

Faye: -_- Lucky me.

Spike: Ditto.

R80: Just make sure you're on time for rehearsals, or else I'll have you watched over 24/7! Comprende?

Faye: Oh, okay!

R80: Sheesh! TK, are you up to playing Leo Davis, the author and the straight man of the group?

TK: No problem!

R80: Good! Now, Kari, don't get upset, but you didn't get the part of Hilda Manney, Leo's love interest and Gordon's secretary. Sakura of CCS fame did.

Kari: It's okay. I trust her.

R80: (That's a relief.) Gendo Ikari?

Gendo: *Pops up from behind* Yes?

R80: Ah! *Whirls around* Don't ever do that again!

Gendo: What is it you want? I'm a busy man.

R80: I've put you down as Mr. Wagner, the supervising director of the hotel, and Gribble's boss.

Gendo: Good. I shall be awaiting the schedule for rehearsals. Goodbye. *Disappears into the shadows*

Cell: That guy gives me the creeps. So, who's next?

R80: Exedore will be Dr. Glass, the hotel's doctor.

Exedore: As you wish.

R80: *Goes back over the list* Char, you are... Not here...

Cell: Probably off dueling Amuro again.

TK: No, Amuro and Frao are at the movies. I think Char's dueling with Zechs again.

R80: Oh, for the love of-! *Pulls out a remote and presses a button, making a huge monitor appear on the far wall. It shows Tallgeese III battling the Zeong* CHAR!!!!!!

Char: *Face appears on half of the screen as the fighting pauses* Hello?

R80: Quit fooling around with Zechs and get back here! You're gonna play Simon Jenkins, the backer.

Char: Do I get to wear my helmet and mask?

R80: We'll discuss it when you get here, now get moving!

Char: On my way.

*Screen goes blank*

R80: That guy's gonna be the death of me. Now... I need several of you all to play bit parts in the fic. There are one policeman, three house detectives, an agent from the bank, an usher, and several actors in miner's clothing and one actor who is a judge.

Gennoa-san: *Rushes in* Me! Me! Pick me!

R80: O.O Aren't you busy?

Gennoa-san: Not THAT busy.

R80: Okay, you're the judge.

Gennoa-san: groovy!

R80: Jet Black, can you fill in as the cop?

Jet: Why not? I used to be one.

R80: Jinnai, you're the usher.

Jinnai: How about the Bugrom?

R80: Sorry, this was originally made in the 1930's. Bugrom weren't thought up back then.

Bugrom: *Make noises that resemble "Aww"*

Cell: I'll see if Ginyu, Burter, and Android 14 can play the house detectives. Now, about the miners...

R80: I think we can just have most of the extra men minus Jinnai fill in for them, plus others. Now, all we need is the agent from the bank...

Ryoga: *Bursts in through the floor* Now where am I? *Looks around* Uh-oh! I did it again, didn't I?

Cell: You sure did.

R80: Hmmm... Ryoga, how'd you like a small part in a play I'm doing?

Ryoga: A small part? I don't see the harm in it.

R80: Okay, I'll mark you down as the bank agent... !!!! Uh-oh! I forgot to cast someone to be Timothy Hogarth of the "We Never Sleep" Collection agency.

Tenchi: *Rushes in and pushes his back against the door* Can I hide with you guys for a while?

R80: Women trouble again?

Cell: Agree to play as Timothy Hogarth and you got a deal, kid.

Tenchi: No problem!

R80: Great! *Passes out video copies* Watch these copies of the film while I get copies of the script made up for you guys. Read-throughs are tomorrow and rehearsals are in 3 days. Cell, get a hold of Silencer and Washu. We'll need that costume thingamajig they used for Silencer's version of "A Christmas Carol," plus a scene-changing device. Vash, you'll help work out the bugs in it just in case.

Vash: You got it!

END for now