"Kakashi-sensei?" I murmured, staring, wide-eyed up at my guardian.
"Go to sleep, Sasuke." He answered simply, not even looking over at me.
"But Kakashi-sensei.." I objected weakly. Once again I'd failed to get his attention.
"Sasuke, go to sleep." He repeated.
"But!" I began. He shook his head.
"No, so get some sleep." He said simply. I frowned. 'I didn't even ask yet...' I thought, pouting and flopping my head down on my pillow. About a minute passed in silence before I broke down and spoke again.
"...I love you?" I murmured, the words half muffled by my pillow. I couldn't see his face in the dark but I heard the smile in his tone.
"I love you too, Sasuke."
I couldn't help but smile at that, I hadn't heard those words in so long.
Shortly before I drifted completely off to sleep I felt Kakashi's weight shift and a calloused, but gentle hand on my cheek.
"And yes, I'll be here when you wake up." He murmured, I felt a warmth spread over me, both from his body against mine and his words, not caring to wonder how he always knew.
"Thank you," I murmured, although as half-asleep as I was, I don't think any sound escaped my moving lips. Kakashi chuckled lightly and buried his face in my hair. I remember nothing of the rest of that night, only drifting off into sleep. The first dreamless, peaceful sleep I'd had in years.

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