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Summary!: Sixteen years ago the Rosalie, Alice, and Bella were granted the ability to become pregnant just once by the first vampire within the world, Cassie, before she killed herself. They now have three beautiful children whose destinies aren't set in stone. Never in the recorded vampire history has there been a female vampire being able to have a child. Will this bring dangers, or joys within the children's lives? Only their choices have a say in what they will become.


I sat on the window ledge of my bedroom looking at the full moon in the sky, thinking of that dream I had. It had been haunting me every since my thirteenth birthday three years ago. I hated it. It was always of me and my cousins walking down a dark corridor leading to a ballroom. I couldn't see what I was wearing or what I looked like. It scared me yet excited me for some reason. My dad, Edward, told me not to worry that it was only a dream, but I knew it was something more…Something that could change my life forever.

My name was Alexandra Marie Cullen. I was sixteen as you already may know and I'm the first vampire baby every to be born. The first vampire named, Cassandra, had granted my mother and aunts the honor of being able to have one child each before she killed herself in battle. Bella, my dear mommy, was already pregnant at the time so I came first in the whole bunch. Aunt Alice then got pregnant at the same time my Aunt Rosalie did. Fallon was Alice's son and Gabriel was Rosalie's. We were all the same age and went to the same school and mostly in the same classes. It sucked because they'd always tell on me for flirting with boys and starting fights. Although they had shut up about it when I beat their asses to a pulp last year. Luckily, we were half vampires so we healed quickly. Aunt Alice knew since she could see the future, but she didn't stop me. She believed that every girl had the right to flirt with any boy she wanted. That's why I loved her. Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett thought it was cool that I could stand up for myself and fight. Emmett even taught me some moves but we were caught by Esme, my grandmother, but don't tell her that. She could've had the ability to get pregnant but Carlisle and her thought not since they already had the kids that they wanted.

I walked over to my vanity table and started brushing my long brown hair. I had every feature of my mothers, but one. My eyes were emerald like my father's were before he was changed. He said they were so pretty and they were angel eyes. Try telling that to my cousins and they'd laugh their asses off. They knew I was far from an angel. I partied, got into trouble with the cops, and other things I didn't really want to mention. And somehow I got away with all of it. I don't know why or how!

I looked at the clock 3:30 A.M. It was Monday so I guessed I could get a head start on getting ready. I looked at my bed, maybe not. I crawled under my black silk sheets and closed my eyes, but sleep wouldn't come. It never came after I awoke from the dream, never. The dream was cool and all, but come on! I needed sleep, I was a growing girl. Well, I didn't know how long I'd be growing for, but still…So I sat up, pulling the covers off of me and taking my blanket and Spongebob pillow with me. I walked out of my room and into the room next to mine. Fallon was sleeping soundly in his bed. I sighed and walked up to him, poking him lightly. He turned and looked at me. His hair was black and his skin was pale just like mine. His eyes were a dark blue but his face belonged to his father's.

"What is it Ally?" He was the only one who could call me that. Everyone else either called me by my full name or just plain Alex.

"I had the dream again and I can't sleep."

Fallon nodded and scooted over, opening the covers for me. He was wearing just boxers while I wore a black pj slip. I crawled in and he put an arm around my waist. He pulled me close and we both closed our eyes, falling asleep instantly.

"Come on! Up!" Fallon and I groaned at the sound of Esme's cheery voice as she walked into Fallon's room and ripped off our covers. We huddled together for warmth and put our pillows over our heads.

"How can you be so cheery?!" I yelled from my dark domain of the pillow.

"Come on sweethearts, breakfast is ready. You want your pancakes while their hot right?"

We both shot off from the bed with happy eyes. We loved our grandmother's pancakes. Heck, we loved everything she cooked for us.

"That's what I thought," she smiled and beckoned us out of the room. We met up with Gabriel who just walked out of his own room with sleepy hazel eyes. His short blonde hair was sticking up at the ends while his face that looked like a mix of his mother's and father's looked tired. He had his mother's lips and the rest were his father's features. He even had the huge build of his father's.

We all walked like zombies down the stairs. My mom and dad were kissing on the couch and we all made puking noises as we entered the kitchen.

"You guy's should get a room!" I yelled at them as I sat down on one of the barstools at the countertop. It was five in the morning. We had two and a half hours to get ready. I needed every minute.

Grandpa Carlisle came into the kitchen and served us our breakfasts. He laughed at how silent we were. It took us a long time to wake up. It had been like that since we were very young, like two year old young.

"Sleep well?" he asked us. Gabriel and Fallon nodded like zombies while I just ate quietly. A black cat, by the name of Moon, jumped up on the countertop and rubbed against my arm. I scratched her ears with a small smile and she sat down right in front of me. We had gotten Moon a few years ago because, well, we just wanted a cat. My dad didn't really like the idea but he couldn't resist my puppy eyes.

I finished my pancakes and went over to Moon's bowl. I gestured to the water with my foot. She made a small meow that meant no. I gestured to the food bowl that was empty, she meowed loudly. I smiled and took her bowl to the counter. Carlisle always watched me as I did this. He thought that I would be able to communicate with animals when I become a full vampire, but he couldn't really say. I poured some food into the bowl and slid it over to the cat.

"Did you have your dream again?" he asked.

"Yeah," I sighed. "I almost went into the ballroom though so it's getting more exciting to have."

He nodded. I knew he was taking mental notes in his head.

My mom and dad came into the kitchen with small smiles on their faces. Edward kissed on the head and hugged me as tightly as he would allow. Bella gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

"Is that what I heard walking around upstairs?" Edward said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes and went over to the fridge. I took out some orange juice and drank straight from the carton. No one else drank it, so what the heck.

"Are you excited for you first day?" asked Bella. The guys nodded and I shrugged. We had just moved to a town called Forks. It was my mom's hometown and my whole family would be posing as brothers and sisters. It was going to be interesting since I've never attended school with my parents or aunts and uncles. (A/N I know it's only been about sixteen years since they'd last been there, but remember that Cassie wiped the town's memory of them when she died. Minus the werewolves of course.)

"Alexandra!" singed a voice from the living room. Oh god no! Aunt Alice appeared with a flat iron and a makeup kit in hand. I hid behind my dad for protection. "One time Alexandra. Please?" asked Alice.

"The last time you did that you turned me into a Barbie looking whore!" I glared.

"I just want to flat iron it. You'd look so much hotter without the slight wave in your hair."

"No," said Edward. "I don't want guys falling all over my own daughter."

"Too late," chuckled the guys.

"No offense Uncle Ed," said Gabriel. "But your daughter is one fine piece of meat. I'd even date her if she wasn't my cousin." Ew, incest much? But I was used to it. He was even my shopping buddy to tell me which bikini or underwear looked sexier on me. The underwear was just for the future people I am still a virgin thank you very much!

"Is that true Alex?"

I looked at Edward with a small smile. "Look at me," was all I said. Carlisle let out a laugh and left the room. He was muttering something about Edward being overprotective.

"Alice you can flat iron my hair," I laughed as I locked arms with my aunt. She smiled and walked me up the stairs away from my family.


I stared at myself in the mirror, flexing. I did this a lot since I worked very hard for my muscles. My blue polo t-shirt showed of my muscles well and my black faded jeans made me looked just so darn sexy it was almost inhuman. My hair was spiked up with gel. I looked like a Hollister model just like my other cousins.

My dad appeared behind me and we started flexing in unison. We did this often, seeing who had the biggest muscles. He did of course, but I would soon have my revenge! I heard giggles from the other room and rolled my eyes. Esme, my mom, Alice, and Bella were doing up Alexandra for her first day. I'm not gonna lie, my cousin was HOT! Wait, I can't think that or else Edward would hear my thoughts. He already tried to beat me with a hammer when I was fantasizing about her with one of her black bikinis on. He was so overprotective of that girl. I just can't wait until he sees her at school. Oh, god he'll go crazy. Alexandra was lucky though, Edward couldn't read her thoughts just like Bella.

"We're gonna be the hottest guys ever at the school," said Emmett with a smile. "Remember I'm your brother, not your father. That would just be way too confusing to explain to the humans."

"You think I don't know that pencil dick?"

Emmett tackled me to the ground. We always called each other's names. It was fun and funny at the same time. He had me pinned to the ground, bending my back.

"Mommy!" I yelled while laughing in pain.

My mom came in at once and shouted at my father. "Get off your son!" she slapped him and helped me up. "And don't call your father pencil dick or else next time I won't help you!"

"Yes ma'am." I said with a salute. She chuckled and left the room just as Fallon came in. His hair was messy but a good kind of messy. He wore a green button up shirt with a white wife beater under it. He had on blue jeans and the same black converse I had on.

"Dude, I need some coffee," he said wiping his eyes tiredly.

"We'll stop by Starbucks on our way," said Emmett as he left the room.


We walked out of the house, wait let me rephrase that. The guys walked out of the house and into the cars we were riding in. The girls were taking so long! I didn't know how they did it! They could spend an hour on one single chunk of hair and still not be happy with it!

I sat in the car with my dad. He put on some Gunther (A/N Listen to his songs!) and we started dancing to it. Emmett, Gabriel, and Edward laughed from their cars. I was in the back seat and Jasper was in the front. I started humping his seat while he pretending to enjoy it. Emmett almost fell out of the car because he was laughing so hard. Edward was pounding on his window because was laughing so hard. Gabriel was now on the ground along with his dad still laughing. We got out of the car and started dancing on top of the car. Waving our hands and motioning for the girls to get a move on. We were usually laid back, but we did have our moments.

Alice was the first one out. My mom was wearing a pair of jeans that clung to her thighs and a pair of four inch heels that made her look taller than she really was. Her pink button up shirt went well with her skin and her hair was done in a fashion that her bangs covered one of her eye. She laughed as us as we got down from the car and she kissed Jasper lovingly. I turned my head in the other direction pretending to look at the clouds.

Rosalie came out next. Her hair was done up in a loose bun with her bangs nearly covering her whole left eye. She wore a nice blue shirt polo with a sea shell necklace. Her long legs were consumed in a pair of black jeans. She had on some ballet flats, but it didn't matter, she was still f-ing tall!

Bella was next. She had on a light blue blouse that had a corset like front. There collar was flipped up while the bottom was short in the front and long to wear it covered her butt in the back. She had on a pair of fitted jeans and some heels as well. Her hair was done up in a bun like Rosalie's, but it looked more elegant on her. Bella always looked elegant even when she wasn't trying to be.

Alexandra came out after a short while. She was talking to Carlisle probably about her dreams again. They were getting worse. She woke up screaming a few nights ago. Today she wore a pair of jeans that had some holes in it, but showed off her toned legs. A white polo with was a little tight and showed off her boobs and small stomach. Ha ha, boobs. She had on a pair of flip flops and a bracelet Edward had given her last birthday. A crescent charm dangled from it. Her hair was down, cascading down her back. She had side bangs like the rest of the girls in the family; they were slightly covering her left eye. She looked to be chewing on a piece of gum, she always did that when she nervous.

She hugged Carlisle and walked over to her father's new black Mercedes. She crashed the Volvo a few months ago by "accident" and she couldn't drive for few more weeks. I had to call her a savior 'cause it was such a mom car. I mean, I could see Esme driving it, but not him.

We all drove to school in our parent's cars, but not before stopping at Starbucks. Just the three of us walked in there since our parents could really have Starbucks on the count of it tasting like a pile of crap to them.

Gabriel ordered his regular large coffee, no sugar, not creamer. I got a large iced coffee with caramel. Alexandra got her usually small cappuccino with caramel and chocolate in it. I couldn't help but glare at the cashier guy who kept on eyeing her like a pervert. He looked like he was in college, he definitely wasn't legal and wouldn't pass Edward's test. He wouldn't even pass mine and Gabriel's test and it was an easy one to pass.

We walked out of the Starbucks heading to school with our parents. My mom was blabbering about how many guys will be eyeing Alexandra today. She loved Alexandra with all her heart. She loved me too, but I wasn't a girl. I was more of dad's favorite and that was fine with me. As long as I didn't have to be tortured by her makeovers I was fine with it.

Within a few minutes we arrived at school. People were already arriving but we all got front parking. Sweet! I didn't have to walk as far!

I got out, sipping my coffee. Alexandra and Gabriel were also drinking their beverages as we walked to the front office. People parted for us, like the always did, and the dudes were looking at Alexandra with lust in their eyes. They didn't even pay attention to my aunts or mother. Probably because the guys had their arms around them. We were the talk of the town. Everyone thought we were adopted and that the couples in the family were couples but not from the same family. People thought it was nice how that worked out. I could've sworn I heard Edward growl slightly. He knew damn well what the guys were thinking about his daughter and I knew that this was going to be an interesting day.

We retrieved our schedules in the front office. I, along with Alexandra and Gabriel, were starting off as seniors like our parents. We had taken junior classes about twice in the past so we were up to senior level. It was the end of September so we had a long way to go before graduating. I just think it's gonna be weird having our parents with us all damn day!


My dad wouldn't leave me alone the whole entire morning. And it sucked that I had every one of my morning classes with him. He was always glaring at every guy that came over to introduce themselves. I didn't pay attention to him as best as I could. I'd smile at the guy and flirt back when he flirted with me. It was how I worked and I guessed my dad didn't know that.

I walked towards our new table in the cafeteria with a salad and water in hand. The guys both had the greasiest pizzas I'd ever seen on their trays along with some Pepsi. They ate like freaking wolves. I wondered what they'd be like when we were full vampires. I laughed at the image of them fighting over a deer and our parent's trying to break them up.

I sat down with both my cousins on either side of me. My dad wouldn't let me get the end seat of the table. I knew exactly why. If I got the end, boys would be able to talk to me easily. They could ignore my family's glares or smiles in Bella, Rosalie and Alice's case. They liked that fact that guys were swooning over me, the men didn't. So, I sat in between my cousins, eating my salad innocently. I was really good at looking innocent.

"How was your classes honey?" asked Bella to me.

"Ask him," I gestured to Edward. I was still pretty mad at the fact that he totally interrupted a very good conversation with a guy named Chase. He was really cute, and really muscular. Blonde, with the right shade of tanned skin. Perfect boyfriend material in my book.

"Every guy in the school wants to ask her out," he grumbled.

I smiled at him. "It's not my fault you guys made me so good looking. I mean, it is your fault I turned out so hot."

Fallon chuckled as he took a bit of pizza. Gabriel just smiled and winked at me. The rest of the family giggled. What I said was true, there was no denying it.

"And, dad," I whispered. "Could you please not scare away any boyfriends this time? You found love here; can't I give it a shot?"

He couldn't say anything, I cornered him. He just looked down at my tray of salad, holding my mom's hand.

"No," he smiled.

My mouth dropped. He didn't just say no to me! He never said no!

"I went through the world alone for a century, so can my little girl."

I glared and him and got up from my seat. I took my tray and dumped in the trash before leaving the cafeteria. My temper was just like his. I needed to leave before it boiled over onto him. How could he not let me have a boyfriend?! The guys have had girlfriends in the past and he's totally fine with it. But, no, his little girl can't have a boyfriend! She can go a century without a lover. I kicked the air as I sat down on a bench. Clouds were started to darken above and I knew it was going to rain. Alice would be out here soon enough complaining about how I don't care about the fine art of hairstyling.

I sensed another presence near me and looked to my left. My mom was sitting next to me with a small smile. Her loving eyes looked into my and she put her arms around me.

"Your father means well Alexandra."

"Yeah, but why does he have to be so…" I couldn't think of the right word

"Overprotective?" offered my mom. Bingo! That was the word I was looking for.


"He's always been that way, even with me. He just doesn't want to see you get hurt that's all. He'll cry if your heart is broken."

I looked at Bella with my eyebrows raised. "Dad doesn't cry."

Bella laughed and nodded. "Oh yeah he does. When someone he cares about is in pain. He'll cry, trust me, I've witnessed his weep-a-thon."

I held back laughter.

"We better get back. The wind will start to pick up soon."

"'Kay." I said and my and I walked into the school just as it was about to downpour.


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