Disclaimer: I don't own twilight or any of the characters except for the "Fashion Weekly" Magazine staff

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight or any of the characters except for the "Fashion Weekly" Magazine staff and some others. Another Jasper/Bella fan fic. OOC!! READ AND REVIEW!! and if u don't like the pairings then simply don't read. Thank you!

Bella's point of view:


"I don't love you anymore. We are leaving Bella." He softly spoke as the tears came down my cheeks as soon as those words spilled out of his beautiful mouth.

"That's not true…is it?" I spoke with my face glued to the carpet as the tears dropped one by one on it.

"Goodbye my Bella." He spoke in a lightly angelic tone making all of it that much harder to believe.

He ran his hand down my cheek and he barely touched his lips to my forehead, but before I could even cherish that moment he was gone.

End of flashback

Bella's point of view:

"Bella!? Bella!?" Jasmine, my secretary, yelled my name. I had, again, spaced out during a meeting at the office. This had been happening for the past 2 years.

"Uh yeah sorry." I recovered from my daze and quickly went back to meeting mode. "Ok so everybody this week's issue is going to be all about the Academy Awards, I'm going to need Jason to cover the event, and Carol please call Jaslene from ANTM and tell her we want to do a 6 page spread for the upcoming issue." I spoke quickly, but clearly. My wish was their command and this was how it was everyday.

I am Isabella Marie Swan. I live in Manhattan, New York, I'm 20 years old and I am the editor and chief, as well as the creator, of "Fashion Weekly" magazine. Here in New York I was someone and everyone knew me…as Bella Marie.

You are probably wondering fashion? Yes well, after Edward left me I came here in search of a new life, but instead I ended up discovering the largest fashion magazine in America.

To be honest, after that day I never felt the same about Edward as before. As if all that love had been erased when he left that day, so that's why I had started to try dating, but as usual I was unsuccessful. I had the young hott celebrities at my feet, but no one seemed to catch my love and I knew no one could every again. Even though I didn't feel the same about Edward, I knew that if I saw him I wouldn't be able to hold back. He was still my weakness.

Edward's point of view:

Two whole years and still looking. Where was she? Where hadn't I looked?

Every place I looked there was a dead end. Alice was also no help either, since she hadn't had a single vision of Bella for 2 years now, which struck me to be very odd.

"Edward! Can you please come here?!" Alice's voice interrupted my deep thought, so I made my way to her room.

"Yes Alice what is wrong?" I walked into her room to see her packing a bag. "Uh Alice why are you packing?"

Jasper answered before she could speak. "She has decided where she wants to spend her birthday with us, so I think u should go pack."

Jasper had changed dramatically in the past two years, since his incident with Bella where he had almost punctured her arm with his teeth and cravings. Now he was really controlled and even had survived with a girl bleeding with a small cut on her finger at school. He had also softened but and really had opened up to others. He also had started talking to everyone more often. His relationship with Alice had also ended which also changed him a lot as well.

I groaned at what Alice had might have planned, when Rose jumped into the room followed by Emmett with a huge smile across her face.

"Whoa baby! New York City here we come! We are gonna shop till we DROP!" She danced in place to "Low" that was playing in Alice's room.

Jasper and Emmett smiled as I listened to their thoughts I realized why they were smiling.

New York's got the best clubs. So Rose baby lets dance. – Emmett

No Carlisle and Esme to stop you from doing stuff. YEAH! – Jasper

Sickos. I didn't even want to know what they meant by that.

I thumped my hand over my forehead. Great. New York City, the largest place to shop. Oh this was going to be amazing. UGH! (can you tell I'm being sarcastic?)

"Edward! Stay out of my head!!" Jasper and Emmett yelled at once.

I dragged myself out of the room from their little party and went to pack.

Well I never looked in New York for Bella, but I knew she wouldn't be there.

Well I would give it a shot, so prepared myself to search another place for my angel.

Bella's point of view:

I stretched and yawned as I climbed out of my black Egyptian silk bed and made my way to my huge bathroom in my loft. (AN: in my profile)

It was a beautiful open place that was very urban and its closet was big enough to occupy all the clothing I was given from designers for FREE.

There was also a spacey kitchen and a welcoming big living room loaded with a large plasma TV and home theater system.

I slipped on my True Religion dark wash skinny jeans with an Armani white cotton halter topped with a Bebe black pin striped short vest and I slipped on my black Christian Louboutin pumps.

I moussed my curled hair which was now a very dark brown hair I had colored. I put on my light brown shimmer eye shadow and a little bit of eye liner and mascara given to me by MAC.

I got one last look at my unrecognizable self in the mirror and smiled. "Happy birthday Alice." I slowly whispered into the mirror and grabbed my Chanel hobo bag and made my way out the door as my driver stood outside the building waiting with the door open.

I sat in the car and headed to the nearest Starbucks since I was about to drop to the floor into a deep sleep.

My driver, Thomas, opened the door to let me out and I walked into a very busy Times Square as well as a very busy Starbucks.

As I stood in line the women in the front who was about to give her order tilted her head and looked back here screaming. "Oh my gosh! You are Bella Marie the woman who writes "Fashion Weekly!" Why are you standing back there come here!"

I flushed a crimson red since there was a crowd of people staring right at me.

Even though this happened a lot, I still hadn't adjusted to it.

I went up to the front and got my coffee and ran out of Starbucks, but being the clumsy me I rammed into someone, spilling the hot coffee all over my shirt which happened to be white from the top.

I yelped in pain. "Shit! Thomas please help me." Thomas was at my side in record time with paper towels that he politely handed to me.

I looked up to see a blonde handsome guy standing in front of me with his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

I gasped loudly at what I was looking at.

The remains of my coffee, my purse, my keys, my phone, and my PDA fell out of my hands and on to the busy street.

"Jasper??" My mouth fell open to see him in New York City. "Wha-what are you um doing here?"

He looked great, as in beyond great. His long blonde hair was messy from the wind. Surprisingly he didn't look scary to me, but he looked beautiful, perhaps even more than Edward.

"Oh my….Bella?" He laughed making me glare at him. "New clothes?" He touched the collar of my shirt as a chuckle escaped from his mouth.

He was kinder and his eyes were sincere, which made a smile curve at the end of my lips.

I swear I was now ogling and it was with Jasper. EDWARD'S BROTHER!

"My question is what are you doing here Bella?" He took me out of my ogling. "New York and in heels? I mean the last time I saw you, you couldn't even walk barefoot without falling." Now he was bursting with laughter.

I punched his arm laughing and told him about my position at "Fashion Weekly" and he stared at me in utter shock.

Alice's point of view:

Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and I roamed the streets of Times Square while Jasper went to go look for something in particular.

Jasper and I had split the year earlier due to the both of us not feeling the same emotion of love that Bella and Edward once had, but our friendship was amazingly deep.

I pointed out things that caught my eye instantly as we shopped while the boys carried our large bags. Rose and I were like children in a candy store or souls in heaven.

I stopped at the newsstand to look at some New York fashion magazines with the latest styles.

One caught my eye. "Fashion Weekly." I said to myself and paid the guy and kept on walking, followed by the others.

I opened the first page to see a shocking view.

"OMG! BELLA!?" Everyone stopped and hovered over me to see what I had screamed at and right there on the first page of "Fashion Weekly" was Bella Marie in the position of Editor and Chief. There was a drop dead gorgeous picture of her and she looked so…different.

And that was when I had my first vision of Bella since the past 2 years.

Edward's point of view:

MY BELLA!? What am I hearing?

She is here!?

I wanted find her and admit my mistake to her….I love you my Bella.

That was when I was interrupted by a vision of Alice's:

I'm sorry Edward, but I love someone else….more than you….

It was a short vision, but it was enough for it to cringe into my skin as if it were a venomous tattoo.

My Bella….she looked so beautiful in the vision, but a single tear hadn't dropped out of her amazing eyes, but she looked as if she meant it.

I sighed and kept walking to show nothing had happened, but Alice was looking me square in the eyes.

If only there was someone to tell.

My thoughts were interrupted suddenly.

"Hey guys." Jasper had made his way back to us and it seemed to be that he had found the particular thing he went to look for.


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