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"I'm going to be so late," Hinata voiced out loud.

She was driving down the street, a little pass the speed limit, hoping to make it to her family get-together at their restaurant in the center part of the village of Konoha. She was also hoping not to run into any police officers monitoring the streets at night to stop her and making her even more late to meet her family than she already was.

She slowed down when the restaurant came into view. Finding a parking space, she parked and grabbed her coat and purse from the passenger seat and ran inside after locking her door. Once inside, she stopped to take her time to calm herself and get herself decent before confronting her family. A mirror in the waiting area of the restaurant was free and Hinata walked over to it to strain up her hair and check her makeup.

Her hair was in a tight bun with her bangs reaching down covering her forehead. She wore a burgundy blouse with a black skirt with a matching coat and flat heels. Her makeup consists of pink lip-gloss and a little blush on her cheeks and eye lids. Seeing she was okay, she went to fluff out her bangs when her eyes widen at the sight on her fingers. White paint covered the tip of her finger nails and the cuticles.

"Oh no," Hinata whispered, lowering her hands from her face.

She ran into the ladies restroom and began to wash her hands in the sank under warm water. She scrubbed at her hands vigorously trying to remove the paint quickly. She thought she had got rid of all the paint from her hands before she left from school in a hurry but she guessed she miss some spots. Seeing that the paint was all gone, she dried her hands and left the restroom. Checking herself over once again, she walked to the dining area and looked around for her family. When she spotted them in the far corner, she took a deep breath and walked over to them.

"S-sorry I'm late," Hinata said making her presence known.

"For Christ sake Hinata you're twenty minutes late," her father retorted.

"Sorry, I just left from class," she said, sitting after the waiter pulled her chair under her.

"This late," Hiashi frowned.

"Yes. They have business major classes at night now. It's for those students who want the extra credits or for those who can't make it during the day," Neji answered for Hinata.

"Hmm, they never had night classes when I was going to Konoha University," he pondered.

"They d-do now father," Hinata voiced.

Hiashi hummed before taking a sip of his wine. While her father was busy talking to Hanabi, Hinata mouth the word thank you to Neji, which he answered with a head shake.

"We took the liberty of ordering for you since you was late," her father said turning back towards her again. "I hope the seasoned beef with rice is okay with you."

"Yes father."


The rest of the dinner went as following. They received their dinner and ate it while Hiashi talked about his corporation. He was a business man, one of Konoha's well known rich man in the village to start and own a company at the tender age of twenty-two. It was a family business, passed from generation to generation of Hyuugas, starting with Hiashi's great grandfather down to his son and so on until Hiashi took over. The family business was always the center topic in their family get together. That, and school which all three young Hyuugas attend. Except for Hanabi, which she still attend high school. Hinata and Neji were attending Konoha University, just like every other Hyuuga who majored in business.

Neji was a part time student at the University since he's working with Hinata's father at the corporation. Hinata was only full time but have a weekend job at a local coffee shop with her friend TenTen. Her father insisted she work for the company as a mail and copy girl but since she is a full time student, he let it go. At least until some of her classes minimize and then she would have to quit and work for the company, part of the deal they made. But yeah, a typical family dinner for the Hyuugas besides quiet ones which are usually rare every since Hinata graduated from high school.

"So did you enjoy your dinner," Hiashi asked all three Hyuugas.

"Yes, it was nice," they said in unison.

"Good because we have a special dessert being made."

The sound of clapping filled the restaurant with Hiashi, Neji, and Hanabi clapping along. Hinata looked behind her to see who started the commotion to see a group of waiters and waitresses coming towards them carrying a cake with one candle lit on it. A smile broke on Hinata's face once they started singing the Happy Birthday song. Everyone in the restaurant joined them in singing the song as they gathered around Hinata's table. Hinata couldn't help but blush at the cake placed in front of her.

The cake was covered in white icing with red writing spelling out "HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY HINATA" on it. After the song was through, Hinata blew out the candle and everyone clapped and wished her happy birthday. The waiters and waitresses left and Hinata, with her family, was left alone again.

"T-thank you," Hinata blushed.

"You're welcome," Hanabi smiled, including their father and Neji.

She thought they probably forgot since all they talked about was business and Hanabi's dance practice when they were together, and when they weren't together, it was work, homework, and more work.

"Twenty-one years old, the years are going by so fast," Hiashi admired his daughter's growth. "Soon you'll be graduating and working with me, maybe even take over the business," he laughed.

"Y-yes, maybe," Hinata said a little sadly.

Hiashi noticed and was about to question her on it but Neji interrupted him.

"Open up your presents Hinata."

Hinata looked up from her downcast eyes on the table to see Neji, Hanabi, and followed by Hiashi, pulling out presents from under the table. They each handed over their gift to her and she opened them excitingly, finding varies of jewelry, books, clothes, and money from her father in them. Once she was done opening up the rest of her gifts, her father handed her a small rectangular shape box wrapped in a gold ribbon. She opened it up carefully. Once she had the box open, she took in a deep breath.

"Do you like it," her father smiled.

It was a gold plated plate with her name on it.

"I had it custom made just for you. It's for your door for when you work for the company."

To say Hinata was speechless was an understatement. She didn't know how to react to this gift her father gave her. She looked to Neji but he looked away. She looked to her father and he was waiting for an answer.

"Father, it's…it's…beautiful," was the only thing that popped up in her head. She gave her father a smile to assure him of her liking.

"I knew you'll love it."


The rest of the dinner was of them eating the cake and saving the rest for later. Once they were done, Hiashi paid for the bill and they left the restaurant. Hiashi and Hanabi drove off to head home while Neji stayed back to help Hinata put all her presents in her car.

"Thank you Neji," Hinata said closing the trunk.

"You're welcome cousin."

A quiet calm settled between them while Neji stared at Hinata who was doing all she could to avoid his staring.

"When are you going to tell him," Neji finally said, breaking the silence.

"I can't Neji. He'll be furious if he finds out I'm taking art classes."

"And you think he won't when he finds out you've been lying to him. You can't keep leading him on like this.

"I'm not; it's j-just two art classes, Neji. I'm still majoring in business."

"Yeah but how long are you going to let this go on for… until he catches you, until you start to exchange your business classes for art, how long Hinata. You might as well get it over with and tell him you don't want to take over the family business."

"I can't do that Neji, it'll crush him."

"Like it's not crushing you as well, you don't want this Hinata. You want to be an artist, like your mother."

"I just can't," Hinata said with her head bowed.

Neji let out a sigh and pulled her into a hug. Hinata returned it and they just stood there in each other arms. Neji was the first to let go and he smiled at her.

"Happy birthday Hinata," he said trying to cheer her up once he saw the tears gathering in her eyes.

"Thanks Neji."

He walked over to his car parked across from hers and got in. He started it and pulled out of the drive way before stopping to roll down his window.

"Have fun with your friends tonight. Don't worry about your father tonight, okay."


"Oh and before I forget, here."

Neji reached inside his car in the back seat to pull out a small square box wrapped in a red bow.

Hinata smiled seeing the box and reading the written on it.

"It's oil pastels. It's different then the paints and pencils you're use to but I think you'll like it."

"Thank you Neji," Hinata blushed.

"Yeah, bye Hinata."


With a wave goodbye, he drove off. Hinata got into her car and drove off herself, heading to another birthday party with her friends. This one won't be such a surprise as the one with her family. She knew about the party they were throwing her at the penthouse a week before the school let out for winter break. But that won't stop her from pretending to be surprise.


She was opening up more presents again for tonight. These presents were different from what her family gave her. These presents were actually great presents. Not to say that what her family gave her wasn't, but her friends' gifts were actually what she wanted. An easel, a paint set, a canvas, art books, and so much more. Tears formed in her eyes again and she hugged and thanked each of her friends.

"Don't mention it. We know how much you love to paint," Ino said after her hug.

"Yeah, no biggie," Sakura yelled from her position in the kitchen eating a piece of cake.

Temari was in the kitchen as well eating a piece of cake and nodding her agreement. TenTen was trying to tidy up the place of paper wrappers, crumbs, and other mess she could find.

The penthouse wasn't that big. It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, a dining area, laundry room, and an extra room to do whatever with. Hinata turned the extra room into her art room since the penthouse is hers. Yes hers, a gift for her from her father when she told him she was going to college at Konoha University. He gave it to her for a place to stay in but Hinata rather stay in the dormitory at the school, which she does. The penthouse was only used for when they were on break like how they are now and for when she just needed to get away and think and paint. She often wondered would her father give her all these things if she took art as her major.

I doubt that she thought.

"TenTen you don't have to do that," Hinata voiced stopping her friend.

"Who else is going to do it, you? You're the birthday girl remember, I'm not going to leave this here for you to clean it. Will we guys," TenTen snarled at the three in the kitchen.

The three stopped mid-way in their eating and looked over at their other two friends in the living room.

"Yeah, no we won't let you clean this up," Ino said.

The others agreed and started helping cleaning up.

"Don't you have a maid to do this," Temari asked after awhile of gathering paper plates.

"I d-do but I don't want to put a lot of work on her," Hinata answered, getting a trash bag for the trash.

"All the reason to help her out," TenTen voiced looking at her friends.

Once they were done, they settled down in the living room again. Ino was secretly sending messages with her eyes to Sakura who was relaying it to Temari who was doing the same to TenTen, all trying to do it privately behind Hinata who was looking over the art books.

"Oh how could we forget, you still have one more present left," Ino voiced out loud.

Hinata looked up from her books to look up at her nodding friends.

"What do you mean," Hinata asked curiously.

"Yeah, we were so caught up in here that you still have one more gift in your room," Sakura went on.

They all stood up and pulled Hinata up with them. They started to drag her down the hall to where the master bedroom was.

"Y-you guys d-didn't have to give me another gift. I have so many already. You didn't have to buy so much for me."

"But this gift is special," Temari smiled sneakily.

They finally reached the door and stopped. A blind fold was placed over Hinata's eyes and she began to panic.

"W-what's g-going on?"

"Don't worry Hinata, its all part of your gift," Ino comfort her.


"Trust us Hinata, you'll love it," Hinata heard Temari say.

She could hear the door to the room opening and the feel of her friends' hands letting her go.

"Now all you have to do is walk straight in to the room and you'll feel it in front of you," TenTen instructed. "Once you touched it, you can take off your blind fold."

"O-okay," Hinata said, still a little nervous about the blind fold.

Lifting her hands up in front of her, Hinata slowly made her way into the room. She jumped once she heard the door close behind her and turned her head towards the sound.

"G-guys," she stuttered.

"Just keep going Hinata," she heard Sakura say.


"You guys sure about this? This is Hinata we're talking about," Sakura whispered.

"She's fine. We personally picked the guy so there is nothing to worry about," Temari whispered back. "He's cool, right Ino?"

"Right, stop worrying Sakura. Now let's hurry up and get out of here."

The four friends gathered up their things and left out the front door.


Hinata let her hands feel her way deeper into the room. Going by memory, she could only hope she's going straight. Her nose caught a whiff of something and she stopped to concentrate on what it was. Is that…sniff…strawberry she thought. Forgetting about the smell for now, determine to find her other gift, she moved forward. I should be nearing my bed by now she thought again as she start to move her hands up and down and giving herself an extra reach for whatever her gift could be.

Suddenly her hands finally touched something and she stopped. She let a smile cross her face when she finally touched something but then her smile left her when she tried to figure out what whatever she was touching was. She twiddled with the material in her hands to get a sense of what it was.


She let the material go and lay her hands flat on the firm surface through the silk. Her hands moved around, feeling what felt like muscles through the silk. Some how her hands found an opening through the silk and she could feel a warm smooth surface now. Her hands moved downward trying to figure out what it was she was touching until what she was touching flinched. She removed her hands quickly with a gasp afterwards.

Is it an animal?

With her curiosity getting the best of her, she reached out again until her hands could feel the silk material again. This time, she moved her hands upwards. They curved around something broad, shoulders perhaps, and Hinata frowned at this. Going with the thought of it being shoulders, she moved her hands inward until she could feel the warm smooth skin of a neck. Another gasp left her and she could feel her heart begin to beat faster.

Could it be a person?

Curiously she moved forward and moved her hands upward. The feel of an Adam's apple confirm her suspicion but it also heighten her nervousness.

A guy

Still her hands move upward until she felt a round jaw and chin. Upward until she felt lips that parted upon her touch and let out a warm breath. Upward until she felt cheeks and a nose, two eyes that closed on contact, two eyebrows, and a head full of hair. At this point, Hinata was on the verge of hyperventilating.

Her hands stayed where they were, afraid and shaking up to move them. A deep laugh frighten her some more until she felt two hands grab her by her wrists and pulled them down to the firm surface under the silk material.

His chest she thought.

"Let me help you out of this," the manly voice said.

She could feel the blind fold loosening around her head and she was now hyperventilating. The blind fold slid off and she was confronted with a guy wearing a silk open shirt with black pants, tan skin, muscular, lean and with brown unruly hair. His brown slit eyes smiled down at her and the red upside down triangle on his cheeks moved with his smile, showing her his white canines.

The background was lighted with red candles, curtains closed, making the room dim and, if she have to say, romantic. The bed was in its usual form from when she left it this morning, made and tucked. Blue sheets and comforter un-tampered with except for the placement of a small silver tray with strawberries and whip cream.

Her favorite

But she could care less about the room and focus on the man standing in front of her.

"Hi Hinata," he voiced.

Hinata's eyes widen as she took in a deep gulp. Her mind trying to process what was going on and who was this guy in front of her. How the candles got in her room, how he knew her name, and where was her gift her friends told her would be in here? Most importantly, why was the room spinning?

Her eyes begin to tunnel on her and the last thing she saw before darkness took over was the guy frowning at her.

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