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"I'm glad you change your mind in letting me stay," Kiba voiced, breaking the silence they were in. He was sitting on her bed, looking at her from where she stood by her dresser.

"Now I still have a chance in giving you your present," he smiled.

"Present? I thought…"

"The strawberries and candles were your presents," he questioned, interrupting her. "No those were just icing on the cake, nothing compared to the present I have planned for you tonight."

His nice smile turned into a mischievous one.

"I-I was going to say I thought you was my present," Hinata gulped nervously, leaning more into her dresser at the sudden change in smile and planned present.

"I am, still is, but I'm the present your friends gave you. As much as I like being the present I want to give you something from me."

"O-okay." She paused before asking, "So what is?" Fidgeting with her blouse's sleeves after saying what she had to say.

"I can't tell you that or else it won't be a surprise, now will it?"

"No, I guess not," she said looking down at her hands that now were lying calmly in her lap.

The room went silent again like before. Not a sound in the room except for Hinata rubbing her hands down against her skirt, trying to smooth out the invisible wrinkles there, but purposely trying to avoid his eyes. Sudden laughter stopped her from what she was doing and she looked up to where a laughing Kiba sat on her bed.

He was looking at her while he laughed. A soft laugh it was but one that carried about the quiet room and echoes in her ears, making it seem louder than it really was. Hinata was curious at first but scared that his laughter was aiming at her since he was looking her way, worrying her into thinking she had done something to cause his laughter.

"What's so funny," she asked.

"You. You're just too cute."

A light shade of pink appeared on Hinata's cheeks at his words.

"I know this is your first time being with someone of my profession but are you really this shy?"

Hinata lowering her head gave him her answer.

The sound of footsteps caused her to lift her head up again to see Kiba walking towards her. She pushed back against the dresser some more out of fright but relaxed a little when he turned to lean against the dresser on the other side. The tray was between them now. The only distance between them, the only safety Hinata had. She watched him cross his arms over his tan chest before he turned his head towards her.

"I'm annoying to you aren't I?" Hinata questioned, interrupting him before he could say anything. "Women my age shouldn't be shy with a guy like you."

"Who said they can't," Kiba frowned.

"Well, no one but I'm sure any woman would be all over you right about now, and I…"

"And you what?"

"…and I don't think I…I can be like that," Hinata finished.

Again the young man next to her began to laugh again. Hinata had to look away from the blush forming on her cheeks and from the embarrass look upon her face. He must have sensed her discomfort because his laughter began to settle down.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh but this whole situation is just too cute," he said letting out a small laugh afterward.

"It's okay," she finally said looking at him from the corner of her eyes. Still trying to hide her face because of her blush. It was taking its time to disappear.

"Listen, I'm not asking you to be something you're not okay," he started, turning his smiling face serious now. "Let alone doing something you're not comfortable doing. All I'm asking is for you to be yourself and to be open to this situation we have here and to give me a chance."

"Well you would have to give me a minute. It's kind of hard to sink in."

"Totally understandable. Take all the time you need."

With that said, he grabbed a couple of strawberries from the bowl between them and started to walk around the room. Hinata watched him move about the room taking itty –bitty bits from his strawberries observing the room while he was at it.

While he was distracted with eating and looking at a few painting hanging among the walls, she looked at him, really looked at him. She wasn't able to do it the other times, what, with her fainting the first time she saw him, running around searching for her friends once she woke up from her fainting, and staying in the living room as he gathered his things to leave. Now with the chance, she studied and admired every outline of muscles visible to her.

She couldn't imagine, that while blind folded, her hands actually touched fine formed pecs and wash-board abs. Abs that wasn't prominent as if you would see in body builders, since he was more of the lean type of guy, but there was the indentation of them forming and Hinata couldn't deny he didn't have forming six-packs. And what could be considered a moment of relief to her now but probably an early fainting session for her then…if she continued her downward exploring after the flinch of his muscle upon her touch, if she continued downward pass his navel, she would have been following a thin line of brown hairs leading her down his lower belly to only disappear under his black slack, leaving a lot to the imagination. Not that she wanted to imagine what's down below.

She found he was simply gorgeous, she had to admit it. And if she had to applaud her friends for what they had done tonight, even if she felt humiliated, it would have to be the fact they knew how to pick them, men in general, and Kiba was certainly a man well picked.

It was nothing new from her friends. They were always finding guys for her to date but this, this was a little extreme. Of course, the set-up dates never reached a second one or that among the guys she seen were more of her friends' type, but going as far as to hiring an escort was…

What were they expecting her to gain from this? What were they expecting to happen?

"I'm new to this," she voiced, catching his attention. "Not completely naïve but…I wouldn't know what to do."

"Which is expected," he smiled in understanding.

"I wouldn't know what to say either."

"I think you're doing a good job so far."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better," she said looking down at the floor.

"No you are. You're talking to me and that's saying something."


"You don't have to make this complicated, Hinata."

"I know but…"

She covered her face with her hands letting out a frustrating sigh.

"This is complicated."

"Because of me," Kiba questioned.

"No…yes…a little, but men in general are complicated."

Removing her hands from her face, she looked up at Kiba when he didn't say anything. His right eyebrow raised in question while he looked at her asking her to elaborate.

"My experiences with guys are not that great. I've been on dates, mostly set-up ones by my friends and father but they never worked out."

"Why do you think they don't work out?"

"I don't know…because of me. I've never had someone of reference to share something like this with. I was young when my mother died to ask her for advice, my father and my cousin I don't think they would understand, my sister is too young, and my friends…well, it seem like it comes natural for them. They could walk up to a guy and have his number within minutes, but me, it's not so natural. So there have to be something wrong with me if I can't get a guy's number."

Hinata's eyes were on the floor the entire time she was explaining herself. When she finally looked up to see Kiba staring at her, it came as a surprise, shock really, that she was telling a guy, an escort no less about her lack of relationship. She became red immediately.

"I can't believe I just told you that," she said covering her face again out of embarrassment.

"It's okay."

"No, it's not. I don't know what I was thinking," she said through her hands. "I-it just came out."


She could hear his footsteps coming closer and could feel his hands on her wrists stopping her from shaking her head hysterically but she couldn't remove her hands just yet. Still shock and embarrass from what she just did, said to a total stranger.

"Hinata, it's okay."

"Nooo," she howled.

"Look at me," he begged, tugging a little at her wrists to see her face.

She shook her head but Kiba wasn't giving up.

"Please," he pleaded.

For a minute, it seemed he stood there in front of her with his hands still on her wrists and her hands over her face, but only were some seconds, before he felt her relax some to gentle move her hands from her face. Every each her hands moved away he was able to see the red of her face and now, with her hands completely removed her tears-filled eyes.

He bended at the waist just a little bit to get eye-level with her since she wasn't looking up at him.

"Hey," he stopped himself from cupping her face and wiping away tears straying away from her eyes. "It's okay."


"Really," he smiled at her.

She nodded her head to ensure him she was going to be fine and wiped her own eyes and the rest of the fallen tears from her face.

"Sorry," she said after finishing wiping her face.

"No, don't be. This is actually good."

"…How?" She sniffed.

"You're getting use to me. At least comfortable with me, which is good," he stood. "…and about your guy problem, as a guy myself I'll let you in on a little secret about us."

Hinata looked up in interest, intrigued on the information she's about to receive, but Kiba's forward motion had her a little hesitate. He leaned in close. Face only inches away from hers as he continued to lean in. His hands were placed on both side of her on the dresser blocking any escape from the sides. Hinata began to panic… breathing shallow, face red…as she felt the warm of his breathe on her face and smelt the scent of strawberries on it. Instinctively her eyes went to his lips which were tugged up into a smile and gulped, because it was that mischievous smile of his that he was presenting to her.

Just when she thought he couldn't get any closer to nearly have their lips touch, he turned his head at the last minute and she let out a sigh of relief. But she wasn't out of the woods just yet. He was still close to her to have his tan, built chest in front of her face and his breathe was redirected to her left ear. She shivered at the feeling of it. It reminded her of earlier when she had fainted and with the whole cloth thing.

"K-Kiba," she whispered and only managed to get out, too afraid to say something else.

"The secret about us guys are…,"

He paused in his statement to pull a strain of loose hair that had fallen out of place from her bun and pull it behind her ear. Hinata gasped from the contact.

"…that we are really, really stupid."

With the information sinking in, Hinata found herself laughing at it. The whole thing reminded her of Sakura and one of her anger fits about men and their stupidity.

"Despite what you think, it's not you," he said leaning back now. "If these guys can't see how beautiful you are or a great catch you are, then they are not worth it."

Her laughter stopped immediately after hearing his words.

"Y-you really think I'm beautiful," she asked with shining eyes.

"Tsk! Midnight blue hair, fair pale skin, big pearl eyes, a button nose, and kissable pink lips. If that's not a definition of beautiful, then I don't know what is."

Her cheeks redden as she touched her lips.

"Y-you think I have k-kiss-able lips?"

"Yes, I do."

His eyes went to her lips.

"I've never been k-kissed before."

One of his eyebrows went up suggestively before his eyes connected to hers which was on his lips.

"I mean I've been kissed by family members on the cheeks b-but never on the lips. N-not that I want to get kissed on the lips by my family no, no anything but that…but kissed by anyone…no."

"Are you asking me to kiss you," Kiba asked looking up at her red face.

And she looked up as well.

"No…maybe…I don't know."

And she really didn't know. She couldn't remember how the subject came up in the first place, but the thought of her having kissable lips, well, it got her wondering. It would be her first if she said yes but to kiss a total stranger would, 'seem', wrong. Kiba was a stranger indeed but something about kissing him seemed okay. He's an escort for a reason and her friends hired him for a reason. If not to use him for what his job entails, then what else. Like she said before, she's not that naïve to know what an escort is or what they do for that matter, but to have him kiss her.

She's a good girl and good girls don't kiss strangers, strangers who are escort. No matter how cute he may be or how right now, how still close he was to her where she could feel the heat radiating from his body, and how every chance he got would look down at her now biting her lips out of nervousness and out of thought and smile. It was enticing but still…

And maybe that was the whole reason why she's considering the idea. Because of his proximity because of his looks and glances, this position they're in seem to call for it. Be the right atmosphere for it, seem the right time for it, and be the right place for it and her want for it. She seen movies and read books about the girl wanting her first kiss and for her to be that girl made her feel excited. She was finally getting her first kiss from a boy, a man, but still…

"Maybe we shouldn't," Kiba said interrupting her thoughts.

And he's right.

"I kind of promise your friends that I wouldn't do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable and well, this obviously making you uncomfortable."

She was still red in the face.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. I-I don't know what I was thinking," she said looking down.

Yet he hadn't moved an inch and she still wanted that kiss.

"Then again, I've already broke my promise with your friends when I invaded your personal space. So …why not? I mean what's the worst that could happen?"

The worst being that after they kiss, he would realize she won't have kissable lips anymore which was making her have second thoughts, but he was already lifting her head up by her chin and moving in.

She knew her eyes were probably big, she could feel them. Along with the dryness of her mouth and the red of her cheeks, but Kiba seem to not be fazed by this. He's smiling and pulling her in by her chin. She tried to relax but the thought that any minute now she would be getting her kiss had her more willing.

And then it happened.

They're lips touched and she couldn't believe it. It was light, barely like they were kissing but they were. His lips moved over hers very chaste, very carefully and she couldn't move her own. She was still surprised that this was even happening.

His hand that was under her chin moved to the side to cup her left cheek and it made her think she had to do something with her hands. So hesitantly, she moved both of her hands to cup his cheeks. As the kiss went on, Hinata started to think this was not how she thought a kiss would feel like. With nothing to compare it to since she never been kissed before she wasn't sure how it would feel, but she seen movies and she read books and they all made it sound like a kiss was more heavy and with more pressure to it than this, their kiss. And she really wanted a kiss that was like the movies and the books.

So she took the initiative to get the kiss she wanted by moving forward and putting more pressure into the kiss and moving her own lips to imitate what Kiba was doing to her lips. They both sighed at the sudden change like they both were kind of relieved. It felt right. She had no doubts about giving her first kiss to a complete stranger because it felt like exactly how she wanted it to feel and just realizing that her eyes were closed the entire time just made the moment prefect. She could focus on their lips.

But she guessed it was time to stop because she could feel Kiba's hands on her forearms pulling her hands from his hair that she couldn't remember putting them there in the first place. Could feel him taking a step back and she taking a step forward following him and just realizing that she's not leaning against the dresser anymore, she was standing up now with him. Realizing that he's trying to say something but their lips were still connected and that it was her that was keeping their lips together. He would pull back and she would only pull back in. Finally with his last effect, he held her by the waist and pulled her back breaking them apart.

Hinata gasped and covered her mouth realizing what she was doing. She backed away from him and returned to her spot leaning on the dresser. Kiba just stood there touching his lips until he let out a half laugh half sigh from his mouth.

"Whoa…wow okay, I…," he was speechless and panting.

"…I'm sorry."

They both were panting.

"No…wow." He sat down on the bed. "Are you sure you've never been kissed before?"

Hinata couldn't do anything but nod her head.

"I find that hard to believe," he said once again touching his lips.

Hinata couldn't help but blush.

Hearing the sound of movement on her bed, she looked up to Kiba pulling himself back in the bed until he was ahead of the bed and laying down. He made himself comfortable, straining up the pillows behind him and closing his eyes. He had a smile on his face and little red tint to his cheeks.

"Wow," he voiced.

And Hinata's blush seemed to deepen at his word. The thought of him still thinking about their kiss and still thinking its wow was making her feel good. To think that she made him speechless and blush was a surprise.

I guess I do have kissable lips she thought to herself.

For a while she watched him on her bed still smiling until it faded away. He lay still as if he was asleep and Hinata couldn't but think he looked adorable, peaceful lying there. The way his head was tilted to side, stretching the muscles of his neck making it look long and strong. The way his silk shirt fall in place over him, one end left open to reveal the movement of his stomach as he lay with his right arm over his belly in ease. His legs, one fold under the other stretched out over the bed almost reaching the end. She couldn't help but smile at him. Picture perfect she thought.

And with that in thought, she looked over at the end of the dresser where her forgotten books stood next to her. Removing the first book, there lay the one sketchbook with its own pencil in its own pencil holder. She carefully picked it up and flipped to the first page and pulled the pencil out to start drawing. Kiba must have heard the scribbling because he lifted his head and frowned at her.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't move I'm drawing you."

"As in like an art model?"

Hinata nod her head.

"Shouldn't I be naked first?"

Hinata looked up to see him smiling at her and didn't care that he made her blush again. She smiled back and went back to drawing.

"Y-you're perfect the way you are."

"Good," he started, putting his head back on the pillows. "I don't think I could get up and get undress right now. Your bed is too comfortable and soft to leave."

"T-thank you I guess."

She didn't bother looking up again when he laughed and said welcome, too in-depth in her drawing. She wanted to make this moment of him in her bed a picture to remember and to do that she had to make it perfect. Make sure every crease was drawn, every shade was darken, and every detail was covered. Everything perfect.

When she got to the point where she could fill out the extra stuff on her own, she put down the sketch book and rubbed her sore neck, flexing it and twisting it from side to side. She even rolled her shoulders and rubbed her hands to relieve them of their stiffness and aching. When she was done, she looked over to see what time it was and gasped at reading three o'clock in the morning. It was late and way passed the two hours Kiba was suppose to stay. Leaning off the dresser, she walked over to the left side of the bed where Kiba was mostly on and tried to get his attention.

"Kiba…Kiba, hey it's time for you to go."

When he didn't move, she tapped him on the shoulder.

"Kiba, you have to go your time is up."

"Not right now too tired," he mumbled and turned on his side away from her.

Hinata began to panic. She couldn't have him stay here sleeping in her bed. What would people think? What would her friends think?

"K-Kiba please, I need you to wake up."

She pushed at his shoulders but that only caused him to roll over on his stomach and sigh into her pillows. Giving up, she sat down on the edge of the bed next to him trying to figure out what to do next. She looked at the clock again and frowned at how late it was and how time flew. Looking out her window, most of the buildings around her that she could see lights were out and traffic was slow with few cars roaming the streets. Looking behind her, she knew it was no point in waking him up now being it's so late and that she shouldn't let him leave this late.

With a sigh of her own, she stood up and left the room only to come back with a blanket. She put it over him and watched him snuggled deep within it. Turning off the lights as she left she took one last glance inside before heading down the other hall where the extra bedroom stood. Changing into her nightgown and doing her nightly routine in the bathroom, she finally laid down in the bed.

Her thoughts went over what she did last night and she had to admit that besides the circumstances of her day, it wasn't all bad. She did have a great time even though she wasn't expecting an escort as a gift. She still could not believe she had her first kiss on her birthday. Touching her lips and licking them she could still taste the sweet flavor of strawberries on them. She could feel her face turning red when she remembered wanting to continue with the kiss and didn't even know it until Kiba had to literally pull her off of him. She laughed out loud out of embarrassment and groaned from her actions, but she enjoyed it.

With sleep calling her, she rolled on her side and closed her eyes. Tomorrow would be an interesting day she could already feel it. Hopefully something she could handle because she don't think she could handle another day like this.

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