Disclaimer: I don't own any of the twilight characters (though I wished I owned JASPER

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the twilight characters (though I wished I owned JASPER!!) or I don't own twilight and this is a Jasper/Bella and Edward/Alice fanfic so if u don't like the pairing then plz don't read. OOC!! READ AND REVIEW!!

Bella's point of view:

I was ecstatic today, since Edward had completed his hunting trip with Emmett and Alice. As I pulled up to the beautiful white Cullen home I saw my angel's back to the window of his room and what looked like my little pixie sister in front of him.

I started walking into the house and tip toed up the stairs so slowly I didn't even trip. It seemed like no one was home, but for my angel and my pixie sister. I was about to walk into Edward's room when I heard a growl come from the room followed by yelling.

"Dammit Alice! How did this happen!!" It was Edward's angelic voice with venom all over it.

"Edward…." I heard Alice whisper to him and then she raised her voice. "You are in this mess as much as I am."

I heard Edward punch the wall hard enough to leave a dent in it. I was holding my breath at this point.

What was going on? I didn't know, but I was intending on finding out.

That's when I heard Edward yell again. "AH Alice why didn't you stop me!?"

This time he was louder, his voice shaking the house.

"It takes two to have sex!!" I heard Alice hiss at him and I could tell that she was furious.

What the hell did she mean by that?

Edward sighed loudly and he softly said, "We can't let Bella or Jasper find out or even the rest of the family. We have to make sure Emmett doesn't spill." And the worse part was that his voice had guilt written all over it.

My heart dropped right then and there and I pushed the door open to reveal two very guilty faces.

Flashback (AN: This is what happened at the hunt)

Edward's point of view:

I spotted its large mane swish as it tried to lunge on me, but with my speed I grabbed hold of the large beast and sucked every drop of blood out of its body.

Ah. Mountain lion, I thought. My favorite.

Alice, Emmett and I had gone hunting in the mountains for the weekend to get some large game.

I was thinking about my Bella. Her beautiful hair, her amazing smile, her small warm body, her laugh, and that was when a rock hit my head, taking me out of my thoughts.

I saw a small figure run past me at vampire speed but I put my arms out and caught the annoying pixie girl.

"EDWARD!" She giggled and yelled as I flung her over my shoulder and threw her into the small mountain spring.

I laughed as I looked from above. "You should never mess with me and you that Alice."

She looked me square in the eye with such an emotion that I couldn't guess what it was that I got lost right there.

The next thing I knew I was in the spring with Alice pushing me into the water laughing.

I caught her hand and felt a spark of electricity run through my entire body to the tips of my fingers.

She stopped moving and stayed still in front of me and it felt as if time stopped. A piece of her now soaked hair covered her eye which I slowly reached for and moved.

My hand never moved back to my body, but ran down the small of her cheek.

She looked down and if she could have blushed, she would be red. A tiny smile curved around her lips.

At my surprise she lifted up her arm and brushed my chest that was covered with my now wet shirt.

As she looked down I got incredibly close to her and when she looked up I whispered her name. "Alice…."

She kissed the middle of my chest and came up to my neck and stopped when she came to my lips…. I leaned forward and pecked her slowly, but lightly on the lips.

We both pulled back to see if any of us burst into a "EW!", but we didn't so I pushed my fingers through her short black hair and tugged it.

She breathed out as I pressed my lips onto hers. At first it was soft, but the kiss grew deeper and that was when everything got out of hand.

I brushed my tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth. Now her hands were all in my auburn hair.

I couldn't stop. I HAD TO STOP!! The one thought that went through my mind was…Bella.

I jumped out of my thoughts when I felt Alice's lips leave mine and made their way down to my collarbone.

A moaned escaped from my mouth. I couldn't believe I was feeling this for someone other than MY BELLA.

I picked her up and walked over to under the small waterfall. I pressed her small back against the rock as the water ran over our bodies.

I placed my large hand behind her head and sucked on her neck, making her breathe hard and moan.

Before we both knew it, we were in the snow cottage that we rented. I peeled her clothes off as she did the same to mine without leaving each other's lips.

I kissed her entire body as I roamed over her on the large bed.

I couldn't believe it…. I hadn't even gone this far with Bella (only kissing).

But I couldn't stop, and I knew this was it….after this hunting trip I would be Edward Cullen the nonvirgin.

Alice's point of view:

His body felt so amazing against mine. When he placed kissed on my shoulders, my stomach, my legs and every where else, it felt so amazing. I knew it was COMEPLETELY wrong, but I couldn't stop myself.

"Uh Edward….ah u feel so amazing…" I whispered to him as he slowly entered me.

I slowly placed kisses all over his smooth beautiful neck and I ran the back of my fingers down his toned back making him moan.

My mind roamed to a thought that left me thinking….Jasper.

Every thing that happened after that I didn't pay attention to.

I slept on Edward's chest after our deed with my bare leg revealed around his hips as only some parts of our body were covered by the sheets. His thumb rubbed my upper outer thigh and then slowly his hand roamed my entire upper leg.

I was thinking with what shame I would go home to my loving husband and best friend.

Then the thought came to me…Edward was getting married in less than a month and I was the….maid of honor.

A lump grew in my throat at the thought.

And then when I was unable to say a word, Emmett walked into the cottage and his phone and keys dropped out of his hand and his jaw fell to the floor.

In the phone we all heard Rosalie screaming the phone. "Emmett? Emmmmmeeetttt?"

He had a sickened and furious look on his once soft childish face.

End Flashback (AN: end of what happened at the hunt)

Bella's point of view:

As I opened the door, Edward and his "sister" stood there with the faces of guilt written all over them.

I realized I shouldn't have opened that door and what I was left with a scarring image.

My best friend and maid of honor with my fiancé.

"Bella..." They both whispered with pure shock as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I struggled to get my words out. "Ho-w ho-w cccco-uld you…" My sob was stuck deep in my throat, but at that second it finally came out.

What I wanted to be false was true.

The man I was to marry in 23 days had sex with my best friend a.k.a. my maid of honor and may i remind you Edward's so called "sister"

The tears came down like rain drops with my nonstop loud sobs that could be heard anywhere. I felt my self about to collapse, but my feeling went into reality as I made my way to the ground. I felt as if a knife had punctured my heart making me bleed and having every drop of love and trust sucked out me.

Before I could make my fall, two cold familiar arms caught me, I saw 2 beautiful honey eyes, and that was when everything went pitch black.


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