Twenty-three year old, Elizabeth Wakefield stretched her neck and arms to free her hand from the tangle in her hair. For what seemed like the thirty-seventh time this week her engagement ring from Max got caught as she tried to pin her hair into its French twist. She caught herself and smiled as she caught herself saying "Thirty-seventh?" out loud. What a Jessica-like thing to say. She and her twin sister were as different as day and night. Jessica lived from sorority meeting to frat party, though frequently stopping by the beach to find a new and different date. Elizabeth preferred poetry readings and classic movies with her fiancé, Max Pennington. Despite this, acquaintances still confused the two aquamarine eyed blondes with the perfect size six figures.

Currently, Jessica was living in the Theta house as an advisor while she finished her Master's in Art History. Elizabeth had recently moved home to student teach at Sweet Valley Middle School, where the twins had spent sixth grade. Once she had been the star of her class at SVMS, now she was a year behind in college, thanks to the year she had spent in England as a chambermaid. "But if I hadn't been a maid, I'd never have met Max." Liz smiled as she caught herself speaking out loud again. "It must be nerves, who would have thought that one day I'd be standing in front of an English class teaching at Sweet Valley Middle School." Liz had always expected to be a foreign correspondent or the next great American novelist. Life was unexpected though, she had fallen in love while student teaching a class during her sophomore year at SVU. It had been a mess with the housemate Sam Burgess pretending to film a documentary, but the perceptions of the second graders had delighted her.

She took a step back to look in the mirror. Liz had gone a little wild buying clothes for student teaching and creating a wardrobe for her future as Lady Pennington. Today she was wearing an off-white blouse with a cute bow at the top, a mid-calf navy skirt that buttoned down the front. The French twist was finally in place, her subtle make-up would make Jessica proud. Grabbing her attaché case, that had been a welcome home gift from her parents, Liz was ready to go.

Alice Wakefield knocked on the door, "Are you ready, honey? I'm so happy you're home after being gone so long. I packed you a lunch. Would you like to take your father's Grand Marquis for the first day, since your sister has the Jeep at school?"

"Thanks, I'm going to have to dip into my savings to find something to drive while I'm here. Oh! I'll need a sweater. I remember the school was always chilly," Liz turned back to grab her favorite tan cardigan, "I'm so excited to see what today will bring."