Bella's POV:

Who am I? Bella Swan. Doing in a music store, you ask? Where there are many sharp objects and possibly long cords for one with no hand eye coordination to trip upon? Well it started when I was looking through my CD collection and realized; I don't have one. Two Cd's could hardly count as a collection. You would think that a seventeen year old girl would have more Cd's than this, but as my father was nice enough to mention before; I'm not a normal seventeen year old. Danger doesn't just seem to follow me wherever I It rides on my back. I've had more trips to the hospital than you can ever imagine. I know practically every doctor there. We're basically all on a first name basis. As you can see I'm very accident prone, and a trip to the music store just seemed like another perfect place for me to wind up in my favorite place. I mean, who doesn't love waiting at least three hours to get seen by the doctor and then end up coming home at five in the morning, get to your room, and realize you still haven't done your biology homework yet? I know I love it. I suppose if I try to stay away from anything harmful I could avoid my daily trip to the emergency. But with my luck I doubt that I will succeed.

Some of the music here I remember listening to when I was little. 4 Non Blondes, Blind Melon, Spin Doctors, all of them. I was almost tempted to buy one of them, but I knew I would get mocked senseless by my friend Cassie who was coming to visit from Phoenix next week. Cassie had been my best friend since practically forever. We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, everything. I haven't seen her since I moved to Forks when I was 12. My mom felt it would be better to live with my dad rather than stay with her since her husband Phil was a minor league baseball player, they moved around a lot. She just wanted something stable for me. I've actually come to love Forks. At first I was a little apprehensive what with small towns never seeming that appealing to me, but over time it becomes easier to deal with the quirkiness of it all, and the simplicity, and that's how I guess you come to actually sort of love it. In it's own way. Cassie has never seen Forks before, and I planned on showing her everything, starting with my (what I thought was rather large at once suddenly now non-existent) CD collection. Which was basically the second reason why I was here.

The 90's Alternative Radio CD seemed to be seducing me at this very moment. I could always lie and tell Cassie that I thought we could make fun of the songs together? Yeah, that'll work. I should probably listen to some tracks first before I make any final decisions though.

I went over to the little machine that let's you preview the songs when suddenly I was stopped dead in my tracks, by something so beautiful I couldn't begin to describe how godly it-he looked. He turned his head and I quickly looked away. Knowing that my cheeks were already turning red with embarrassment. I fumbled with the buttons that let's you choose your song, but I finally managed to get it working. As the songs began playing I lost track of time, and looked at my watch. I had a half hour to get home and cook Charlie-dad his dinner. I quickly grabbed the CD, and tried shutting off the machine but all I did was make it louder. Oh no. He's coming towards me. I tried to get the headphones off, but the extremely long cord was preventing me from setting them down properly. I was now entangled in this God-forsaken contraption. He was getting closer. Damn. Will these stupid cords just un-tangle! Yes! Finally I got them off of me. I proceeded to run; which was a big mistake because I ended up not only falling on the floor. Flat on my face. I landed on top of the Greek god that had caught my attention earlier.

"Ow..." I heard him mummble. I looked down in utter embarrassment. My face turning candy apple red.

"Sorry..." I murmured as I stood up and held out my hand for him to take. He took it graciously.

"Don't worry about it." He shrugged and fixed his shirt. I looked around nervously trying to make conversation with the bronze-haired boy. He didn't look familiar; in fact I had never seen him in Forks at all. Asking him if he was new would be a nice place to start.

"So I don't think I've seen you around here before...are you new?" I asked.

"Yeah, I just moved here a couple of days ago." He said as his piercing green eyes looked around and then at me. "How long have you been here?" He asked as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"A while." I responded.

"Very decisive." He said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes.

"I just met you, I'm not exactly going to give you my entire life's story now am I?" I responded in a snarky tone. He snorted.

"It's not like I'm some kind of weird stalker, just trying to make conversation." He replied with the same amount of sarcasm as before.

"Well sorry for not wanting to give out all my information to someone I've just met." I said as I folded my arms across my chest.

"I just asked how long you've been here, not your blood type." He replied. This made me laugh a little and he smirked. I looked at my watch again. Shoot! I now only had fifteen minutes to get home.

"Sorry, I have to go..." I muttered as I looked down trying to hide my disappointment. Then I looked up and saw his face that was once letting a humorous smirk play across his beautiful face, now fall into a sad frown.

As I turned to walk away, he pulled my arm to face him. This took me by surprise, and my breath caught in my throat.

"Tell me your name." He demanded but in a soft velvet voice.

"Bella." I managed to choke out. "Yours?" I heard myself asking. Apparently my mouth had a mind of it's own.

"Edward." He said with a soft crooked grin that made my heart melt. I smiled softly. Edward. I liked that name.

"Well..." I began. "Edward, may I have my arm back please? I kind of need it for driving my truck to my home." I said with a raised eyebrow. He smirked and nodded.

"As you wish." He said as he freed me from his grasp, and I walked out of the store. I had just met him, and yet I was already starting to miss him. Fear overcame my longing. Afraid I would never get a chance to see his glorious face ever again. And then that emotion suddenly replaced by hope. Hoping that I would bump into him again.

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