Title: Teardrops

Chapter: 1/5


Author: desiringpirates

Betas: hlmiwait and sepira

Special thanks to: Florencia7

Summary: Elizabeth Turner,alone and scared, settles into a small village known to house retired pirates. Little does she know, six months before she arrived, Captain Jack Sparrow had settled there- with his wife.
Pairings: Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/ Original Character
Notes: Credit, inspiration and dedications for this story goes to the wonderful video maker at youtube, CopiPan. Her video/storyline "Teardrops" inspired this.


Chapter One

"The little shack is not much, Mrs., but it's in good condition, has two rooms, close to an outhouse . . . " A short bald man said, opening the door and letting Elizabeth go in first.

As soon as Elizabeth looked inside, Elizabeth smiled. "I love it."

The bald man chuckled and took two steps into the cottage. "Comes with a table, bed, washsink . . . perfect enough for one person."

"What about chairs?" Elizabeth asked, noticing the lack of them in the room. "I... I don't see any here . . . "

"Yes, that is a problem."

"I'll take it!" Elizabeth smiled, still walking around and eyeing the cottage.

The bald man smiled and took keys out of his pocket."Fifteen pounds a month. Best price around." He handed the keys over, and gave Elizabeth's hand a reassuring pat. "Good luck. Need anything, get it yourself, because I usually only come around for the rent."

Elizabeth laughed and followed the man outside, walking to a cart that held trunks and bags of her belongings she collected over the past three years.


"It's customary. Now stop slouching!" A pretty red head laughed, trying to pull her husband up by his lapels.

"But my dear, to slouch means I'll be in level with yer pretty neck!" The tall, dark man replied calmly, smiling as he leaned in and placed a wet kiss on his wife's neck.

"Not while we are standing outside of our new neighbor's door. Stop that!" She smiled, pushing her handsome husband away. "Let's try and not look flushed this time around."

"The Baker's knew what they were getting into when they moved in next to us." With that, he groaned. "Do we always have to meet the new neighbors?"

"Yes. Besides, this time it's not a couple. Single women, and I don't want you staring at her!"

"Rebecca, my love, I would not do that."

Rebecca made a pfft! sound, as the couple reached the door and knocked. She honestly didn't care that her husband's eyes wandered, as long as his hands stayed on her.

At first, there was no answer. So Rebecca lifted her hand and knocked again, louder, and heard something fall and break.

"DAMN it!!" Harsh yelling sounded, followed by scurrying toward the door.

Rebecca took a step backwards with her husband, and watched as the door swung open.


Being careful to avoid the broken glass statue on the floor, Elizabeth hurried over to the door. Almost running into it, Elizabeth stopped herself and grabbed onto the doorknob.

"Sorry about that, broke a-"

A bright smile greeted her, along with dark brown orbs staring at her in confusion. The smile belonged to a very beautiful red-haired woman, short and very well built. The man, however, she recognized. Elizabeth stared at him in shock, not believing that he would show up on her doorstep. She was so entranced by him; however, she did not notice that the woman was talking to her.

"Excuse me?"

Elizabeth jolted visibly, alarmed slightly at the warm voice. "Sorry."

"Oh, quite alright, darling. Strange being in a new place with new people. Only, you two look like you know each other-" the woman continued, staring between Elizabeth and the man beside her.

"Elizabeth Turner." The man smirked, and also took a step closer to the red head. "As I live and breathe."

"Hello . . . Jack."