Seeing Her Face

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Amy created them, DR ruined them, but I just like to play with them.

Hi all! Yep, this is a new story. But it is NOT a chapter story, just to clarify. Because then I wouldn't be allowed to write it, considering I promised myself that there would be no more chapter stories until at least two of my three are complete. That being said, this story will have three parts, all posted at once. So... you could just consider it a long, three part oneshot. Anyway, this story is based off a challenge at BWR, which is this quote:

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, I had no control over."

Adorable, don't you think so? So, I wrote it down, and then, a few days ago, the perfect idea hit me really hard in the shower (and didn't even apologize!). So... here it is!

Part 1: Meeting You

He was arguing with Kirk when she blew in, and he didn't notice her until she was right behind him.

"Hi, I'll have coffee," she said. He rolled his eyes.

"Good to know. Now, you can tell me that again when it's your turn to order, but now, go sit down and wait." He walked away as Kirk was in the middle of a sentence, tired of him, and stepped around the woman to serve a couple by the window. Appearing offended, she followed closely behind him.

"Okay, so I think you misunderstood me a second ago. What I meant was 'I need coffee.' Immediately would be best. You see, coffee has the happy caffeine in it. Without the happy caffeine, I would not be the charming being standing before you, I'd probably kill you, actually."

"Hmm, you might want to try to avoid that," he told her, stepping around her once again. She followed him.

"Okay, so... what's your name?" He grabbed a menu off a newly empty table and handed it to her. "Luke. So, you're the owner of this place, huh? That explains why you still have a job here... because, quite frankly, you're pretty rude."

"Look lady, in case you didn't notice, it's the middle of the lunch rush, and I don't have time for this. Sit down, shut up, and I will get to you when I get to you!"

"That's exactly what I mean! I am a paying customer! You can't speak to me like that. I mean, I could just walk out of here and take my money to Weston's!" He glared at her, as if challenging her to do just that. "Alright, alright," she walked over to the counter, pulling out a stool and sitting down. She waved her arms around dramatically. "See? My butt is on the stool, I am no longer standing up, this, in most cultures, is referred to as sitting. So you can stop looking at me like that. Do you want your face to freeze like that?" He continued to glare at her. "And now I'm shutting up." He nodded and turned away, shaking his head when he heard the now familiar voice ask, "Can I see that newspaper?"

When he passed her again, she was staring at him. "What?"

"When's your birthday?" she asked. He gave her a confused look.

"My what?"

"You know, the day that you came out of your mother's uterus, the one day a year when you can stuff yourself with cake and not feel ashamed..."

"I don't eat cake," he said. Her eyes widened.

"I-You know what, I'm not even going to comment on that... when's your birthday?"

"Why do you care?" She sighed.

"Just tell me!"

"I don't even know you!"

"Do you want me to whip out my Louis Armstrong voice?" she threatened. "Because I will!"

"Excuse me?"

"Hello, Dolly!" she said, impersonating Louis Armstrong very loudly. "This is Louis, Dolly! I'll be coming 'round the diner singing-"

"November twelfth!" he practically yelled. She grinned and cleared her throat. He snuck away to serve another customer and returned behind the counter a few minutes later. She was apparently trying to get his attention. He tried to ignore her, but was forced to acknowledge her when he noticed her wad up a napkin and aim it at his head. "What?" She held out a piece of paper, a smile on her face. He sighed and took it from her hand, quickly recognizing it as a clipping from the Hartford Courant. "What the hell is this?" The woman's smile widened.

"Read it," she insisted. He rolled his eyes and glanced back to the clipping in his hand. It was from the Horoscope section, and under Scorpio, the newsprint was scribbled out, and scrawled in pen were the words you will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee, and she will go away. He resisted the urge to smile, instead directing his attention back to the woman.

"This true?" She nodded eagerly.

"Scout's honor," she promised, holding up three fingers. "Just give me some coffee and I will get out of your hair, stop following you around-" He tapped the counter once, directing the babbling woman's attention to the full to-go cup sitting in front of her. "Oh. Thanks. Now, wasn't that easy?" He rolled his eyes, and she took a sip as he walked away. "This is a mighty fine cup of coffee, Duke."

"It's Luke," he corrected.

"Oh, I know." She rose from the counter and began to leave, but turned back at the last second. "Keep that horoscope in your wallet. You know, carry it around. I bet it will bring you luck one day." And with that, she exited the diner, leaving seventy five cents and a very confused diner owner behind her. After she was gone, he looked at the horoscope, and slipped it into his pocket.

The annoying woman didn't go away, as it turns out. She was back the very next day, ordering a cup of coffee and a burger with fries. When Luke saw her, he raised an eyebrow, causing her to smirk.

"I have a secret," she lowered her voice to a whisper. "I never was a scout."