Hiding Deep In His Eyes

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"I need an immunologist!" Screams House as he tosses the case file to his new set of ducklings.

"You had one," muttered 13 as she scooped up the file off the floor.

House let that remark slip, he had an immunologist to track down. He bumps open the glass door and limps toward the elevator.

Click Click Click

I know those click's, thought House, CUDDY! House furiously starts to pound the call button.

"Come on stupid elevator, I don't have all day. Save me from the evil Cuddy." House was almost in the clear, the doors were opening. Faster…Faster!


Damn it! "I have a case Oh well endowed one." House bowed toward her chest as he limped into the elevator. But the doors weren't quick enough in their closing.

"House, if you have a case, where do you think you are going?"

"Well, mother, I need a consult with an immunologist and one just so happens to be working in the ER."

"House we have a whole department full of immunologists, go as one of them. Leave Dr. Cameron alone. I believe that quitting was her way of telling you to leave her alone

"Cuddy, Cuddy, Cuddy. You know I am too sexy for my cane. I am just too irresistible."

House starts liming toward the ER, and Cameron, singing his new little song. "I'm too sexy for my cane, too sexy for my cane"

"Then why don't you loose it, if you too sexy for it?" asked Dr, Cameron as she stitched up her fifteenth kid today.

"Sorry, so sexy it hurts" Cameron just shook her head.

"I need you help on a case."

"I quit House. I don't work for you anymore."

Once House got Cameron alone and out of the view of others he got close enough to smell her perfume and began whispering in her ear.

"Come on you know you want a challenge." Let me be you challenge Allison.

Alison glanced in his eyes as he was whispering to her.


Then she seen things hiding deep in his eyes, something's that she was not ready for. Desire. Need. And dare she think it…Love.

" Please…Alison…I need you…Come with me?," was what he whispered.

Please…Alison…I love you…Come with me?, was what he was ment and she knew it.


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