I quickly ran to Café De Latte to meet Lowri. Jenni was tagging along behind me.

"hey slow down, I bet you could beat the fastest person in New Zealand at the speed you running, what is it 50km every 2minutes."Jenni said as I slowed down waiting for her.

"50km every 2minutes that nah more like 1000km every 2 minutes.' I said not looking where I was going.

"why your running so fast any way we're just going to see Lowri?" Jenni asked.

I accidentally bumped into one of the boys (grouped up… as usual.) in our class.

"oi, watch where you're going." he said as my phone splashed into the fountains nearby I think his name was Michael (don't blame me I don't remember his name we have about 55 kids in each class!)

"Oh god that was the phone Connor just bought me. Oh great." I said giving Michel a cold look.

"Oh my god is that why you were in such a rush." Jenni said giving Michael a cold look to only because she knew I had a crush on Connor and that was the first proper gift he ever gave me.

"you were the one who bumped into me it wasn't my fault."

Michael said looking at his friend who was looking at the phone in the water. I picked the phone out of the water and gave Michel one last 

glare but this time I made sure it was my 'I'm going to kill you' glare and just sat down on the bench.

"Great first proper gift and ruined in about 1hour what am I going to do he saved his pocket money up just to buy me this and it was all for nothing because of him." I said to Jenni as Michael's friends walked leaving him behind.

"see ya tough you have to go get the present for your sis tonight cause we were going to try out the new play station game." His best friend Luke said as he walked with the others.

"come on Jenni.' I said

When I got to the Café I had a coke and not long afterwards Lowri and Jenni needed to go to the toilet.

I checked my phone luckily It was working by 4 we were about to leave when I noticed my phone chain came off the one with C and L forever (he meant friends don't get the wrong idea… I think……. yeah he must have.) beaded on it that Connor gave me with the phone I told them that I needed to do something else first and for them to go first. I looked for the chain around the fountain but I couldn't find it. I was about to give up when I heard.

"looking for this C and L forever how sweet." I saw Michel

"yes" I said snatching it away.

' seems pretty special." He said

"Woah, I wouldn't say special, well not to him anyway and don't go around make false accusations mister oh it was your fault for bumping 

into me you could have at least said it was your fault for bumping into me but sorry about your phone but I guess some boys are too snobby in front of their friends. That could have help soften up the wall and I might have even let it go." I said

"Yeah right Connor hangs out with you like every day and says that once libs is angry she can be a bitch and I could tell by that 'I'm going

To kill you' glare that I wasn't going to get anywhere by saying sorry. Anyway you have a crush on Connor don't you." He said

"why should I tell you?" I said walking off

"cause I could just accidently tell Anne." He said as he grabbed my arm

"what are you threatening me because I can get nasty."I said

"nah not really any way." He said smiling. He was distracted at someone behind me. I turned around it was Connor.

"hey Michel you bumped into libs." He said casually

"more like she bumped into me." He said grinning

"Jerk." I said as I walked off.

"hey what's up libs." Connor said

"Oh, sheesh Michel you got her mad didn't you?"I heard Connor say.