Dance Partner

I got ready & I walked to school early when everyone else was asleep.

I started walking off than Mat came running

"Wait up." he said

"early bird?"I asked.

"yeah you could say that."he said

"last night was awesome." He said taking my hand and we started running. Just our luck it started raining. But it was so romantic. We arrived school laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. Anne came running out.

"Looks like someone likes you libs.' She said out loud to make sure everyone could hear it (even though there was only the 3 of us there.

"of course not Anne now get a life go nag someone else."I said I turning to Mat.

"right I'm going to get my test results then put my bag away ok," i said he nodded looking down at his shoes.

"You coming?" I asked he nodded. I grabbed his hand and took him away to the top of the hill.

"you aren't mad at me are you.' I asked

"course not libs just in a daze." He said

"bored eh well seat on this." I pulled out this large paper bag. I sat in the front holding the handles to steer.

"sit behind." He sat down we start going down the hill then suddenly I saw Paige, Connor, Brad and Jenni walking towards us I quickly steered Mat and I rolled all the way down the hill I stopped mat couldn't he fell on top of me. his lips pressed firmly against mine.

"Whoa good move." We Heard Brad scream we paused the time stopped then Connor helped Mat up not looking at him.

"sorry."he said

"no probs." I said staring down at my shoes tring to act like boys kissing me on accident was something common.

"better be going."he said leaving

"hey see you after school." I called sure he called.

"first move how sweet a accidental kiss."Jenni said.

"leave her alone." Connor said.

"you heard the guy." Paige said.

"Whatever you guys you're going to help me, the dance tomorrow and I'm the only one without a dance partner Paige Darren going to ask you to the dance Brad's going with Christie Connor's going to ask Danielle and Jenni is going with Zac." I said. The day went perfectly as ussaul.

When I was walking to the gates to wait for everyone else mat came up to me.

"hey you have a dance partner." he asked

"no luck sad huh." I said

"Not really cause how would you like to go with me." He asked

"sure." I said giving him a hug.

"um libs I think we should hang out more often like daily nah like…" he said.

"AKWARD." I said grinning.

"girlfriend and boyfriend is that ok with you wana be my gf?" he asked

"Great ok gotta run bye."I said

I caught up with the rest of the group.

"YOU CANT TELL ANY ONE TILL TOMORROW BUT Great news got a dance partner!!."I whispered excitedly.

"Whoa that quick you must be good." Jenni said in a tiny squeak.

""whose so good?"Brad asked.

"Err… her mum she's letting her but an outfit to the dance." Jenni said hastily

"Oh so she's going to the dance?"he asked

"Apparently-" but I cut her off

"Someone asked me out, and Jenni telling Brad is not keeping a secret till tomorrow."I said digging my elbows into her ribs.

"Ouch whatever sorry jeez soz Brad can't tell masters wish." She said staring at her feet. We got to Jennie's house her parents would be out till six so that would give us time to set up traps for her brother for payback for embarrassing her in front of Zac and still have time to get ready for tomorrows night dance.

"Hey you girls do your boring things and us guys will try and think of something that will impress our dates." Brad said flicking his color up as if to say "he was to cool for school and us!"he punched Connor in the arm.

"yeah good luck finding out what Christie and Danielle would like you

can't even figure out what libs likes."Paige said flicking through the tv channels. Connor looked away. I rolled my eyes.

"come on we have lots to do including giving your brother a taste off his own medicine." I siad.."

"What shall we do lure him into the trap using Paige as bait?"Jenni asked

"nah too good use that later on we'll pick a rainy day write him a letter saying that you want to meet him at beach park at 5o'clock

signed by "you know who." Thinking it Paige he'll wear his best clothing's and wear the dessert boot you like most but because its rainy your mum won't let him go out. Then write a letter the next day saying that you leaving to paris for 1 days and when you come you want to be together and to meet at the same place. Then at the end of the day write him a letter saying that the jokes on you big brother! What you think." I asked

"brilliant now lets get started we've been here half an hour."Paige said.

"guy that's pretty harsh don't you think." Brad asked.

"don't you think telling my crush that I wet my pants in front of the whole skateboarding school in Australia was HARSH I THINK ITS EVILLY EVILCINYVELLY MEGDEVILLY EVIL!" she said well practically screamed in my ear I mean my ear why not Brads.

"she has her point dude I mean she's right imagine if I told Christie about your incident Brads face turned red straight away.

"what incident?"Paige asked.

"crossed my heart and hope to die I promised I wouldn't tell." Connor said grinnig.

"arrghh you know how much I hate secrets." I said

"and cross yor heart and you will pay if you don't tell." Paige said

"hey Paige I thought you gave up threatening." Brad shot Paige a look that said "remember the bet".

"just kidding I would never do that." Paige said weakly, I was shocked totally shocked how could a girl like Paige no offence but listen to a bone head boy like Brad I mean that's just not right.

"ok which one of you swap Paige for a none threatening Paige." I asked. Connor raised his hand.