Author's Note: This is a sequel to Heart's Desire

Author's Note: This is a sequel to Heart's Desire. Thanks to all those who stuck with my first story.

Love, Happiness and the Pursuit of Revenge

The Crime

Chapter 1

Two years after Spencer and Dexter's Divorce

It's 3:00 A.M., Sunday morning in New York's Central Park.

Dexter: "Well, I'm here, what is it you want?"

??: "I'm glad you could grace me with your presence!"

Dexter: "Grace you!...look you were blowin up my phone for the past two days. What was I suppose to do? Ignoring you didn't work."

??: "Quite right!"

Dexter: "Well, what do you want?"

??: "You know you messed up a lot of people's lives…you broke up homes..

you broke people's hearts. But you're not fazed at all. You're living the good life…a slut every night…you drive the most expensive cars…changing every three months…you live in a Penthouse on Fifth Avenue… you party like a rock star every night...and you go to the casinos to gamble with the big boys. You even left your tenured position at the University." WOW!!"

Dexter: "So!" I deserve to live good, I got the money and the time. I deserve it for just being in that hellish marriage for ten freaking years. I was in Hell.

??: "Hmm…really… you...were in Hell."

Dexter: "Yes…Spending money on me and my playthings makes me feel good."

??: "It's not your money to spend."

Dexter: "What! What are you talking about?!"

??: "You know how many people lives got messed up with you trying to get YOUR money. Huh?! Do you know?"

Dexter: "You asked me that already!" "Look it's been two years since the divorce. Why are you bringing this up now and how come we had to meet here at this ungodly hour… in Central Park… under this bridge?" "Well! Say something, don't just stare at me like an ass. I know I look good… Hey! What are you doing with that?"

??: (laughing…) "Protection."

Dexter: "Protection! From what or whom?… Hey, don't come any closer to me with that thing. I don't like them."

??: "That's too bad. This one likes you."

Dexter: "Hey!... stay away from me!... back up!"

??: (singing…) "Got nowhere to run to, baby, no where to hide."

Dexter: "Hey!... Stop!... don't point that at me someone could get killed…hey!!, no!!...wait!!"

Bang…Bang…Bang…Bang…Bang…. BANG!!

??: "Bang, Bang…You're dead… C'est la vie."