"bye." I said going to my locker. I could see he was shocked. I was too. Boy am I good! I got my lunch and sat over by Claire on the fence with the rest of their gang.

"so whats up with that? Jayden saw you kiss Jake R on the lips, without warning too." Claire said.

"a little competition for Jake W wont change how it will turn out in the end." I replied cheekily.

"You are so good at this your almost better then me……… almost!" Claire said.

"so want to go to the mall?" Caitlin asked.

"the answer is yes du-er." I said. I was coming out of the toilet when Blake came up to me. I did my normal flutter your eye lashes routine and go all flirty thing.

"so Blake whats been going on.' I asked in this in a flirty voice.

"nothing much hey do you want to go bowling Saturday with the rest of the crew?" He asked.

"ok.' I said forgetting about the whole act like a normal girl thing.

"I've got to go now Blakey see you later." I said waggling my fingers at him. He muttered something about me calling him Blakey.


It was after school 5 o'clock and we as in my crew were practicing for the big competition.

"I'm serious she called me Blakey, Blakey." Blake said obviously angry.

"well she's acting like a normal girl isn't she?" I asked.

"Jake whatever you said to her you better fix it because the competition is in 2 months and we like the old Lily more than manicured Lily." James said.

"I'm actually getting use to this Lily." I lied.

"dude we don't care, we're not and never getting use to manicured Lily Jake you better fix and fast." Blake said.

"hey I agree with jake Lily is hot as now!" Eric said. what the-.

"say wha-?" I heard a voice behind me. Sounded like lily the old one. It was and bonus she was in skater clothes and shoes!

"hey you guys what's up?" she said like she always use to.

"what happen to hey Blakey?" Blake asked.

"nothing I still got it I just wanted to do some skating." She replied not looking at any of us.

"but what happen to the hot clothes?" Eric asked obviously gutted.

"nothing I'm going to a party tonight so you'll see my hot clothes there Eric." She said.

"ok I'm there." He promised.

"anyways I was going to say um….. I wanted to quit our I mean your skateboarding crew guys." She said quickly. My jaw hit the ground.

"but but…." I was just starting.

"glad you took it well, um…...look at the time I simply must be going." She said dashing off.

"we'll work on her at the bowling place next Saturday." Blake whispered.

"yeah." I replied. Whoa. I mean whoa Lily would never ever do that maybe maybe its joke. I kept feeding my self lies until I saw her fading into the street that's when I knew it was over. Totally over. No way. No.there goes my dream of ever asking her out.

"ok that's it I'm going to win her back." I said.

"umm..dude you never had her!" Blake said.

"oh and you like her." Eric said.

"surprise, surprise." I said sarcastically.

"so what the hell are you doing here?" James asked.

"um….. waiting for you to get off your butt so I can get moving.," I replied, skating down the street. " meet you at 6o'clock at the park." I quickly skated home thinking about what to wear to make her go all gooey on me just like she did with Blake. I got dressed into the top she told me looked awesome on me and jeans. I got a call from Blake saying just go to the party and meet them there. Obviously the first thing I saw was Lily and nothing else was visible. I couldn't believe what she was wearing I mean it look awesome on her but she looked like a normal ordinary girl who has never once worn a pants in her life. Ever. There was a whole heap of people already drinking and getting into the partying mode. All I knew was who ever owned this house was going to have a hard time with their parents in the morning. If their parents cared that is. As soon as she saw me she started flirting immediately. What? Was she still trying to show me that she could act like a normal girl. I took a drink. Ok a few drinks. Then all I could remember was a girl asking me to dance and then I was totally out like totally. I knew Lily talked to me for a long time because I can remember the talk. the talk from the old Lily.