Chapter 6:

A Trip to Insanity-hood

It's Tuesday. Exactly two days has passed since the gang's encounter with Haruno Sakura. The moment they stepped inside the classroom on the Monday morning, they already started telling their journey as they would like to call it…

But why, oh why, are they still talking about that? Sitting at homeroom, listening to them talking about how beautiful, awesome, sexy she is…Sakura never felt more speechless in her entire life.

"You really missed a lot Sakura-chan." Naruto exclaimed sadly for the umpteenth time.

"Yeah! It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Ino slammed her hands on Sakura's desk making the girl back off slightly.

"I don't think I would be able to go even if you did call." Her friends merely stared at her.

"Tsk. You're always busy Sakura-chan." Naruto pouted, crossing his arms like a deprived kid.

"How about today?" Tenten cheerfully inserted. Sakura sadly shook her head. She really can't. She has a meeting today with the producers.

"Tomorrow?" Hinata asked. Sakura thought for a moment her schedule for the next day. Crap. She can't. She'll have a recording tomorrow since the music producer encountered some difficulties with the current sound tracks. Plus, she'll be guesting in a night show. Also, her oh-so lovable and hardworking boss wanted to talk to her about something.

She's really excited; she loves and enjoys her work after all. But after seeing their reaction when she shook her head, she couldn't help but feel guilty.

"You know what," Sasuke said after a minute, his phone flipped open, "Why don't you just give us your number?"

Surprisingly enough, Neji agreed with him as he too, took out his phone and stared boredly at her. Everyone cheered up at this so Sakura was left with no choice but to yield as she too took out her phone.

In a span of an hour, Sakura never thought that she could hate something so intensely. Biology has never been her favourite subject. But this…Darn it. Darn it. Darn it. Sakura chanted at her mind as she stared at the questions on the paper. I can't believe I forgot. She sighed as she closed her eyes and tried to remember the lesson the other day. Everything is a bit fuzzy on her mind; she could only remember the hellish rehearsal that happened yesterday…Wait. There it is. The answer!

She wrote quickly but when she read the next one, another sigh escape her mouth. How could I stupidly forget there's a test today?

"Sighing and glaring at the paper won't do you any good." Sakura turned at her lab partner and could only sigh again. Look at him! He was with her yesterday but he's pen is practically skidding through the paper! How could he balance everything? And can someone please wipe that arrogant smirk on his arrogant face?

"Kazuki-san, is something the matter?" Orochimaru-sensei hissed from beside her.

"N-No-Nothing, sensei." She could feel the hairs on her neck stood up.

"You were staring at Subaku-san." He smirked. And Sakura faintly heard a snort beside her. Ugh. She could just kill Gaara right now. She was about to politely respond when her ears picked up something.

"What a fangirl."

"How cunning."

"First the guys, now Gaara-kun."

So, she's a fangirl now. Her image is getting better and better. Peachy.

When she remained silent, Orochimaru-sensei (bastard) walked away while smiling that creepy smile of his, "Focus on your work. Ogle next time." He did not-she was not ogling for goodness sake! Of course, he just had to misunderstand her glaring to her infamous partner!

…Then she heard it again, a faint chuckle this time. She sharply turned to her side and glared seething at Gaara who was still answering the test pretending to be innocent. Ha. Like she will fall for that cheap acting.

A few minutes later, everyone was passing their paper when Orochimaru-sensei approached her with a bundle of files on his hand, "As a punishment for earlier, bring this to the faculty room." He then left her staring at it on the lab table.

Such a slave driver. He reminds me of some people.

She picked up the files and found that majority of the class has left. The girls also told her earlier that they'll be going first since they don't want to be late for their next class. Again. She giggled at the memory when they told her what their teacher did to them the day when they asked Sasuke to guide her and end up being late.

"He was evil Sakura! Evil I'm telling you!" Ino cried out. Faked tears where brimming on her eyes.

"What kind of teacher would ask their students to run the whole hour just because they were a little bit late?" Tenten violently shook her shoulders trying to get her point across.

Sakura turned to Hinata waiting for what the girl will do. She just smiled weakly and drank continuously at the water bottle.

"Noisy." Neji smoothed out his already straightened hair.

"Will you guys shut up?" Shikamaru glared at the girls. What mistake they just did. It was now their turn to be harassed.

Sakura giggled again as she remember the face of the guys-and then she trip. The files on her hand flying off. Isn't this nice? Apparently, Sakura is a tad clumsier than she could remember. She tried to stand up from her knees but was pushed…this time landing on her sprained wrist. Ugh.

She doubled over in pain and was holding back a scream and tears. She slowly looks up but was roughly slapped that she fell on her back. However, it was long enough for her to see the culprit. Surprise, surprise. It was Karin and her crone Ami. She'll bet her whole earnings that they're also the one who pushed her during the stairs incident.

Sakura sat glaring at their feet, she just couldn't take her eyes off them. Oh God. Orochimaru's going to kill her. They're stepping on the freaking files!

"You're not only a bitch, but a slut too." Someone said. She doesn't really care who. Does it make a difference if she knew?

"First Sasuke-kun, now Gaara-kun too?" The feet were drawing closer, while walking on the files! "You don't know a threat when you receive one don't you?" A foot rose from the rubble. Are they seriously going to kick her? She closed her eyes and lowered her head a little, Please don't. Bastard-sensei won't be the only one after my throat but also Shaichou and Anko-san.

She felt a change in the wind direction. Oh my God, they're readying to kick her.

"Isn't the slap enough Karin?" Somebody voiced out.

Pure Silence.

Even with close eyes, Sakura could almost feel the foot on her face. She really have to thank that person who spoke.

She faintly heard a gasp. Was that also a whimper?

Then…running footsteps? Was it a teacher who saw them?

…She's lucky or what.

"You should've just run." His tone irritated her.

As if she was a knucklehead who didn't even thought of running away when the situation calls for it. Well, what would he know? He was not the one whose arm is throbbing nor was he the one who's going to be killed by Bastard-sensei if she lost the files.

She dared to open her eyes to glare at what she (shamefully) calls her savior. But who would figure out that Uchiha Sasuke would be standing there looming over her.

…And why is he staring at her like that. A few more minutes of staring and a few raised brows, he started scanning the floor as if looking for something. When he disappeared behind her, Sakura took the time to look at her injury. She couldn't figure out if it's okay or not because of the bandage but it most definitely feels like not. If Anko find out about this, she better get ready for her funeral.

Sasuke suddenly appeared and crouched in front of her holding…glasses? She feels around her face and yup, those are definitely hers. "Thanks." She smiled gratefully as she wiped the lenses and gently placed them on her nose.

As if not hearing her gratitude, he started picking up the files on the floor and Sakura stood up to help him, in a lot slower pace than him though.

"Is this usual occurrence here?"

A snort is the only response she received. Is a snort, chuckle, smirk the famous response nowadays? Is it possible to sue whoever made that trend?

When everything seems to be collected she made a move to heave the papers from the floor but Sasuke beat her to it. He turned around and started walking to the faculty room. Sakura could only stare at his back, too stunned to move. Who would've thought that Uchiha Sasuke could be a gentleman?

"Are you gonna walk or not?" He slightly tilted his head to look at her. And didn't she also learn not to judge him by his actions?

"Ah. Y-Yeah." When she caught up with his relatively slow pace she smiled, "Thanks again."

Sasuke stared at her for a moment before grunting and walking faster. What's his problem?

Sasuke closed the door to the faculty and started walking to their English class. It was quiet except for the tap of their shoes on the tiles. He glances at Sakura, she was clutching on her wrist and her jaw was set. It must hurt like hell. He sighed as he continued to silently observe her from the corner of his eyes. When they asked about the injury earlier she said it was nothing and brushed it off but apparently with the way she's acting right now, it's not nothing.

And that fall probably didn't help the matter. How could someone be so stupid as to not see the foot so clearly sticking out in front of her? She's going to have worse than sprained wrist if that doesn't receive any medical attention immediately. She did have that check by a doctor right? Of course, how could she not? Does she plan on ruining her wrist?

He stopped at an intersection of hallways.

But with that bandaged covering her wrist he couldn't be sure as to what degree the injury is. He's might not be a doctor but he know some stuffs. He walked to the other hallway and when he heard no one following him, he slightly turned and glared at the girl.

"But class is the other way," Is she missing a brain cell or two? He backtracked and grabbed her hand, almost completely dragging her.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked as she began to match his pace, his hand still tightly holding hers.

Can't she just keep quiet and follow him obediently like most people? Sasuke suddenly stopped at that thought. "Sasuke?" Sakura peek at his face when she almost bumped at the guy.

Sasuke suddenly smirked; Tsk. I forgot that she's not like most people. Most people won't have the guts to glower at him the way she's doing right now. He slightly looked at her frowning face then continued walking.

He stopped again and the girl this time really did run into him. He ignored the annoyed grumble from her and gently opened the door. The infirmary is free from any human presence as far as he could see.

"Did you hurt yourself or something?" She asked looking at him from head to toe.

Sasuke bit back a glare. This girl is officially an idiot. The only one he ever knew this stupid is the Dobe, "Sit."

This time Sakura did without question as she watched Sasuke look around looking for what she assumed to be the first aid kit.

"Give me your hand." She did. "The bandaged one." Sasuke growled between teeth. How stupid could she get? What injury will he treat in a completely fine hand? Idiot.

He carefully took off the bandages and scrutinized her injury. Well, it was swelling alright but it will be fine. Looks like she really did brought it to some doctor. He put a small amount of ointment and gently massaged her wrist; the feeling of her warm skin over his cold one is something that he found strangely comforting.

"Does it hurt?" He stared directly at her emerald eyes that he honestly found nice when not covered by those thick glasses. He pressed hard just for the heck of it. Nothing.

Second press. Still nothing.

Third press. A flinch. Sasuke watched, he's starting to enjoy this.

Fourth press. She exploded.

"Are you trying to be annoying?" She exclaimed, kicked his shins and he doubled over, clutching the pained area. A groan escapes his lips as he look up. Sakura is currently drilling holes on him, the one and only Uchiha Sasuke. See? What did he say about her not being like most people?

His groan turned into chuckle which then surprisingly turned into a full fledge laughing fit as he sat right up and throw his head back. Sakura simply stared at him, not knowing what to think of the situation. If you were her, what would you do if you saw the Uchiha Sasuke laughing his guts out because of something you would rather not know?

"A-Are you s-sane?" At her question, Sasuke stopped for a moment before he started laughing again. Harder this time. Even he didn't know what he was laughing about. Maybe he was indeed turning insane like the girl obviously implied.

When Sakura made a move to get out of the room, Sasuke's hand shot up and grabbed her small one, "We're not done yet." He grinned at her. Yup! It's official. He's a goner because the normal Sasuke do not do grinning.

He pulled Sakura down and made himself busy by gently massaging her injury. Seeing him smirk every now and then, Sakura really think Sasuke is losing it and she definitely doesn't want to be within the area when that happened.

"Will you stop fidgeting?" Sasuke firmly asked, "I'll press hard if you don't."

"Just try." Sakura glared.

Sasuke smirked at the dare and he clutched her wrist making Sakura scream, "If you're not gonna treat it then let go!"

"Shut up." Sasuke put some more ointment on before bandaging her wrist up again. After finishing his work, he still didn't let go and stared at her. Sakura stared back waiting for his next action. What is he planning?

As Sakura gazed at Sasuke she couldn't help but notice the things she hadn't before. His deep obsidian orbs seems to be shining, his nose that's neither flat nor tall, his long lashes that create shadows on his skin, or those thin lips that suit his face structure so perfectly. Why hasn't she notice them before…or more like since when did he become this handsome?

"Could I get you two something?" Someone voiced out from the doorway. Both of them jumped up and stood straight. The nurse was carrying some sort of medicine and a glass of water. Her gaze transferred from Sasuke to her then back again, "Well?"

"Uh-Uhm, Well we were-."

"She hurt her wrist so I brought her here." Sasuke droned out, "But it's fine already so it's nothing." The nurse x-rayed Sakura with merely her eyes then softly said, "Well dear, just rest it and it will heal eventually."

"Ha-Hai." She bowed and Sasuke without a care to the world swiftly went out of the room.

It's not that he didn't care if she will follow or not, he knew she will. They are after all in the same class. He just need some time to think about what the hell happened back there? It was like some invisible forced trapped them. Some forced that didn't allow him to take his eyes off her.

"Neh, neh. Sakura-chan, I heard you and Sasuke-teme were late for English today." Naruto wiggled his eyebrows, straddling the chair in front of Sakura, "What were you two doing?"

Sakura incredulously stared at the blonde. So, he kept quiet about this issue during Math and Lunch so he could get the alone time of harassing her now thinking that she would tell him something different.

"What do you want to hear?" She leaned her head on her palm.

"That you two did something incredible and nasty and the infirmary is just the rendezvous point." He narrated, his eyes gleaming.

"You know Naruto, Sasuke and I did something incredible and extremely nasty your eyes will gouge out. The talk about the infirmary-."

"HA! I KNEW IT!" Naruto shouted pointing an accusing finger at Sakura, "You two were making ou-." Before he could even complete the sentence, Sakura karate chop his head making him bend the abused thing between his legs. Hey, maybe this is why he's an idiot most of the time. His brain cells get damaged every time someone hit him. Hmm. Indeed, nice theory.

"Don't make stories dammit." She pokes his head with the butt of her pencil.

"But-but you said-!"

"I was joking."

Naruto showed a fake hurt slash shock expression and placed a dramatic hand on his heart, "Sakura-chan…how could you-?"

"Uzumaki! Get back to your seat." Ibiki-sensei hollered from across the room, "Class is about to start."

Shivers run down everyone's body and the students immediately scrambled to their seats before they get notice by Terror-sensei. Naruto is unfortunately ways far from his seat which made him the center of Terror-sensei's attention, "How many years does it have to take you to go to your seat?"

Sakura kinda pity Naruto now, he just have to receive the full-powered yell that even rival Tsunade-dono's and Anko-san's and his seat just had to be in front of the class.

"Page 226. Renaissance." Ibiki-sensei turned and wrote something on the board using his surprisingly neat handwriting. It was also at that moment that he noticed Naruto slumped on his desk. Again.

"No textbook Uzumaki? Want to stand outside?" He glared at the poor boy that flinched and sunk lower on his chair. Yeah, Sakura pity Naruto now. Real big.

She turned to Hinata sitting beside her. The girl was staring at Naruto looking completely worried; eyebrows all scrunched up. She was even craning her neck to see the poor guy who has sunk lower and lower on his chair. She smiled and gently patted Hinata on her back, "He'll be okay. He's Naruto after all."

The girl blushed tenfold and played with her fingers, "Uh-Uhm." Debating on what to say, Hinata settled with a smile, "Yo-You're right. I'm sure he'll be fine."

She focused on taking notes but Sakura could clearly see her sneaking glances at the blonde every now and then. Sakura smiled at this little action and busied herself with reading the chapter assigned to them, Geez. Love is in the air for these two. She giggled.

"Something's the matter Kazuki?" Ibiki-sensei roared. Everyone's attention turned to her.

"No-Nothing sensei, everything's fine." How good is his hearing?

Gym was next. Sakura was changing to her gym uniform when a whistle blew on the other room. Shit. She's late. She hurriedly closed the locker and proceeded to the gym. Not like it matters, she's forever excuse during gym but she still wants to keep her punctuality record. She made Anko wrote this letter saying that she can't sweat or anything like that due to some illness.

It was hard forcing her manager into the deal but was finally convince when Sakura pulled out the trump card, What will happen if your little Sakura got hurt during Gym? You know how clumsy I could get.

So, here she is, Indian sitting on the bench watching her classmates play volleyball. She likes volleyball but she can't possibly play, Geeks usually sits out Gym right?

In daze, Sakura barely noticed when someone sat beside her. After all, who would actually sit beside her? She long ago accepted the fact that sadly no one wants to be her friend the moment she was friends with the gang besides she knew no one in this class…except…she swiftly whipped her head…

"What are you doing?" She asked slowly at the red head boy beside her.

"Sitting." He continued watching the game in front with too much interest.

Sakura suspiciously glance at him for one last time before turning to the game again. For the past few days she'd known him, there's always a hidden agenda with his actions. So, he can't be merely sitting now, can he?

Dive. Toss. Spike. Score. Serve. Receive. Receive. Score. Serve. Foul. Serve. Okay. She couldn't take it anymore. She turned back to him to see him smirking at her, What is he smirking at?

"What are you up to?" Narrowing her eyes for emphasis.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I've known you long enough to know that you're up to something."

"You talk like we've known each other longer than the day I transferred." There was pure curiosity on his voice that Sakura mentally slapped her forehead. I shouldn't have said that.

"W-Well, we've been together since then." She tried to cover up, "I mean you're in my every class and partner in almost everything." She said in between teeth. I know you're behind this Anko-san.

"Don't hate it so much." She whipped her head when he said this, "It's not fun for me too. Seeing your bespectacled face wherever I go."

She growled and clenched her fist; nearing the end of her patience. Why is she so irritated when he's the one who said that? Prick.

"Looking back on it, maybe you have some secret crush on me." What did he just said?

The nerve of this guy. Was this person so wide awake when God showered the humanity with self-confidence that he doesn't even have shame anymore? Just where on earth does he have the basis for his speculations?

"I mean like you said, you're in my every class. Partner in everything and even have my locker next to yours." He grinned at Sakura, "For all I know, you're the director behind the scenes."

Sakura could only gawk at him. Wow. Can she say that she is absolutely floored with what he said, more like falsely accused? She knew he's smart and talented and everything, but she never knew that he's this self-centered.

"What?" He even has the guts to look so innocent, "Did I say something wrong?"

She only glowered at him like she never did in her entire life. He raised his brows for a second but the look was suddenly wipe out of his face. Okay. Maybe she's not expecting him to be easily intimidated by her measly geeky self but she certainly didn't expect him to chortle. Just what on earth is funny enough that is worth chortling about?

"So, you're mad now?" He tried and failed on controlling himself, "Are you gonna kick me like you did with the Uchiha?"

At that moment, all her anger was suddenly drained and is it even possible that her blood too? It was as if some mechanism was unknowingly plugged in her body. Did he seriously mean what he said-No way. Seriously.

"Oi. Don't faint on me now." He continuously snapped his fingers in front of her until she blinked, "I know I'm drop dead gorgeous and everything but it's kinda weird seeing someone faint on you."

She scowled at him and shooed his hand away, "In your dreams."

He only laughed as though it was completely unbelievable, "Really?" What's wrong with his tone? "Really, really?" And why is he edging closer? Oh God.

"Yes." Sakura bravely stated even though his face is merely a few decimetre far. That's when they engaged on a vicious staring contest but when he seems to be going in for the kill Sakura averted her face and watches the new batch of players play. He seems to find her action extremely funny…since he's chuckling all over the place!

Did someone just hand out free tickets to Insanity-hood and she missed it?

…Not that she's complaining or anything.

But it seems that Gaara and Sasuke got the first-class ones.

"A-Anyways, what rumors did you hear?" She glanced sideways at him who was still by the way shamelessly laughing while clutching his stomach.

"Rumors?" He grinned when he (finally) got a hold of the thing we called self-control, "I was there."

"What?" She snapped her head to him but immediately stared forward again. He is still so close! Dammit. He's so close that his knees are almost completely resting on hers. Does he know what personal space is?

"I was there, sleeping actually. Until I heard you shout." He laughed, "Good thing I was awake enough to see you kick him!"

Images of her strangling him in her head are dying to come in reality and if he didn't shut up immediately, Gai-sensei might need to call 911.

"And the good part is that," He unceremoniously slung his arm on her shoulder forcing her to look at him while he whispered in her ear, "I clearly see the two of you almost kissing."

She roughly pushed him back also slapping his slung arm in the process. Some people are really only alive because it's illegal to murder them. The proof of that is this annoying person sitting next to her.

"Who would've thought that guy's type is like you." He teased through gritted teeth. Gaara has no idea but somehow that guy getting ahead of him at something was immensely annoying on his part. He knew, from the moment that he laid eyes on the undeniably handsome guy that Sasuke was going to be his rival.

He was on par with that guy if he must say but he absolutely cannot believe that the Uchiha possibly liking this girl was such a big hit on his ego that he also wants to compete for her. What's wrong with him? He doesn't remember himself being this…low.

What's more is that the girl is keeping quiet as if she wants Sasuke to like her. Not even denying it. And what the hell is up with that blush? That just pissed him even more.

He saw her bandaged hand and without even realizing it, he voiced out, "Your bandaged hand. Give it."

Sakura looked utterly confused at the sudden request ahemorderahem, "Why?"

"Just give it." She looks suspicious at first but as if trying out her luck, she slowly hand it to him.

Gaara handled it gently like it was such a delicate thing that might crumple to pieces on the very small movement, quite opposite of what she thought he would do. She find it rather touching.

But when he brought out a permanent marker and started scribbling on her bandage, "Are you out of your freaking mind?" She couldn't simply tug her arm or else she'll be the one hurt but she just couldn't let him write anything he wants on her body, even if it's just on the bandage. "Cut it out." She gave a light tug and he surprisingly immediately let go.

"You just have to ruin it don't you?" He looks slightly annoyed. What's his right to be annoyed? It's not like it's his arm that was vandalized with-

"You!" She gasped as she saw what he wrote, "What possessed you to signed me?" She looked incredulously at him. How could she, Haruno Sakura, have this guy, Subaku Gaara's, signature on her like a die-hard fan? Embarrassing much.


She was about to retort back but thought better of it and contented herself at stracing and glaring at the impression on her bandage wanting nothing more but to tear it off. Too bad she has to wait until she gets home to change the thing. Ugh.

"Hey." She nudges his ribs harder than needed, "What are you even doing sitting this subject out?" She watched him as he rubbed his side and playfully glared at her as if saying, What will you do if this god-like bod gets damaged? Oh. She could already imagine him saying that.

"What d'you mean?" He asked as he leaned out on his arms, winking at the group of girls waving at him. Said girls were also by the way giving Sakura dirty looks

"I duuno. Guys like you are supposedly out there playing."

"Ah. You see," He grinned while looking around making sure no one's within earshot, "Having a manager and talent company has its perks you know."

Sakura turned to him wide eyes, mouth agape. Did she just seriously hear that? Gaara laughed at her reaction and even though how much she tried to contain it, she soon joined him in laughing their guts out. What do you know, great minds really do think alike.

After a day at school, she's now sitting at a board meeting with the producers of the upcoming charity concert. That goes to say that Gaara is also here in the same room along with other stars included in the production. And just a side note, there's this rising female starlet that has been frowning her way every now and then. What is her problem?

Sakura sighed. She just couldn't focus on what they're talking about and even care less with that starlet. Her mind is overloaded. And tired. She gets even more somber thinking about the pile of homeworks needing her attention.

She knew that she needed to deal with this time management issue sooner or later, but she didn't expect to experience it this early. She's only been going to school for almost two weeks! Drinking from the water bottle she tried to relaxed her mind. And it's sure as hell not working.

She noticed Gaara smirking and snorting at her from across the table and she mouthed 'what?' but was wholeheartedly ignored by the actor. Is something on her face? Could it be that his trip to Insanity-hood is not yet over or did he asked for another round trip?

"Okay. Should we have a little break first?" The Director asked and he received a murmur of agreement among the occupants. Everyone stood up and went out of the room simultaneously.

Sakura on the other hand stretched then excused herself from Anko and made a trip to the bathroom to wash her face and to wake her consciousness up. Staring at her reflection and slapping herself, she wondered what it has to take to be awake enough for the next part. She seriously can't continue to work like this.

She trudges out the bathroom in a daze so she almost squealed when she felt something cold on her cheek. Turning around she gritted out, "Gaara."

"Yo." He held out a canned drink in front of her face, "This will wake you up."

Sakura reluctantly took the drink, "Thanks." It was cold coffee that is usually found in the vending machines in this building. She opened it with a pop and sipped it slowly, "This taste good."

"Don't think too much about it." He leaned backwards on a wall, propping his foot on it and drinking something to similar to Sakura's, "It makes me sleepy watching you look so sleepy and unfocused."

He did it for himself. She grinned as she brushed a lock out of her eyes, He's really Gaara. What do you expect?

She turned her gaze back to him and was surprised to see him all tensed up intensely trying to peer at something. There are only a few things which can catch Gaara's attention. What is he so focused on? She followed the gaze and blanched. No way. He saw it. He clearly saw it.

"Is that my signature on your bandage?"

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