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A.N. Just thought you should know that by this point Willard is dead. I struggled with having him alive or dead and it flows better with him dead and Vivian as the Alpha. Ruby also lives in the Alpha house now down in the basement, which is like a mini condo. Against her will might i add. Vivian is still going to try to force Ruby into marrying Tyler. Some events are out of sequence with the show but it's just how the story is.


Chapter 1- A Talk of Possession

Sophia's P.O.V.

As Rusty finished cleaning the grill in the back he headed for the door calling behind him " Goodnight girls don't forget to lock up on your way out and see you tomorrow"

We continued cleaning in near silence occasionally broken by idle chit-chat.

I finally worked up my courage and asked Sarah " Can you tell me about the change?"

She looks at me and thinks for a moment before coming out with " Well, what do you want to know about the change exactly?"

"Well what does it feel like?" I asked

"I can't even begin to describe the feelings of the first flip, but there's exhilaration, and most importantly pain." Sarah said

" The pains that bad" I ask her

"Oh yea." she says

I think back to the other day when Luke had flipped and let me pet him, he had looked gorgeous in his pelt. When Luke flipped he had done it so quickly, it didn't look as if it hurt him at all.

" After the first flip does it get better? I mean, you know with the pain and all that" I asked her

She looked at me for a moment as if trying to find the right words to say finally she said, " Yeah, it does get better, much better. The feeling of your bones shifting is great it is a total rush. Its a really exquisite feeling, it's also a very hard thing to explain. It's like the first flip is a test and if you make it, the change brings nothing but pleasure. I almost didn't pass the test. Why are you so interested in knowing about flipping anyway, Soph?"

" Oh Sarah, you would have flipped with or without their help. Yea and no real reason, I was just curious," I replied.

" I'm just happy Willard was there when he was I was near the otherside I think." She said " Oh and don't give me that bull Sophia, I'm your best friend. You can tell me anything and know that it will go no further than here. Now why do you really want to know about flipping?"

" Promise that this is only between us, it doesn't leave this room." After her nod of understanding I continued " Um… well you see I'm.. Well I think I'm getting close to flipping."

" What do you mean you think your close to flipping? How do you know?" She asked me in an excited tone

" Well, you see last night you know how I went out with Scott, everything was going great. But you know he's not really my type. Anyway we were walking down the street and Scott tried to kiss me the next thing I know I hear the screech of tires and Scott is thrown away from me. I look to see Luke standing in front of me eyes flashing, and he tries to pull me into the car. I got pissed off that he thought he could boss me around after what he did with Presley, and the next thing I know I had thrown him into his windshield. When I looked at Luke he had this triumphant look on his face and I caught my reflection in his window and my eyes were glowing. It was too much for me to handle and I took of running, the next thing I know I was at the station. I made my way to my dad were I broke down and he realized just how close I am to possibly flipping. Its not only this time that things like this have happened, I've leashed my wolf for as long as I could but she's finally finding a way out, and I'm scared Sarah. I'm a half breed it was supposed to be nearly impossible for me to flip and yet I find myself so close to it." I finished curling up on the edge of a booth.

Sarah looked at me and came over and hugged me.

"Everything's going to be okay Soph, I'll help you through this. I hate to make this worse but, the fact that Luke went possessive on you on your date is the males way of showing his intent to mate you, or if you would court you." She told me.

'Damn I thought this couldn't get any worse' I thought.

" It's about time to go home, we're finished here. You want a ride home?" she asked me

" Yea, if you don't mind" I replied

" So, today at school I noticed the absence of Luke by your side. Do you think last night was the reason?" Sarah asked

" Yeah, I think so, although I could feel him watching me the whole day its so damn unnerving he pisses me off." I said getting myself worked up.

"Calm down Soph, your eyes are glowing." She told me

We reached my house and I got out saying I would meet Sarah at school tomorrow. I walked up to the porch failing to see the glowing eyes in the bush watching me, and unlocked the door and re-locked it when I got in. I then made my way up the stairs and collapsed on my bed falling asleep instantly. My dreams were fairly calm and serene it might have been the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin, which permeated the room as I lay sleeping oblivious. Oblivious to the fact that the one who had been the cause of my agitation was in my room not only that, but he was lying next to me and was stroking my hair.

Luke was there for quite a time until he heard the front door open signifying that Sheriff Donner was home. With a quick peck to the cheek Luke left the way he came through Sophia's bedroom window. Hearing the Sheriff coming up the stairs he quickly flipped and took of running.

He wasn't a moment too soon because when he was off the roof the Sheriff had stepped into Sophia's room. The moment he stepped into the room he knew that Luke had been in the room and he didn't like it one bit. He was not happy that the teen alpha had taken an interest in Sophia. It wasn't like the interest was anything new the Sheriff had known about Luke's crush on Sophia for a long time, and after all these years he still didn't like the fact, because he always managed to hurt his baby. He went to the window closed it, pulled the blankets around Sophia and then gave her a kiss on her cheek before leaving the room, to go to sleep himself.