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Ch 14 – An Angry Thought Leads to an Angry Woman

Luke's P.O.V.

'All I could see was the color red slowly consuming my vision and what may you ask is causing me to see red well let's take a look down the hall at the new guy flirting with what is mine. Did he just brush up against her arm on purpose while looking at me? Oh this boy is tempting me. I need to leave before I snap and flip in the middle of the hallway, killing the boy would be my number one priority.' I think to myself as I head to the gym changing rooms

Knowing that only Hillkids would be there I made it into the room before I lost control and attacked the dummy used for mouth to mouth resuscitation, envisioning it as the boy who had his hands on Sophia. That was the last straw I decided, this boy Sky would not be allowed near her. With that thought in mind I sent out the mandate that they were to keep the New Kid Sky away from Sophia at all costs.

With that done and most of my anger dissipated I sat down near the decimated dummy and surveyed the damage I had inflicted on the thing thoroughly pleased by my handy work. As I was admiring the destruction I had cause Sean walked in to the room took one look at my surprised look at seeing him there and burst out laughing.

" Hahahaha. You should have seen the look on your face you looked like a puppy, who knew it had done something wrong." He said smiling at me

At that I flipped into my human pelt and pouted " I did not!" I said

" Yea, whatever you say man," he said in a patronizing way " So what did poor Philbert ever do to you?" he asked me

At my confused look he said, " That's what the coach named the dummy."

" He did nothing to me, he was just the most expendable thing around here that I could sink my teeth into." I said as I started putting my clothes back on

" So, what pissed you off so bad that you had to sink your teeth into anything?" Sean asked me'

" One word Sky." I said and at that his eyes widened in realization

" What did he do this time?" he asked me

" Well for one he ignored my warning about leaving Sophia alone and then today he somehow got her to forgive him for how he was acting towards her. Then while they were talking, he looked straight at me and purposefully brushed his arm against her. He is challenging me and the poor boy doesn't even know what he's getting into." I told him

" Wow, that human is stupid. Is that why you sent out that command a little while ago?" he asked me

" Yes, I don't want that boy near her. Otherwise I might not be able to keep a hold of my wolf." I told him

" You do realize that if Sophia finds out about this then she's going to be even more pissed off at you than she already is over the Presley thing right." He told me

" I realize that and I'll deal with it if it comes to pass. But I'm not going to worry too much over it." I said and I walked out of the changing rooms making my way to my first class. From the moment I stepped foot into the class to the moment school was over was all just one giant blur. My mind was in another place and the tediousness of school didn't even phase me today.

Knowing that Sophia was working an early shift today I made my way to the Diner and was met with a glare from Sophia.

" Something wrong Soph?" I asked her

" I heard about the mandate that you sent out and just to let you know. You have no power over me! I am not one of the Hillkids so you have no sway over my decisions. I will hang out with Sky all I want to. You can't do anything about it and if you try to pull another Scott, you will be sorry" she said

I just gave her a smirk said, "We'll see" and walked out.

On the inside I was feeling very chastised. 'Hadn't Sean warned me about this not to long ago? Freakin' Ay' man why couldn't I ever do anything right when it came to Sophia.'

At that thought a voice piped up from the back of my mind and said " Mate strong, let mate have freedom. Mate forgives us when we show her that. Mate not need to be protected, mate strong."

I hadn't heard the voice of my wolf in a while and couldn't help but realize that he was right Sophia was an independent woman who was stronger than any of the current females. I knew this because she has been able to keep her wolf at bay for a long time and she was able to tap into her wolf's power. This spoke volumes about her power, and her will.

' Your right wolf, we must show her that she can have her independence and her own thoughts and she will come around and forgive us.' I thought to my wolf as I walked down the street headed to my truck

As soon as I opened my door my mom contacted me through our link 'Luke! Ruby's escaped!'

Hearing that I was shocked and happy. Shocked because the news came out of nowhere, but I was happy because now Ruby wouldn't be forced to marry Tyler.

'What! When did that happen? How did that happen?' I asked her

'She wanted to visit Amanda's Grave and she gave her watchers the slip. When they realized she had escaped they followed her scent trail as far as they could then it just disappeared in the middle of a clearing. We think something bad must have happened because there was a scent of blood in the air and of tranquilizers.' She told me

Hearing that something bad might have happened to Ruby curbed my happiness for her escape.

'Do you think she was taken then? Was there any other scents in the area? Anything else we could go off of to find her?' I thought back to her

' That's the weird thing there wasn't any other scent in the air that would give us a direction she was taken in and yes we believe someone took her after she escaped her watchers. There wasn't any thing in the area except for the small scent of Ruby's blood and the scent of the tranquilizers drugs.' She thought back to me

'Is there anything that I can do or should be doing right now?' I thought to her worried about my only sibling the only one who, I could say truly was always watching my back as I would always watch hers.

' There's nothing really that you can do, just keep an eye out for anything strange around town that might give us a lead.' She told me

I hoped out of the car deciding to do a patrol around town to see if anyone was acting different or if there were any strangers in town.


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