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Warning: As you might have read in the summary, this is indeed a slash story. There probably won't be any of going on until later on, maybe chapters… I don't even know, five or so? Don't quote me on this. This is not, however, a story strictly invented for the purpose of romance. There will still be a storyline, and I feel quite confident about it.

Summary: While the Star Fox team plans for a vacation, what they receive could not be farther from it. The past is not so easily buried as many would hope. Eventual Fox McCloud/Wolf O'Donnell pairing (slash).

Author's Note: This is the first time I've written anything, excepting, of course, schoolwork. Sheesh, I thought it would be a lot easier than this, but writing's actually pretty tough work. This is also the first time I've tried to write something romantic, especially a slash story : /. I'm hoping it won't turn out too… disastrous. Only time will tell, I guess.

This is loosely based around Star Fox 64.

Edit: Updated a little bit on this chapter. Got rid of a bit of unnecessary crap. I'm still... hestitant to touch most of it for several reasons, but, I figured I could get rid of some of the glaring things. Also somewhat updated the summary and stuff. I think this story gave a lot of people the impression that it was sexual. v.v That's remedied, I think.

Fox gazed through the tempered-glass window, watching as the fluorescent green hues of Sector Y faded into the distance. The recreation room of the Great Fox was one of the few places on the ship where he could get a good view of the world outside. There was always the bridge, but he found the atmosphere here to be preferable. It was where he spent most of his time.

He let out a sigh as the Sector faded out of view, deciding unconsciously to go check and see what the others were up to. It shouldn't be too long until the landing, he thought. Probably less than half an hour. He made his way casually to the door that led to the lift, and jumped backwards as it opened in front of him. He blinked, then chuckled a bit.

"Peppy? What are you doing down here?" he asked. The hare saw the rec room as more of a place for the "younger people to have their fun." Fox could never see how he related comfortable seating to being young, though he did see the hare's point about the billiard tables and their related paraphernalia. Peppyhad to be looking for him.

Peppy grinned. "What's wrong, can't an old man have his fun too?"

"Er.. Sure, it's just, I wouldn't have thought-"

Peppy waved a hand to silence him. "Nah, I'm just joking," he said, "Everyone else is up at the bridge. They're all ready to get off this ship and back on to solid ground again."

So, he was right after all. He had to hold back a laugh. "So, let me guess, you want me to come up there too?"

"Well, that was the idea. We figured we'd have a meeting before we dock," Peppy said as he turned to walk out, towards the lift.

Fox followed him. "What kind of meeting?" he asked as they entered the lift and Peppy set it up to take them to the bridge.

"You know... what we're going to do next. After we get these samples from Aquas dropped off, we won't have anything else to do."

"So, what are you saying?" he asked. The obvious course of action would be to look for more missions. The others had to have something else in mind if they were having to think about it

"Well, you see," Peppy said, "we just saved the Lylat system not too long ago, and we haven't even stopped to celebrate much. We just went back to work, doing jobs, making unnecessary money. I think it would be good for everyone if we had a little... vacation."

"Vacation?" Fox asked. "To where?"

"I don't know, that's why we're meeting on it."

They rode the rest of the way in silence, until a sharp "ding" sounded, signifying the elevator's arrival. The hydraulic lift doors opened and the pair stepped out onto the bridge. It was a massive compartment with large windows occupying much of the frontal space, providing an excellent view; Corneria could be seen in the distance, a blue sphere marred with faded white streaks. Aside from the windows, consoles and monitors of various sizes dotted the room. Of course, there was an autopilot system, but all of the mechanisms needed for manual overrides and complete operation of the ship were nestled here, in case need arose. Slippy was seated in one of the various chairs positioned around the room, and Falco was standing near him. They both turned to look at Fox.

"Hey, Fox!" said Slippy, beaming.

"Hey Slippy, hey Falco," he said, not quite matching Slippy's exuberance.

"So, what's this I hear about a vacation?"

Slippy glanced towards Falco, looking a bit nervous. "Um... well, we've been doing missions and stuff for months now, and we haven't really spent any time away from the ship. It's great working with the team, but I think maybe we need to take a break from all of this. We're heroes throughout the Lylat System, and we haven't really done anything different since saving it…" He trailed off.

Fox winced. Really, the attention that they would receive, especially that he would receive, was why he insisted on continuing their normal routine of doing missions. They surely didn't need the money. As crazy as it sounded, they had plenty of that. He was never too fond of excessive attention, and to be able to get away from it plus help the people was a good thing, from his point of view. This mission in particular was a godsend; they had been collecting samples of the pollution in Aquas to send to researchers who might be able to reverse its effects. It had been relaxing enough so far. No real work was involved, except on his part with the Blue Marine, plus it left plenty of travel time to goof off in.

But then again, he wasn't the entire team. Not of all of them thought the way he did, and he had to respect that.

"Y'know," he started, "saving the galaxy didn't make us any different than we were before, except maybe a little stronger..." He saw Slippy's face droop a bit. "But, I guess I could go for some vacation time, as long as there's not an emergency or anything," Fox said.

Slippy jumped out of his seat and cheered. "Yipee!"

"You know, that's what I said too, Fox" said Peppy. "Maybe you're getting old," he joked, elbowing the vulpine in the side.

Fox laughed and returned the elbow, before he was interrupted by Slippy's voice. "Alright, so, I've been thinking, I've done research, and there are some really cool places in…"

He let himself drift off while listening to Slippy's plans. He caught small pieces of information, such as the idea of staying near a beach, or in a condo in Corneria City. All of Slippy's suggestions seemed a bit too public, but he'd let the toad have his fun. A little harassment by the public wouldn't be life-threatening. He stole a glance at Peppy. He was looking forward to time off as well. Maybe their missions were a bit too fast paced for the old hare...

Nah. Peppy was a tough man, no matter his age, and he was probably just looking forward to it for the same reasons that Slippy did.

Falco, on the other hand, probably had about the same mindset as Fox did. Piloting was his hobby, something he enjoyed. He probably wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of his fame, though. He grinned at the thought.

He broke out of his reverie and held up a hand to stifle Slippy's endless barrage. "You know, I think I'll just let you handle it. You probably know more about this stuff than I do anyways."

For a moment, Slippy looked hurt at being silenced, then his face lit up as he seemed to take in everything the vulpine had said. "Alright, cool." he said. "Umm... How long will this last?"

"Hrm," Fox thought aloud, "I guess just until something important comes up that we have to do, or until we all get bored."

"Something important?" It was Falco, speaking up for the first time.

"Yeah, something we have to do, like.. I don't know, a crisis to handle or something."

The bird squinted. "You think that's going to happen?"

"I don't know, it's just, it's been a long time since Andross's defeat, and nothing bad has happened yet."

"Don't be a pessimist," said Slippy.

"I'm not!" Fox said. "I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen."

Slippy looked like he was about to say something else, but Peppy intervened. "I think we'll worry about that when the time comes," he said. "We'll stay alert, but I think we need a little time off after all we've done. What do you say?" He looked up at Fox.

"I guess so, but in the meantime, Slippy, I think we have a ship to land." He pointed towards the windows, showing a view of Corneria rapidly approaching.

"Oh! Right!" Slippy's face flushed as he ran off to tamper with the consoles.

Fox once again let out a sigh, once again awaiting their landing. Vacation might not be such a terrible idea after all, he thought. He was actually beginning to get somewhat excited. Really, what could go wrong?