Chapter 26: The Royal Family of Asszeria

By the time Prince Jory was two months old, Feral and Tanlir had fallen into a regular schedule that suited them both. So far no omegas had shown up to disturb the peace of their time learning to be parents.

Feral would take his son to the office each day and take him home at lunch time and Felina would drop in at least a few times in the day to see her cousin. Jory had gained a lot of weight and was now a healthy eight pounds. He was still tiny but was gaining in size as if to make up for his too early start in life.

Just a week before they were to go to Asszeria to have their son formally accepted into the royal family, The Coalition for the Protection of the Planet from Possible Future Alien Invasions Agreement had finally finished being ratified with all the nation's willing to be involved signing it. It was a crowning achievement of Feral's career.

With great relief that the agreement was finally taken care of, he was in a more peaceful frame of mind when they boarded the royal jet for the flight to Tanlir's home.

The flight was smooth and quiet. Feral took this time to work on some reports he'd brought with him while Tanlir enjoyed some father time with their son.

When the jet set down and they deplaned, they were greeted by a huge crowd. A line of royal guardsman made an aisle for the royal couple to traverse to their open carriage that would carry them to the palace.

People cheered and threw flowers as they passed. The Asszerian people were thrilled that the succession had been assured with the birth of Prince Tanlir's son. When they arrived at the palace, the King and Queen as well as his brothers greeted them. They were surrounded by family and herded in and up to the more private wing for a family get together.

The family sitting room had been rearranged to have the comfortable furniture gathered closer and a table of finger food and drinks sat nearby.

Feral and Tanlir were pushed gently toward a huge settee with the King and Queen sitting on either side of them. The Queen, of course, had chosen to sit beside Feral so she could see the kitten more closely. The brothers hung about the back of the settee so that they could ogle Jory too.

"Gosh! Look how tiny he is!"

"Isn't he precious!"

"He's the spitting image of you, brother!"

The brothers exclaimed almost at the same time. Deeply enamored of the tiny new prince and ridiculously proud of their brother and amazed at Feral for producing such a treasure.

"Oh, my son, he's so beautiful!" King Roender gushed admiringly.

"Ulysses, he's adorable. What a fine job you did." The Queen said warmly, giving her son-in-law a kiss on the cheek and cooing at her new grandkitten.

Feral blushed and smiled with pride as did Tanlir.

For the next hour or so, everyone asked lots of questions, had a turn holding Jory, and slapped Tanlir on the back in congratulations. Then they discussed the ceremonies that were going to be occurring in the next few days as they ate and drank.

The first one was to christen Jory in the church with all his relatives beside him then be formally accepted into the Asszeria royal house. Next, the investiture to raise Tanlir officially as the Heir Apparent, the next in line for the throne.

Just as before, they would be walked through the ceremonies, have appropriate clothing made, and all the preparations done.

Feral sighed privately. This, of course, was the worst part of the whole affair. At least, he would be spared most of it since his only part was to hold his son and to be by his mate's side when the time came. The fittings were the only thing he disliked the most.

With his son and mate, they took in the sights and enjoyed being here once more. The fittings weren't as bad as the first time, or he was just more amendable to it this time around. Jory did fuss about his though, much to his mother's amusement and sympathy.

"Like mother, like son." Tanlir chuckled as his son complained bitterly about being measured and having clothing put on and off.

Feral just smirked and soothed his son when it was all over.

It was a beautiful day as they entered the old church and took their places. The ceremony was wondrous and made Ulysses heart sing with joy. He watched, smiling proudly, as Tanlir raised his son to all at the end of the ceremony and the room roared with approval.

Of course, that set Jory to crying with fright. Feral had to hug him closely and coo to calm him once more. Though, they were supposed to walk down the church aisle and head out into the open carriage to ride through the crowds, Jory needed changing then fed. The wise one who'd done the ceremony smiled benevolently at them and offered his office for the consort to take care of the little one.

Feral smiled warmly and thanked him then quickly hurried after a church assistant who lead him to the room. Tanlir had come with him and watched as his mate fed their son then changed him. This was something Tanlir never tired of seeing, his mate looking content and totally relaxed as he nursed Jory.

Soon enough they were off again, walking together side by side out to the carriage. Again the citizens of Asszeria came out in huge crowds to see the new prince and Heir Apparent with his mate.

Next they had to endure an hour of picture taking by the royal photographer. Jory was asleep for these this time.

Later, with Jory safe asleep in his basinet in his parents room, the royal couple enjoyed a feast in their son's honor.

For the first time since his difficult pregnancy and recovery, Tanlir made a non-vocal gesture requesting intimacy. Feral had not wanted it for many reasons but now was healthy and happy to oblige this time.

He met Tanlir's casual caress with a kiss.

Smiling warmly and with a sigh of relief laced with desire, Tanlir kissed back with growing heat.

Feral sighed and moaned. He truly had missed this as he moved his body closer and wrapped himself around his mate.

The cheetah moaned and stroked the dark tom's body in long caressing movements from shoulder to tail. His mate sighed with pleasure at the touch and returned the favor by taking his mate in paw and tugging on it gently.

Tanlir growled appreciatively as he increased his touches to ready his mate for him. They kissed, nipped and rolled in each other's arms enjoying the return to intimacy they'd missed for so long.

Feral was wet and swollen in no time and was urgent for Tanlir to enter him after soo long. Tanlir felt his mate's spike in desire and interpreted correctly as he moved over his mate and raised the tom's hips for a more direct access to his female sheathe.

Eyes glowing brightly with excitement, Feral encouraged his mate by pulling him close again for an intensely passionate kiss just as Tanlir thrust forward joining them tightly.

They groaned with joy and pleasure, holding still for a long torturous moment before Tanlir set a quick rhythm that brought them roaring moments later. They collapsed in each other's arms and enjoyed the afterglow. The moment was ruined just a few minutes later by a familiar yowl.

"Heheh! Someone is either hungry or we woke him my love." Tanlir said warmly as he gave Ulysses a quick kiss and withdrew so that his mate could get their son.

"Most likely a little of each." Feral sighed ruefully, getting up. Despite the interruption, it had been a glorious ride. He brought their son to their bed so he could feed him.

Tanlir moved close to spoon his mate's back and watch his son eat. He nibbled on his mate's neck making Feral ripple with pleasure to add to the sensuous sensations his son was causing him as he nursed. It was a wonderful moment he would treasure for a long time.

Two days later was the investiture ceremony. It was just as grand as his own investiture had been with all the pomp and circumstance, gold and glitter all around. Everyone looked rather stiff in their form finery as they watched Tanlir receive the small crown that signified his place as Heir Apparent. The crown was placed on his head by his father, King Roender.

Feral was then bade to step forward and take his place next to Tanlir and was given a large medallion that was placed around his neck by the king.

The room shook with the roar of approval. Just like for Jory ceremony, Tanlir and he went down the aisle and rode in the open carriage through the people.

Another feast was given honoring the new Heir Apparent and his mate. The citizens were glut on the number of feasts and parties that went on over these two weeks of ceremonies.

Feral was just glad it was finally over. They stayed for another week enjoying the peace and beauty of Asszeria before finally packing up once more and returning to Megakat City.

There were many a tearful goodbyes and hugs before they finally were able to board the jet for home.

Back home once more, their lives picked up where they left off. Feral running after one omega after another, nursing their son in between and Tanlir running the Asszerian Embassy and worrying about his mate. It was a wonderful life.