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I.M. by kara papas

Chapter One – Bad Idea

So the girl sat up from her slouched position on the couch and ran both of her hands through her hair as she had a million thoughts coarsing through her head. Her forhead was hot with fever and her body cold with chills and her heart racing a million beats per second or so she thought.

-"So I was..."

"Yes" another voice replied lingering on the "s" with hiss haughty breath. The girl on the couch smiled and looked to the side.

-"So...I was thinking, this isn't right of me to be here. I mean..."

"It doesn't feel right?" The voice responded. The girl looked to the owner of the voice which was another girl.

-"Yeah, it's doesn't. I always thought there'd be more magic than this. I guess I was..."

"Wrapped up in the fantasy...me too? Such a good one too." The other girl said.

-"Yeah..." the first girl rose from her seat and started to walk away from the small enclosure of this place the other one called a living space. Oh so tortured the moment felt as she ran her hand over the wallpaper in the kitchen. The other girl painfully wanted to tell the other the truth. She greeted her incorrectly. The timing was off. Everything was off. She didn't know what to do anymore. She had created a lost wanderer of the other girl who would be a woman, but only a girl in her presence.

"So I know this is our first physical meeting. You just caught me off guard. I never thought you'd actually come here. I was so thrown...we don't even know each other's real names..."

-"Natsuki Kuga" Was all she said with looking back to her "friend's" face. "So does it really bother you that I'm girl? I know...I was...a bit terrified thinking that you were a guy. The things we talked about. You would have made one hell of a fag." Natsuki laughed.

The other girl was just still lost in the astonishment of it all. This is what about two years had amounted to. A random "hello" on her instant messenger and she had never thought of replying to one before and she thought where is the harm in it. And she responded with another "hello". The messages were very simple and the conversations short in the first few weeks. About the fourth week the mystery instant messenger named only Duran signed on towards the end of the week. Again just a simple "hello", but this time Shizuru responded by saying, "Where have you been?" this was a change from the normal conversations they had. So Duran responded about as honestly as she could, "In the hospital after my biking accident and by bike I mean motorcycle." It left Shizuru in complete shock. "You're real…"

So there across from her was this so called Duran. She was still terrified that she never thought Duran could be a woman, but sure enough there was a beautiful girl with raven hair and green eyes. Shizuru was honestly about isolated as they got. Socially she was skilled in getting along with anyone, lighting up the room, but so mysterious. Anyone knew about her. They didn't know her name, they could only point and stare. She always seemed to be somewhere else. Despite all her time to herself she never really had time for herself. Life didn't seem to keep the same schedule as her. Recently life had just gotten much worse. Shizuru had moved to be closer to her college and about two weeks before this day she had received a call from her home. So her life had gone downhill. The world had all but fell on her and then Natsuki came making an archway in the collapse.

-"So tell me…you like knowing other's people's names?" Natsuki said in a low husky tone and then turned to Shizuru walking to her. "Or is it that you like luring innocent people to there doom as you corrupt them with your unearthly silence?" Natsuki teased.

Shizuru's lips pursed and she blushed slight as Natsuki sat back down on the couch. The tawny haired woman was resolved to get back at the girl for making her blush even so mildly.

"My name is Shizuru Fujino. And I'll have you know that I only lure to purely innocent types here." Shizuru said eyeing Natsuki as she got up from her chair and sat down next to Natsuki keeping her resolve as best as she could. "And now that I got you I just can't get all of these ideas out of my head. Mmmm so many ideas thanks you to you." Shizuru purred teasing making Natsuki gulp.

-"What kind of ideas?" Natsuki almost choked making Shizuru grin like a cat.

"Bad ideas…"

Kara's Psychotic Break:

-drives down soem street-

Kara: -turns on radio-

Radio: "A straggle smiled fell from your face..."

Kara: -twitches but listens on-

Radio: -"Like it or not that's the way it's got to be..."

Kara: -grinds teeth and bashes hands against steering wheel while at a red light-

Radio : -song ends, new one starts- "I'm not a perfect person..."

Kara: -screams at the radio- FUCKING EMO WORLD GO AND SHOVE IT ALREADY!!

Oooo does anyone else feel odd about this new setup at fanfiction??