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Here She Comes Again Chapter One

Maria was happy. Really, she was. Her last boyfriend of two years turned out to be a two-timing scumbag and she was just glad to have found out sooner rather than later when she was tied down to him that he was cheating on her. She never really liked him that much anyways, she was just scared of the change it would bring if she left him. She was almost at the peak of her career, supported and surrounded by her many friends, the people she had come to affectionately call her WWE family.

If she was honest with herself though, she wasn't happy.

Sure she was content, who wouldn't be after posing for Playboy, and being recognized as a nationwide sex symbol, but it just seemed something was still missing from her oh so glamorous life. She was fairly certain that she knew what that something was or could be, but at the stage of her life she was in, she really didn't care to delve into it. The truth of the matter was, that she needed a man. Or a companion of sorts. Not some boy or fling like her friends seemed to be interested in, but a genuine, down-to-earth man. Someone who she could lay around with in their hotel room, someone who she didn't have to watch what she said or what she did around. A man who understood that there was more to her then the ditzy character she played on T.V. And that it had taken a whole lot of hard work and determination for her to get to where she was, not just a pretty face. For now though, she had decided to think of her future in the WWE and enjoy the life she had worked for. If something came along great, if not she knew she would survive.

Maria sighed as she continued on her journey to the women's locker room. Smiling and nodding at all the familiar faces, she couldn't help but feel a bit down. She loved it here, she was in her element, but even though her friends were always there for her, she felt more alone than ever. With her head bowed down, she didn't even notice the muscular figure headed towards her, head bowed in the same position until it was too late. Their heads collided, rather the top of her head collided with the persons jaw and suddenly Maria was careening towards the unyielding, stone floor. A hand shot out and managed to curl around her upper arm, heaving her back into a standing position and against a rock -solid chest before she landed in what would have been an extremely painful position due to gravity. Looking up to her savior of sorts, Maria found herself staring into th piercing, azure eyes of the Legend Killer Randy Orton who was currently rubbing his jaw with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Sorry Maria," he apologized, his face a flaming red.

It was well known by those close to him that Randy was what one would call socially inept when it came to women. He was very good at portraying the evil, cocky guy on T.V., and he really had a lot of fun doing it, but that was because it was nothing like who he was once the cameras were off. Sure he was a bit cocky, what guy wasn't, but when it came to women, he would run the other way fast. Well that was the case with most women, many of the WWE divas were like his older sisters, excluding a few of the slutty ones who tried to constantly get in his pants, and also the petite brunette who was currently standing in front with the kind half-smile she seemed to always have on her face. Not that he would've noticed of course.

"No harm done to me Randy," Maria replied, staring at the already bruising spot on his jaw. "Are you alright?"

Randy tried to smile back, really he did, but it came out as more of a grimace when his jaw pained him. He winced and Maria grabbed his hand immediately, dragging him to the trainers office.

"Uh Maria.." Randy started completely bewildered. "Where are you taking me?"

The third-generation superstar may have been dense most of the time and he was almost always unaware of his surroundings, but he could definitely feel the warmth radiating from the spot where Maria was grasping his hand, and he could admit to himself that the jolts traveling up his arm from their adjoined hands was not occurring because of how hard she was tugging on it. He could also admit that it was a nice kind of feeling, and it just seemed to feel right. He could never figure out way being around Maria felt so different than hanging out with Mickie or Ashley or any of the other WWE divas he was friends with, but it wasn't a bad different. He didn't know Maria that well, nonetheless the fact remained that he felt the most at ease with his life when he was in her presence. She just seemed to exude a certain kind of peacefulness and acceptance that he figured everyone probably felt that way when around her.

They arrived at the trainers and Maria got someone to examine the now purpling mark on Randy's face in record time. He usually had to wait awhile for someone to be free to check out his injuries, but it seemed that Maria's bubbly personality attracted everyone, not just those close to her. The medic quickly announced after a few seconds of poking and prodding that it was just a light bruise and should only take a few days to heal completely. Maria let out a relieved sigh, just glad that it was nothing serious. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself. They left the trainers together, quickly falling in stride with one another and made their way back to where the locker rooms were.

"Thanks Maria," Randy's deep voice drawled out, "I better go get ready for my match now, so I'll catch you later."

Pulling her in for a quick hug, something bold that he had never ever attempted before now, the One Man Dynasty inhaled the soft scent of her hair, pulling away, he smiled sheepishly before ducking into the mens locker room behind him. He promptly closed the door, his cheeks beginning to grow pink at the last image he saw of her gaping at him before he'd beat a hasty exit.

Randy would see Maria sooner than either of them expected. Maria was just stitching up her wrestling boots when there was a light tap on the door. Her being the only one left in the locker room, Maria got up and opened the door to reveal none other than Stephanie McMahon-Levesque. Trying not to let her surprise show on her face, Maria opened the door wider to let the Chief of Creative Writing into the room. Not one to beat around the bush Maria quickly, but politely asked Stephanie why she was there.

"It has come to my attention that you have been training a lot as of late, and the improvement has certainly been shown in your recent matches." Daddy's little girl began, figuring out how to word her next thought. "You have a large fan following, most of which would love to see you finally ditch Santino's butt, for someone more worthy. We, the creative team have been trying to find a way to turn Randy Orton into a face, and it seems we have finally found a way that will do that and give you the push you need."

Maria was dumfounded. What did Randy Orton have to do with her getting better onscreen time? She was about to ask, when Stephanie noticed the perplexed look on the young divas face and beat her to it.

"We're planning to have Marella turn on you and just when it seems that no ones willing to come rescue you, Randy runs out RKOing him thus saving you from being brutally beat up." The billion dollar princess laid out trying to give her the shortened version.

"I'm a bit surprised that you're dragging Randy into this to be honest, I mean I knew that the thing between me and Santino would probably end up this way, but isn't that lowering Randy a bit, I mean he is the champion." Maria stated, still sorting her thoughts out from a jumbled mess. "Not that I don't want the opportunity, I guess I'm just confused as to why it would be Randy."

"Well you see Maria, we are hoping that you would be up to becoming the Women's Champion in the very near future, so we decided that we'd make it that much more believable by having him "help" you become stronger, so that you are ready to beat Beth Phoenix at the PPV after the next to gain the title." Stephanie ended her speech with a smile when she saw how elated the doe-eyed brunette was with the information that was handed to her.

"Really, you mean it!?" The Playboy cover girl almost squealed, not believing what she had heard. Not only did she get to work with Randy Orton, but she also was going to become Women's champion in a extremely short amount of time. It was everything she had striven for since day one, and it was just way to good to be true.

"Well this is provided, that the crowd takes to Randy's change of heart, and it doesn't turn the fans against you. We have thought this out and we'll get your script to you later tonight, detailing how it is that your relationship is going to develop over the next few weeks through promos and matches, so that it does ensure that you become the Women's Champion with the fans cheering you on" With that said, Stephanie shook Maria's hand and let herself out. Smirking as she heard the high pitched squeal echo in the room she had just exited, Stephanie proceeded down the hallway towards her office, her high-heels clicking along the way.

Maria was in shock. She was extremely excited, but a part of her still couldn't grasp that her dreams were finally going to come true. After talking to Mickie and Melina however, those uncertainties vanished and she was filled with a sense of exhilaration. A part of her was scared though, because she knew the joyfulness she was feeling wasn't only because of the fact she would be getting the title, but also caused by a certain brown-haired, blue-eyed man from St. Louis.