The Princess of Sakura Kingdom: Chapter 11


"I missed you, Natsume," Mikan cried in happiness as she hugged him.

Natsume broke the hug and wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry for taking too long."

"You're here now, so it's okay." Mikan smiled brightly.

"I missed you, too, Mikan," he whispered into her ear. Without a second thought or hesitation, he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. She closed her eyes as he started giving her a gentle kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck when he deepened the kiss by exploring her mouth. They teased each other before fighting for dominance. In the end, she let him win. The kiss lasted for more than a minute before they broke apart. Happy smiles adorned their lips before they hugged each other again.

"Mikan, you must know my purpose for coming here." He broke the hug and held her hands.

She tried to avoid his intense gaze, but of course, it was impossible to do so.

"I don't know whether your father will let me have you, but I'll definitely let him know my intention."

"H-h-have me?" she stuttered, blushing.

"As my fiancée, Mikan."

"Oh…" she mumbled quietly.

Sensing her disappointment, he grinned. "Why? You thought we will get married immediately?"

She blushed redder, and he grinned wider. "I didn't know that you're such an impatient girl."

"Stupid Natsume!" She pouted and punched his chest.

He caught her hands and gave her another hug. You will always be my princess, Mikan.

She smiled while hugging him. You will always be my prince, Natsume.


"Well, I came here to make an arrangement for our children. I would like to have Mikan as my future daughter-in-law," explained Suichi.

"And?" Izumi stated.

Yuka nudged her husband's arms. "Dear, Suichi was talking about their engagement."

Izumi looked at his wife. "I know. I just want to know what you're going to do with them. We can't ask them to get engaged if they don't love each other."

Everyone smiled, and Suichi shook his head. You're still protective as ever, Izumi.

"Hey, don't think of me as a protective father. I just want to make sure Mikan will be happy," Izumi snapped and the rest laughed.

Right after the laugher ended, Mikan and Natsume were back from the rose garden. Everyone stared at couple. The couple started getting nervous because they became the centre of attention.

Natsume held Mikan's hands tighter and looked at Izumi with determined eyes. "Your—"

"Call me Uncle. No need to be so formal," Izumi said at once.

Natsume nodded. "Uncle Izumi, Mikan and I love each other. We—"

"That's enough. If the two of you love each other, then it's fine for both of you to be engaged," Izumi said, interrupted him for the second time.

Natsume and Mikan smiled.

"Well, now we need to decide the date for the engagement," prompted Yuka.

Soon, all of them started deciding the engagement's date, along with the marriage that would commence a year later.


"Ah, Prince Ryusuke. Please don't—" Rin never got the chance to finish her sentence as her skirt was on fire. "Ahhh! Please put the fire out!"

Thankfully for her, Ryusuki put the fire out immediately.

"I'm safe…" Rin sighed in relief even though half of her skirt was already burned.

"Thank you, Prince Ryusuki." Rin thanked Ryusuki, who nodded in reply.

"Who said you can put the fire out?" Ryusuke exclaimed, but Ryusuki ignored him.

"Okaa-san is waiting for us," Ryusuki said as he made his way, and Ryusuke followed his twin while grumbling.

Moments later, they reached their mother's chamber.

"Okaa-san," Ryusuke and Ryusuki called in unison as soon as they saw their mother, who was in the middle of getting ready to leave.

Mikan smiled at the twin boys and hugged them.

Ryusuki began, "Okaa-san, Ryusuke—"

Mikan interrupted him by placing her index finger and smiled. "Rin, please come here."

Rin came out from behind the door with a half burned skirt.

"I'm sorry," Mikan apologised, but Rin shook her head. "Prince Ryusuki helped me in time, so I'm alright, Mikan-sama."

Mikan swiftly waved her right hand on Rin's burned skirt, and the skirt was back to normal again. She turned to look at Ryusuke. "Ryusuke, you can't use your fire to burn Rin's skirt. She is the one who helped Okaa-san take care of you since you were a baby."

Ryusuke slowly glanced at Rin and mumbled, "Sorry."

Mikan smiled and stroked Ryusuke's hair. "Let's go then, Otou-san is waiting for us now."


It's been nine years, Natsume mused before hearing a knock on his door, he said, "Enter."

Revealed before the door were two five-year-old boys that were clinging to their mother.

As Natsume stood up, one of the boys ran towards him. "Otou-san!"

Natsume held the boy in his arms and smiled. "Have you been a good boy today, Ryusuke?"

The boy stayed silent before replying, "I'm not."

"Glad to hear that," Natsume replied.

Mikan coughed, and Natsume looked at her. "Well, he's being honest. Don't you think it's a good thing?"

When she continued staring at him, he sweat dropped. "Alright, alright…" He turned to his son. "Ryusuke, you need to stop burning Rin's skirt."

Ryusuke looked down. "Yes."

"That's my boy," Natsume and faced Mikan. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready." Mikan nodded a hum.

Together, they left the room and went to Alice Academy. The second they arrived at the academy, the twins looked at the surroundings with curiosity as their parents graduated from this academy.

"Nothing has changed," Natsume commented after he looked around, and Mikan nodded in agreement.

When they almost reached the school building, Mikan saw a brown-haired man with a pair of sapphire eyes. She ran towards the man. "Akira!"

Mikan hugged the man tightly. "I missed you. Thanks for coming."

Akira hugged her back and smiled. "I missed you, too, Mikan. And no problem."

"Uncle Akira!" Ryusuke exclaimed, running towards him.

Akira caught the boy with his arms. "Ryusuke! How have you been?"

Ryusuke smiled. "I'm fine, Uncle."

Akira turned to Ryusuki, who bowed at him in greeting. Akira nodded in reply.

"Ah! Princess Mikan, you finally came," chirped the slowly approaching Narumi-sensei.

Mikan smiled. "I'm not a princess anymore, Sensei."

"Ooops! Forgot about that." Narumi-sensei grinned and sweat dropped when he received a death glare from Natsume. He turned to Mikan. "So, Mikan-sama, have you considered our request?"

Mikan smiled. "Yes. I will accept the request because my twins will be here, too."

Narumi-sensei smiled gratefully. "I'm so glad to hear that."

"Come on, everyone is already waiting for us," Narumi-sensei gushed, and they went to the school hall for the opening ceremony.

Every student within the hall went silent instantly when a brunette walked up to the stage. The boys drooled at her while the girls admired her.

"Stupid students," Natsume growled annoyingly, and Akira, who heard this, chuckled quietly.

Natsume really couldn't stand it when guys drooled at his Mikan. Even though she already gave birth to their twins, she was still beautiful like a teenager.

"Everyone, please welcome our new teacher," Narumi-sensei began, and the students gave a loud applause.

Mikan walked to the stage and smiled at everyone. "Hello, my name is Mikan. I will become your new teacher starting tomorrow. Nice to meet you!" She then smiled at Natsume, who remained emotionless. He always kept his cold image when he was outside of his kingdom.

One of the girls followed Mikan's gaze and gasped. "Oh My God! It's the King of Hyuuga Kingdom, Natsume Hyuuga!"

The rest of the girls looked at Natsume, and they started squealing.

"Shit!" Natsume cursed under his breath, but suddenly, the girls went silent when they saw Akira.

"I-it's Akira Sakura! The Prince of Sakura Kingdom!" one of the girls exclaimed.

Akira sweat dropped. Uh-oh…

Before the girls could start approaching the two handsome guys, Ryusuke's brown eyes turned crimson and a ring of fire surrounded the four of them. Within moments, the fan girls started gossiping with each other and started talking about the twin boys, which, unknown to them, were princes of Hyuuga Kingdom. Minutes later, Ryusuki's brown eyes turned sapphire and the flames vanished.

Mikan approached them and thanked her oldest son. "Thank you, Ryusuki." She bended down at Ryusuke and tapped his nose. "Ryusuke, it's dangerous to use your fire inside this building."

Ryusuke began, "But, they—"

Mikan interrupted him by holding up her index finger and smiled at him.

Ryusuke sighed in defeat and muttered, "I'm sorry."

Mikan smiled at him. "Good boy."

She then turned to Natsume and Akira. "Come on, we will go to Central Town to have some fun."

Before leaving the hall, she looked at Narumi-sensei. "Narumi-sensei, I will leave the explanation to you."

Narumi-sensei smiled and gave her a nod. After that, Mikan and the rest walked out of the hall, leaving the confused students.

On the way to Central Town, Akira gazed at his twin. "Mikan, are you sure you about this?"

"You sound like Natsume now." Natsume, who also heard her, glared at her. Mikan chuckled before continuing, "I'm sure about this because I want to spend more time with my boys."

Akira and Natsume sighed in unison. They looked at each other and thought the same thing, Mikan will always be Mikan.

"Okaa-san! I want to eat Howalon!" Ryusuke whined.

"Okaa-san will buy it for us, so you don't have to whine like that," Ryusuki stated.

Ryusuke started, "You—"

"Alright, alright, don't fight with each other," Natsume said, stopping them from arguing. He sighed. "Good thing your mother will be here when both of you attend this academy."

Akira nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's a good thing."

"Well, come on. Let's have some fun!" Mikan exclaimed, and the rest of them smiled.


Within the school hall, all students were confused as they didn't know what was happening. One of the boys rubbed his chin. "I think I've heard the name of Mikan before."

"Of course you've heard it before. She introduced herself just now," one of his friends joked.

The boy was about to answer his friend, but Narumi-sensei clapped his hands which made all the students give their attention to him.

"My dear students, I will explain everything to you now," Narumi-sensei began, and the students went to their seats again.

Narumi-sensei smiled. "It's true that is Natsume Hyuuga, the King of Hyuuga Kingdom and Akira Sakura, the Prince of Sakura Kingdom. And the twin boys are actually the Princes of Hyuuga Kingdom."

The girls gasped as they realised the boys had the Fire Alice, just like his father Natsume Hyuuga.

Narumi-sensei began again, "All of you must know it by now, Mikan will become the DA tea—"

He was stopped by a boy that suddenly stood up from his seat. "I've got it now! But… it can't be!"

Narumi-sensei smiled. "Well? What can't be?"

"She can't be Mikan Hyuuga, the Queen of Hyuuga Kingdom," the boy said in disbelief, and the rest turned stiff.

"Stupid! She can't be that Mikan. Why would a queen become our new teacher?" a girl said as she tried to convince the others but…

"Yes. She is Mikan Hyuuga, the Queen of Hyuuga Kingdom," Narumi-sensei affirmed.

The students turned silent at once before screaming, "Whatttttttttttttt!"

All teachers sweat dropped. Narumi-sensei only smiled as he understood why the students knew little about Mikan. Since she graduated from Alice Academy, she never came out of the castle anymore, so no one knew how she looked like. Six years ago, she officially became Natsume's wife and the new queen for Hyuuga Kingdom. And the following year, she gave birth to the twins Ryusuki and Ryusuke. Both of them possessed Fire Alice and Nullification Alice, inherited from the king and the queen.

Well… Mikan is also... Narumi-sensei smiled to himself. Akira Sakura's twin sister, the Princess of Sakura Kingdom.

The End

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