A Winner is you!

627 Vs Stitch.

A/N: 627 lost his last fight against Vexen (Moonshine).

"Hey, where the hell am I?"

"Ah 627 you are being awake"

627 turned his head and saw Jumba sitting at a table full of glowing chemicals. "Jumba? What are you doing here?"

Jumba put down his work and turned around. "In last fight you inhaled chemicals that were wreaking havoc with your system. Evil genius scientist has been helping you for last several hours"

Sitting up and rubbing his stomach 627 turned towards Jumba. "Whatever, hey you got any food?"

Jumba rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry 627 but Jumba was being to busy to go and get earth food."

627 stood up and yawned. "Well that's too bad. I guess that means I'll have to go get some food myself. Hey you want me to bring you anything?"

"That is being alright 627 but evil genius must be getting back to important work. Said Jumba as he sat down at his table.

"Cool I guess that means more food for me." Walking across the room 627 reached for the door and paused. "Hey Jumba, how did I get here anyway?"

Jumba turned around as he poured chemicals form one beaker to another. "626 was bringing you here after your fight with Vexen character."

Growling loudly 627 ripped the door off it hinges and threw behind him.

Jumba threw himself to the floor as the door crashed onto the table smashing it in half and spilling the chemicals onto the floor. "Hey what is being big idea!? Said Jumba as he picked himself off the floor and saw 627 running off. Rubbing his temples Jumba sighed "Is being good thing I was not working on improved boom boom liquid for new experiment. Of course this is meaning my formula for improving Leroy's durability will not be ready for his next fight.

Running through the mall 627 laughed as he heard who he was fighting next. "Ha, that's pretty convenient! And best of all I can even kill him if I want too!

"Yeah but then what are you going to do for fun?"

627 stopped running and growled. "What the hell do you want Leroy?"

"Just to talk you out of doing something stupid."

627 glared at Leroy. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Leroy crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against a wall "Well you could kill Stitch. But don't you think it sounds more fun to torment him for the rest of his life?"

"Nope, I'm just going to kill him."

Leroy shook his head. "You're not thinking this through. If you kill Stitch you only get to do it once. But if you do other stuff like beating the crap out of him and hurting his ohana like Lilo you can pretty much do it whenever you want."

627 grabbed a hold of the fur on Leroy's chest and yanked him off his feet. "Hey! I said I'm going to kill Stitch. So if you don't want to die too, stay out of the way!" 627 dropped Leroy and kicked him in the side. "And don't think I don't know you joined the good guys anyway." Walking away 627 stopped and turned around. "Oh yeah, good luck with you next fight!" Said 627 as he walked away laughing.

Stitch turned the weapon around in his paws, "I hope this new blaster Jumba made will dehydrate 627 like he planed. I wish I didn't have to do this but I doubt 627 will listen to reason and I know I can't beat him in a fight." Clinching his paws, Stitch growled lightly "why did Jumba have to take out his laughing weakness anyway?" Stitch took a few deep breaths and relaxed his paws. "Oh well at least Jumba gave me this blaster."

The blaster flew out of Stitch's hand. "Hey, thanks for the weapon. You know I was just going to kill you, but now I think I'll dehydrate you and keep your pod as a trophy."

"That's what you think." Said Stitch as he spit acid at 627 and hit the blaster.

Tossing the melting blaster to the ground 627 smirked. "Wow I really thought you'd like that idea better. I mean yeah you'd be trapped in your pod, but hey I would have let you out every once in a while. "That way I could beat the crap out of you again!" Laughed 627. "But now it looks like I'll have to kill you after all."

"Yeah, right I'd like to see you try." Said Stitch getting into a fight pose

627 stared at Stitch for a few seconds before laughing. "Hey, that's really funny. You know I'm a lot stronger then you."

Seeing 627 distracted Stitch looked around and grabbed a nearby tree and ripped it out of the ground and threw it at 627.

627 reached up and caught the tree over his head and snapped it in half and threw them back at Stitch. "Hey, I think I broke your toy, here you better take it back. Stitch jumped on top of the first half of the tree and quickly jumped onto the second half of the tree. Landing on the back of the tree Stitch scrambled around to the top only to see 627 waiting for him. "Hey, no fair dodging!" 627's paws started to glow as he grabbed Stitch by the fur on his chest. "Let's see you dodge this!"

Stitch flew off the tree and crashed into a shop. Stitch grabbed his head in pain. "Ow, that hurt."

"Hey, that looks like it hurt a little." 627's paws started to glow again. "Don't worry though I'm sure this one will hurt a lot!"

Stitch dodged 627's plasma blast by jumping back. "Ha, Ha missed me.

627 threw a couple more balls of plasma at Stitch.

Jumping back again Stitch easily avoided the attack. Hey, I guess your aim isn't so good when you're not so close huh cousin?

627 smirked. "Actually I wasn't trying to hit you I was just backing you up so I could do this." 627 shot one more blast of plasma above Stitch's head.

Turning around Stitch dropped his ears as the plasma ball collided with a large container marked highly explosive! Stitch rocketed forward crashed through a wall and bounced off the floor coming to a stop at 627's feet.

"Cool I was hoping I'd get to use my home made bomb during this tournament. It was lucky for me that you happened to come this way."

Stitch lay on the round moaning.

"You know you should probably give up and just let me kill you now. If it's Angel your worried about don't worry I'll be sure to take real good care of her!"

Stitch jumped to his feet. "Nagga! Leave Angel alone!"

627 grinned. "Besides after I kill you I'm sure Angel will realize I'm better then you anyway. Of course if she doesn't I'll just have to make her see things my way by force!"

Stitch slammed his paw into 627's face. "If you even think of touching Angel I'll kill you myself."

Snarling loudly 627 slammed his paw into the side of Stitch face slicing a long deep gouge. Stitch yelled in pain and jumped back holding a paw to the wound on his face. 627 charged at Stitch and slammed his head into Stitch's chest. Stitch flew back and slammed into a wall. 627 quickly followed up by slamming into Stitch, knocking the air out him. 627 then grabbed Stitch by the head and slammed the back of his head in to the wall.

"Hey, how are you going to kill me if you're already dead?" Stitch tried to break free but 627 just laughed. "Hey, you know I'm stronger then you are, so I really don't see the point of you struggling." 627 held a claw up to Stitch's throat. "I think I'll just kill you now and be done with you." Stitch spit blood in 627's face. Wiping the blood off his face 627 growled loudly and smashed his fist into Stitch's stomach a few time causing Stitch to yell in pain. "On second thought I'm going to beat the crap out of you some more." 627 let Stitch drop to to the ground. Stitch started to get when 627 kicked him in the face. Stitch's head snapped back and blood started to pour out of his nose and run down his face and onto his chest. 627 pointed at Stitch's chest. "Hey you're getting a lot of blood in your fur. "You should probably take care of that before it stains."

627 picked Stitch up by the legs and spun around slamming Stitch's head into the wall before letting him go. "Opps sorry about that, I guess I was a little too closeto the wall." Yelled 627 sarcastically.

Stitch sailed through the air and crashed down into a fountain. groaning in pain Stitch started to get up when 627 jumped on top of his chest.

"Hey that's great! I didn't think you'd actually listen to me." Stitch struggled get up. "Oh, opps I guess it's kinda hard for you to get up when I'm standing on you huh?" 627 reached down and picked Stitch up. "Hey, you still have a lot of blood in your fur. I guess you need a deep cleaning to get rid of it all. Why don't you let me help you with that."

Stitch flew through the air and slammed into the bottom of a deep pool. Stitch looked around. "Crap I've got to find a way out or I'm going to drown! Wait maybe I can use my claws to climb out." Stitch turned around and dug his claws into the side of the pool and started to climb out.

"Hey that looks like a lot of work. Hmm, well I guess I could help you one more time." Stitch shot out of the water and slammed into the roof "Opps looks like I used to much force, it's been a while sense I used my telekinesis power. But hey at least you're out of the water now!" Stitch tried to break free form the ceiling but was unable to move. "Oh, opps sorry I guess you're still stuck up there. Don't worry I'll get you down quickly."

Stitch shot down and slammed the floor hard enough to crack it. 627 walked over and knelt besides Stitch. "Hey, that really had to hurt!"

Stitch lay on the floor barley moving. "Hey what's wrong? Aren't you having fun?" Asked 627 sarcastically. "You know if you're not having any fun I guess I better stop playing with you."

627 grabbed Stitch by the head and slammed his face into the floor. "But then again I'm having a great time so why stop now?" 627 kicked Stitch in the side causing Stitch to grab his side in pain.

Wrapping his paws around Stitch's neck 627 lifted Stitch off the ground and started to strangle him. "Hey isn't it kinda of funny how even though were almost indestructible we still need to breath?"

Stitch hit 627 in the face with his claws. 627 snarled and threw Stitch onto a wall and incased him in ice from the chest down. 627 slipped his paws around Stitch's neck "Well I've really enjoyed kicking the crap out of you, but I'm getting bored with this, so I'm just going to kill you now. Hmm then again I could let you live just long enough to see me kill Lilo. 627 extended an extra paw to his chin. "Nah I'll just kill you now." "Besides it'll be just as fun showing Lilo your dead body anyway. 627 laughed as Stitch's body went limp.

"Stitch noooo!"

627 turned around an evil grin spreading across his face.