Summary: A thunderstorm makes Ginji giddy. Looks like Ban won't get much sleep.

Pairing: GinjiBan, steady relationship.

Warnings: slashy undertones?

Made this one up during a class. My teacher must hate me by now. Enjoy.

Ginji looked outside as the rain continued to pour down. The lightning had yet to arrive, but he figured it would not be long until it did come. He could feel it in his body, the electric current running through his veins.

Ban shifted in the bed and Ginji looked down at him. The brunette shivered as the blanket had slid down from his lean frame and the blonde pulled it up again. Ban opened his eyes slightly and looked up at his lover, who was propped up on his elbow.

"What are you doing?" he asked the blonde.

"Watching you", Ginji answered with a smile and stroke the man's cheek.


"Because you're beautiful", the blonde said. "Go back to sleep; thunder is coming."

The Jagan-user groaned and burrowed his head in the pillow. Ginji chuckled and brought the brunette closer to him. He let his fingers trace down so he could feel Ban's heart beat. It was a calm rhythm, and comforting. Ginji splayed his hand over Ban's chest, drawing the sound in. The brunette's eyelids fell close and soon the slightly smaller man was asleep.

When the first set of thunder came, Ginji shivered. The power was surging through him and he began feeling light-headed. His hand travelled over his lover's body, his mouth soon following. Ban turned to his back and took a deep breath. Blue eyes fluttered open just to shut close as Ginji bit onto one of his nipples. The brunette moaned quietly, arching his body into Ginji's touch. The blonde turned Ban over to his back and pressed himself against the lean body. He dragged off their shirts and let them fall to the floor. The Jagan-user looked up at him and Ginji stroke the back.

"What are you doing?" Ban whispered.

"I'm feeling… giddy, that's all", Ginji whispered back and massaged the other man's shoulders. "I won't hurt you or anything, so just relax."

The brunette looked oddly at him when the lightning struck again. He looked outside and gasped as Ginji pressed up against him.

"You're more than just giddy", the Jagan-user panted.

"You want me to stop?"

"… No."

Ginji grinned and Ban gulped a bit; looks like sleep this night was not to be expected.


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