Hi, this is my first fan fic so please be patient with me. Sorry this first chapter is very short but it is just the intro. Chap 2 is up and is longer. Please bear with me. Thanx

Can you break through?

The bell above the shop signalled a new entrant. Shannon groaned and pulled himself away from his conversation with Jeff,

"Who the hell is that, it's lunchtime"

Shannon made his way through his shop towards the front counter. He wasn't in the mood for visitors today; he hadn't seen Jeff in weeks, since the suspension and he missed their little chats. Looking up to see who had interrupted his quality time with his best mate, Shannon encountered a pair of emerald eyes so clear they reminded him of the ocean. On further inspection, these eyes were framed by shoulder length jet black hair and full pink lips. He had no idea who this stranger was, but she had him mesmerized with one look.

The slight cough she gave brought him to his senses.

"Um…h-hi" he stuttered. Pull yourself together Shan, he reprimanded.

"How can I help?"

"I'm H.. um Heather, well H really, nobody calls me by my real name" she babbled "I'm here for the interview, we spoke on the phone"

At this pause in the conversation, Shannon knew he should be saying something, but the butterflies in his stomach seemed to be rendering him temporarily mute.

"Nice to meet you H" a deep voice came from behind Shannon "Don't mind Shan.. he forgets his manners sometimes" Jeff said.

H laughed at this and offered her hand in greeting. Jeff returned the compliment and motioned to the back room "Come through, I'll put the kettle on".

Shannon, realising that he needed to move, shook himself out of his reverie and shuffled to the doorway that Jeff and H had just disappeared through.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, number 2 is up also. Please read x