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Matt stood with Morgan in the back yard of Matt's home nervously awaiting news, it had been over an hour since anyone had heard from Jeff, Shannon or Danielle.

"Dammit, what the hell's taking so long?"

"I don't know Matt, I don't know"

"Somethings wrong Morgan, I just know it"

"Let's not jump to conclusions Matt. Jeff would have called if he needed help, they are probably just talking through their differences...all we can hope is that they can work it out"

"God I hope so...if you ask me they need their heads banging together"

Matt's head jerked forward with the force of the slap to the back of it, turning sharply, fists raised he encountered the face of his best friend.

"How many times have I gotta tell ya'll to quit yapping about me when you think I ain't here?"

"SHANNON! You gotta stop doing that man! So?"

Shannon took a long drink from his beer before answering Matt, he had wanted to tease the two men and make them wait, but the excitement was just too much for him, he couldn't hold back any longer.


"Come on man...don't leave us hanging, what happened..did you get it sorted or what?"

Shannon's face fell and his eyes dropped to the floor, Matt's heart sank in his chest as the realisation hit that they were about to go through this all over again, Matt took a step forward to comfort the younger man, but it was Morgan he broke the silence.

"For Christs sake, that girl is so stubborn! Throwing a good thing like this away over some silly comments made in the heat of the moment"

Morgan's words were stilled as he felt the hand smack the back of his head.

"I gotta agree with Shannon here Morgan, you two need to learn to make sure the person you're ragging on ain't in the vicinity before you open your cakehole!"

"Danni!" What the...I thought...we thought that...what the hell is going on here?"

A smile began to dance on Danielle's lips as she looked from Morgan and Matt to Shannon and the new entrant Jeff, taking paces forward, Danielle reached her arms around Shannon's neck before pulling him down into a passionate kiss, finally coming up for air, Shannon manouvered Danielle around in front of him, pressing his chest to her back.

"You didn't really give us a chance to explain guys...I did some begging...in fact I did a lot of begging..and luckily for me, Danni gave me another chance"

"YES!! I'm so glad you two are back together, Danni...you have no idea how happy you've made him...just one thing though.."

"What's that Matt?"

"Can you two like...never argue again...I don't think I can take Shannon heartbroken again"

Danielle giggled softly and turned her head slightly to allow Shannon access to nuzzle on the soft skin of her neck.

"So it took a long time for him to talk you around then?"

"What makes you say that Morgan?"

"Danni, you were gone for over an hour!"

Shannon chuckled lightly and leaned down to whisper something into his lovers earmaking Danielle blush, Jeff stepped in to save either of the lovebirds any further embarrasment.

"I think it might have something to do with um...Danielle having to change her clothes, she was um..kind of sweaty after running all the way home from here"

Shannon laughed at Jeff's attempt to over their tracks.

"Yeah, something like that..and we had some serious making up to do"

Danielle noticing the shocked look on Morgan's face, quickly corrected the confusion.

"It's not what you're thinking Morgan, what do you take me for! No, that can wait for a while...until the time is right"

Stunned into silence, the small group stood and stared around them at the drunken debouchery that appeared to be taking place all over the yard. Appearing to have remembered something, Jeff broke off from the group gesturing for them to follow him through into the house.

"Before we all get started on this party, I wanna know what was in the package you brought Danni"

Handing the package to Shannon, Jeff leant back against the dining table and smiled. Shannon opened it and slid out a sheet of thick white card.

"What's this Danni?"

"Read it Shannon and find out"

Shannon turned the card over and read out loud;

Turn me around and lift my top

Let your eyes roam down until they stop

Please don't misunderstand the placing,

You're not behind me

I had this cursive simply to remind me

Shannon glanced at Danielle, confusion written all over his face.

"Do what it says Shannon"

Turning his pretty lover so she was facing away, Shannon carefully raised the fabric of Danielle's black vest. His breath caught in his throat as he spied the black italics sitting atop the waistband of Danielle's hipster jeans. Tracing the letters wth his finger, he read the words aloud to no-one in particular 'You complete me'.

"Do you like it Shannon?"

Danielle was spun around into Shannon's warm embrace, his mouth finding hers.

"I can't believe you got a tattoo for me"

"For us Shannon, for us...I wanted to show you how much you mean to me...I love you with all my heart Sparky, this tattoo is a permanant reminder of that...I want to spend the rest of my life with you...so I got this as a way of telling you that every day"

With tears in his eyes, Shannon took in a long shaky breath, looking into Danielle's eyes, his mind made up, he knew at that moment that this was the woman he wanted to be with forever.

"Danni...I love you, you know that"

Danielle nodded and smiled, she felt lke her heart was about to burst, this day couldn't get any better...well maybe if someone handed her a cold beer...but that aside, this was truly the stuff of dreams.

"I want to be with you every day of my life, I want you to be the last person I see before I go to sleep and the first as I wake, I wanna share everything with you, no matter how trivial...I want to be your lover, your confidante, your support and most of all your best friend"

Danielle eyes were clouded with tears, but she could see enough to notice Shannon taking her hand as he fell to his knee.

"Danielle Landon...I love you baby, please make me the happiest man on this earth...marry me?"

Shannon could hear his heart beat in his chest as he waited for the answer, his eyes closed, he didn't notice how close Dabielle had gotten to him, until he heard her sweet voice in his ear, her voice cracking slightly, he could just make out the words.

"Can I keep you forever and ever? Yes...yes I'll marry you!"

Shannon's eyes flung open as he lifted Danielle off her feet and swung her around, hooking her legs aroung his waist, Danielle leant back and swept a stray strand of black and blonde hair from Shannon's face before placing a heated kiss upon his lips.

"Uh hmmm...hello...um hi...yeah, sorry to interrupt, but we didn't get to hear the answer"

Matt whacked his brother playfully around the back of his head.

"Duh...obviously it was a yes Jeffrey Nero Hardy, God you can be so blonde sometimes!"

'Duh..I know that Matthew..but I wanna know what she said" Jeff whined.

"I said..."

And Danielle leant forward and whispered into Jeff's ear, backing away she noticed the tears glistening in his eyes.

"Ah Jeff, you're such a sensitive sweetheart"

Matt extended his hand toward Shannon, Shannon placed Danni onto her feet and pulled the older brother into a hug.

"Congratulations man, you got a good one there"

Jeff's face lit up as he remembered the reason for his frantic planning for this day, his intuition was right, suddenly far too excited to keep it to himself any longer he beckoned Morgan and Matt away from the couple.

"Morgan, you remember why you're here?"

"Well I can hardly forget after what's just happened can I? How did you know?"

"I didn't...I just wished for it. Do ya think we should tell them? What if they don't want to do it today?"

"Well that's just a chance we will have to take little brother...I think you should be the one to tell them"

Jeff all but danced over to his two friends, currently engaged in a very passionate embrace, Jeff had to cough very loudly to gain their attention.

"Sorry to interrupt guys..listen I know you've only been engaged for like...four minutes...but how quickly do you guys wanna cement this relationship?"

"Jeff, what are you on about?"

"Shannon, Danielle...please don't be mad at me cause I was only trying to help...The minute Danni phoned me and told me how she couldn't live without you and that she was planning on flying halfway around the world to try and win you back...well the romantic in me took over...and I guess that maybe I've been a little presumptuous here...but I took the liberty of...well I kind of organised..with the help of Morgan and Matt...I took it upon myself to.."

"Jeff, for Christ's sake man, spit it out"

"Just come look and you'll see what I mean"

Confused, Shannon and Danielle followed Jeff as requested towards the front of the house, through the front door and around the side of the house, the young couple glanced at each other as Jeff indicated a clearing through the trees surrounding the house. Making their way through into the opening, Shannon and Danielle could only gasp at the sight that was before them. Jeff turned to face them and spoke.

"I was kinda hoping that you'd get to this point...you two are so in love and I wanted to do something special for you...you don't have to do this today if it's too soon..it's your choice, but either way...this is my gift to you"

Danielle glanced at Shannon, a questioning look in her eyes, Shannon beamed back at her and nodded his head. Jeff found himslf on the receiving end of the greatest hug he'd ever encountered, feeling Danielle's tears wetting his neck, Jeff awaited her reaction.

"Jeff...you set this up..all of this, on the off chance that Shannon would propose or that I would propose to him?"

Jeff nodded and looked over her shoulder at his childhood friend, Shannon smiled at him and nodded his head, approaching quickly Shannon kissed the top of Danielle's head.

"Let's do this...you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready...it would be a shame to ruin all Jeff's plans"

Jeff breathed a sigh of relief and ran back towards the house to spread the word, he needed to tell the assembled crowd that they had a service to attend, Morgan had his job to do as a stand in for Danielle's late father and he could finally let the vicar out of the spare room, now that he knew they would need him.

Danielle turned to Shannon and kissed the tip of his nose, Shannon smiled down at his fiancee and whispered in her ear.

"How long will the ceremony take do ya think?"

"Why? That eager to make me your wife?"

"Oh God yes, I wanna marry you more than anything in the world and this is perfect"

Shannon gestured towards the rows of neatly arranged chairs and the flowers littering the aisle way that lead to the most spectacular arch he had ever seen, rose petals were scattered liberally and a banner fixed to the trees read 'Congratulations Sparky and Shorty...from your loving family', Jeff really went all out on this one, and for once, his dizzy friend had got it just right. Turning back to face Danielle, Shannon trailed kisses up her neck and throat before finally claiming her mouth, kissing her with so much passion it made her dizzy.

"But the way I figure it, the sooner we're married, the sooner we can get on with...extending our little family. I know I can't replace the family you lost Danni, but I can sure as hell bless you with another"

Danielle wiped the tears from her face and leant her forehead against Shannon's. Looking up into his eyes, she knew that all her dreams had come true in that moment. Shannon had done the unthinkable and broken through her barriers.

"Well let's get on with this wedding then Mr Moore, when it's official and the party is over...you can lead the way.."


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