"Alice!" I yelled from the car to Alice, who was still trying to fit all of her shoes in her suitcase. "We're going to be late!" I sighed, knowing it was no use once Alice got her mind made up. On the other hand… I thought…"Hey Alice! Come on, we can just buy more shoes in Kingston!"

"Oh! You're right! I heard there are some wonderful shops and malls just a few minutes away from the mountain!" I sighed. I had bought some time for now, but this meant there was more shopping coming up. Great, I thought to myself. As if we don't have enough clothes already…

Alice, along with Rosalie Hale, had been my best friends for as long as I can remember. Our parents were best friends before we were born, and it was only natural that the three of us became friends as well. After graduating from our local middle school, our parents were sending us all to Kingston Prep Academy, a boarding school at the base of Mt. Kingston, the largest ski resort on the East coast.

Rose, Alice, and I had being skiing since before we could walk, and we were all thrilled to get the chance to go skiing everyday as a part of high school. Alice and I were flying up to Vermont today, while Rose was already at the slopes, visiting her cousin Jasper, a sophomore at Kingston Prep.

I had only met Jasper a few times when we were younger, but I do remember him being sweet and kind of shy, but he was always nice. I did hear something about him playing golf for the school, as apparently he consistently shot under par, whatever that meant. I think it means that he's really good, but I could be wrong.

"It's about time!" I exclaimed, as Alice poked through the front door, dragging multiple bags behind her. Alice, a short girl with spiky jet black hair, was exceptionally strong. It was always amazing to see her carrying loads of shopping bags.

Alice was the exuberant one of us. She is always ready to go, and by that I mean ready to shop. Every outfit is designer, every new house with a bigger closet than before.

Rose was practically a goddess. With long blonde hair and curves at all the right places, Rose made anyone's self esteem drop just by looking at her. But with Rose, looks are deceiving. She is obsessed with cars, not a fact anyone would know by just looking at her.

As for me, I just a plain-Jane. I was medium height, with brown hair and eyes. You see? I was boring.

I checked the back of my newly redone sports car, compliments of Rose, to make sure I had my things. Once Alice, with some difficulty, was done getting her bags to fit in the trunk, she hoped in the front seat and we were ready to leave our small town of Forks behind.

"Let's role!" Alice cried, just as excited as I was to get to the airport. "Oh, and remind me when we get to Vermont to call the shipping company. I want to make sure my bags will arrive on time."

I sighed once again. Alice, not being allowed to take all of her bags on the airplane, had shipped the majority of her clothes to the academy. She only took the "necessities," but for Alice that meant 4 large suitcases.

As soon as we got to the airport and checked in with our gate, we called Rose to let her know when to pick us up in Vermont.

"Hey Rose!" We yelled into the phone once Rose picked up.

"Hey guys!" we heard her squeal, her voice telling us that she had missed us just as much as we missed her. "When is the flight coming in?"

"Well we're just about to board the plane now, so it should get in at about noon your time." I replied back to Rose as Alice read me the information off our tickets.

"Oh, um, that might be a problem. I thought you guys were getting here later, so I kind of made plans with Jasper for lunch."

"Um, that's okay…" I replied slowly, thinking of what we could do. "I guess we can just take a cab into-"

"Nonsense!" Rose cut me off. "I'll just get Jasper's friends to pick you guys up! Hang on a minute, I'll go ask them."

I turned away from the phone, letting Alice know what was going on as we got up to board the plane.

"Okay! Everything is all set! They'll meet you at the airport at noon! Oh, I have to get going," Rose said, her pace picking up. "I see you girls soon!" she said. I stated to talk to her again, but realized she had already hung up.

I sighed and thought for a minute as we buckled into our seats. I had no idea who was picking us up or what they looked like, so this might be quite the experience.

"Oww!" I yelped in surprise, clutching my finger after I had caught my finger in the zipper of my knapsack. That's the other thing about me, I am practically the queen of klutziness, or a magnet for trouble and danger, as Rose puts it.

I heard Alice cackling quietly behind me. I twisted my neck around just long enough to glare at her, which only made her laugh more. There was just no escaping the laughter I suppose.

"Oh Bella Bella Bella… lets try to make it through the day with a trip to the emergency room, okay?" Alice chimed, shaking her head.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are 2nd on the list for departure, so please return your seats and trays to the upright and locked position. We will be landing in Vermont in a little over four hours. Relax, and enjoy your flight."

Oh fun! I thought as my seat was kicked by a screaming kid in the row behind me. Four more hours of torture…

I fell asleep quickly after taking off, despite the earthquake like feeling in my seat. I started to wake up as we made our descent into Vermont. I peered out of the window, leaning over a sleeping Alice. I saw countless mountains, the peaks with nothing but snow. This was going to be amazing.

We make our landing, gathered up our bags, and started heading up the ramp and into the airport.

"EMMETT!" We heard someone holler, despite the crowded airport. I looked at the person yelling. My breathing hitched as I started right into a pair of gorgeous emerald eyes.

"GIVE ME BACK MY SHOES RIGHT NOW!" he yelled again, chasing down a boy that looked to be his age, I'm guessing Emmett. Emmett was darting around groups of families with a pair of Nikes in his hand.

"AhhH!" I screamed, tripping over Emmett's large shoes. I clamped my eyes shut, bracing for the impact. At the last second, I felt myself being jerked up, my face never meeting the floor. I slowly opened my eyes. My breathing hitched once again, as I started up into the most perfect green eyes.

"Sorry about that!" Emmett came back over. "It just seems like my friend here just can't take a joke!" He stated, while the green-eyed boy glared at him.

"Sorry about him," the green-eyed guy spoke, his eyes locked on mine. I saw Alice crack a smile next to me. "I'm Edward, and this fool is my friend Emmett." He spoke once again, grabbing his shoes out of a smiling Emmett.

"Oh, um, it's no problem!" I stuttered, knowing my cheeks were their famous bright red colour.

"What brings you to Vermont?" Edward asked, turning to me once again.

"We're going to Kingston Prep, we're supposed to getting picked up by some guys shortly." Alice chirped up, stepping closer to Edward and I.

Edward cocked his head to the side slightly, making him look even more adorable, if that was possible. "Bella and Alice?" he asked, pronouncing our names slowly.

I gulped, nodding my head slowly. "Jasper sent Emmett and I to pick you girls up." He smiled, his smile slightly crooked. We took our bags and headed out the ramp, Emmett asking us questions the entire way.

We walked out to the parking garage, where Emmett led us to a massive jeep"Let me take those for you" Edward smiled, taking my bags and tossing them effortlessly into the trunk.

"Ohh I want to get a good view of the shops! I call shot gun!" Alice cried, dashing up into the passenger seat. Emmett climbed in the driver's seat, while Edward held the back door open for me.

"Thanks." I said to Edward, my heart pounding as I slid past him. His hand brushed against mine accidentally as I climbed in, my breath hitching once again. I blushed. This was going to be a long car ride.