The life with an Arrancar

Summary: After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo (and Rukia) take Nel with them to the real world…. (SEQUEL to 'Private Kidou Practise') Ichi+Rukia, Inoue+Ishida, Hits+Hina+Karin

Spoilers: up to manga 315

Rating: K+ (but may change in the following chapters)

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The battle was finally over, but the war was not. Aizen has almost succeeded in destroying Karakura Town and producing the Royal Key, if it hadn't been for the exiled Shinigami – Uruhara, Yourishi and Kurosaki Isshin – and the help of the Vizards and the Quincy, who defended the transferred town and Soul Society, while all captains and vize-captains were occupied in the real world or stuck in Hueco Mundo.

What nobody except Jinta and Ururu knew, was that Kurosaki Karin, who secretly studied Kidou, helped to fight some minor hollows off, which saw their chances in easy meals when the portal between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society was open.

Karin's gaze travelled over the debris of the playground and came to a hold at the fallen over slide, behind which her twin was hiding together with Kon. "Yuzu, you can come out! It's over!" The blond crept away from the slide holding the plush lion and was immediately joined by Jinta, who looked her up and down.

"Are you alright, Yuzu-chan?" worry was evident on the red head's face.

"Yeah, thanks, Jinta-kun." Yuzu faced her sister. "I just don't understand why I'm the only one, who can't see ghosts or those monsters?!" Sulking she blew up her cheeks. "I mean last week, when we found that book, I was able to see it and all…"

Karin placed her hand on her sister's shoulder, secretly glad, that she wasn't able to join the fight. "Dunno. You wasn't able to see the book in the beginning, just after that light…. It's almost like-"

"like you recharged Yuzu-nee-chan with your reiatsu." concluded Kon and jumped out of the blond's arms. "And now, her recharged energy is used up…"

"Is something like this possible?"

"I've no idea." Jinta was shoved away from Yuzu by her sister, who just said: "Anyway, the battle seems to be over and Ichi-nii might return soon, so let's head home. The old man will wonder where we are and I have to get that cut bandaged." Karin pressed her left hand on the lightly bleeding wound on her right upperarm. "And I need a new shirt, before beard-head sees this and makes a fuss about nothing."

"That's not nothing, Karin. I will take care of you as soon as we are in the clinic." Yuzu watched her sister gather up her weapon – her soccer ball – and both turned to leave. "Kon-kun, c'mon. We will finally have time to play tea party again!"

Shocked and frightened the plush lion jumped, run towards Ururu and hid behind her feet. "You loony, I already told you to stop this madness! Don't ever come near me again!" After a moment he added. "I will never come home with you again, you crazy chick!"

Yuzu looked like she would start to cry any minute, so Karin faced the toy. "Fine, but then I will tell Ichi-nii you were the one who made that hole in his wall and that's the reason you run away."

"Liar! You were the one!"

"Whom do you think Ichi-nii will believe?" Karin got that evil sparkle in her eyes.

Sighing Kon gave up and followed the twins. "Fine, you won. But the hole 'n all is a secret. And I will never ever play with Yuzu-nee-chan again!"

"Shall I accompany you home, Yuzu-chan?" Jinta asked while a blush colored his cheeks.

"No need, baka!" answered the black haired Kurosaki and quickened her step.

Yuzu on the other hand turned around and winked both her friends goodbye. "Bye, Ururu-chan, Jinta-kun."


"Damnit! Those bastards got away!" Ichigo was furious. They had finally freed Inoue and killed many Arrancars, but many Espada and the three traitors got away.

"That doesn't matter, Kurosaki. We accomplished our mission and we are all still alive." As soon as Ishida's words have left his lips his gaze fell upon the crying Arrancar toddler Nel. "Almost everyone." He added with a whisper.

Instantly the anger of the orange haired shinigami subsided and his sad expression centred on the little girl. Renji saw this and though he always showed the taff guy, he had a soft heart and cared a lot. "What are we going to do with her, Ichigo. We can hardly leave her here, all alone."

"I promised Pessh to take care of Nel and bring her as far away from battles as possible." Kurosaki answered, contemplating the options. "She's a traitor to her kind and isn't safe here…"

"Ichigo, you don't have in mind to take her with you to the real world!" But Rukia already knew his answer. "Baka, she is an Arrancar! She is dangerous!"

"She is a little girl with no one to take care of her. She has no family. And by the way, she saved my life and risked her own one! I just can't leave her here, Rukia!" Ichigo and Rukia were face to face, a starring contest in full progress. After a while Rukia turned away, crossed her arms and snorted. "Fine, do whatever you want! But when she eats your family don't come crying to me!"

Meanwhile Kuchiki Byakuya had finished his report to Soul Society and gave new orders. "Karakura Town's transferre back to the real world will be completed in 13 hours. All shinigami are ordered to return to Soul Society at once, except for Kuchiki Rukia, who will remain in Karakura Town to assist the Substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and have an eye on the Arrancar." With that said he signalled his vize-captain to open the gate to Soul Society, who instantly obeyed.

Renji watched his superiors leave the Hollow world. He approached his childhood friend and secret love with a rueful face. "Rukia, be careful."

"Don't make such a face, Renji. Orders are orders and someone has to have an eye on that baka!" Rukia had her usual smirk on the lips.

"Yeah, right!" Before he said his goodbye to the other Ryoka, he neared Ichigo. "Take good care of Rukia!"

The orange head returned the sly smile of his friend. "Always."


Ichigo kneed in front of the still crying girl. His hand patted on her skulled head, finally getting her attention. "Nel? Do you want to come with me?"

Those words needed a moment to sink in and the tears instantly stopped. "Itsygo want Nel coming wis him to Soul Society?"

"Not to Soul Society. To the real world. If you want you can stay with me and Rukia at my family's house, so you won't be alone." After a moment he added. "But you won't eat any souls there – no dead or living ones. Deal?"

The girl's reaction was a tackle to the shinigami's chest, burring her tearstained face in his robes. "Itsygo will take care of Nel?!"

Hugging the little child warmly Ichigo replied. "I take this as a yes!" He lifted her up into his arms and followed his friends through the portal home.


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