The life with an Arrancar

Summary: After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo (and Rukia) take Nel with them to the real world…. (SEQUEL to 'Private Kidou Practise') Ichi+Rukia, Inoue+Ishida, Hits+Hina+Karin

Spoilers: up to manga 315

Rating: T

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With a jump-kick to his son's stomach, Isshin woke is first born up. "A young man shouldn't oversleep the whole day!"

"Ahhh! Are nuts?!" Ichigo blocked the second attack.

"Is this a way to talk to your loving father?!"

"What father, kills his son during sleep?!"

Isshin took the blanket and whipped the teen with it. "Caring one!" Ichigo caught the other end of the cover and brought it to his body, but his father pulled with all his strength causing the shinigami to meet the hard floor. Then he tossed the blanket over his son's spread body and left the room.


Shortly after the assault Ichigo was dressed and looking for Nel downstairs. To his horror the girl was behind his coffee drinking father, who boiled water for instant ramen – or at least he tried. Every time he switched the stove on and turned his back to the cooking pot Nel turned it back off.

"Ah, son, you finally awake!" The old man reapproached the cooking device, scratching the back of his neck. "Oh, boy, the stove seems to be broken. The water just doesn't want to boil!"

"Why are you cooking anyway? Where's Yuzu?" Ichigo neared Nel and caught her hand before she reached the stove again.

"Monin', Itsygo!" Nel's toothless grin beamed on her face.

"The girls are still sleeping. They need their rest!"

"What?! Why did you wake me then?"

"Why not!" silently the older man added in his mind. 'Parents have to get up early. He has to learn that.' He watched his son pulling the girl behind him into the livingroom and couldn't resist. "Ichigo, what's wrong with your shoulder? Your left arm hangs down so strange?"

Caught the orange head massaged with his free hand his 'injured' shoulder. "Just a cramp. Must be from you waking me!"

"Oh, my dearest son! You are so weak. I have to wake you every morning!" He called behind the leaving Ichigo.

When he finally reached his room, Ichigo sat Nel onto his bed and sank on his desk chair. "Nel, why did you do that?! I told you to stay away from my father!"

"U sait only Yusu may uz se stove! Nel just listenin' Itsygo!"

Sighing the teen remembered his words. "Yeah, right. …. Ok, new rule: My father may do anything he wants. It is fine, when he uses the stove, knives and scissors. But YOU won't use ANYTHING without permission. Understood?"

Nel's eyes had already caught sight of the chocolate, Isshin had put on the desk before his attack. "K'." Her small hands were reaching for the sweets by now.


A/N: I know this was really short, but I'm already writing on the SEQUEL to this story. It's called 'Unfolding the Truth' and is about the Kurosaki kids finally finding out about their father's true identity. Nel is in there of course. In chapter 4 there is a little Ichigo-Nel-father-daughter-bonding.

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