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What's about the story. It's my first one that I decided to publish, since I've been rather much more of a reader last years to FF. The title is after awesome Scarface's song "Girl You Know" from soundtrack. I really tried to erase all the errors, as English is not my native language, but I might have left something. Any suggestions are welcome. I hope you like it.

Usually Andie would never be happy to get up for school. Usually she would hate the fact that she has to go to school on Monday. Or any other day for that matter. While lying still in bed, listening to annoying alarm-clock she would curse at the whole MSA school with it's director on top of it. She used to think she didn't fit in there, she used to think that MSA was the last thing that kept her in town.

Fortunately it was Monday morning, she was about to leave home for school, and was everything but angry or sad about it. Because of her dance crew there, everything seemed to be different now and life was just about to become settled. The whole happiness beaming from her wasn't just because of staying at Arts School or winning The Streets competition. After many years of chaos in her private life she had perspectives for some healthy interest from a guy that she was interested in too.

She got up from her bed in order to find some clothes and wondered how this happened that she stopped being scared of showing her feelings. After all, her earlier personal issues were rather weighty.

'The problem is' she thought 'that it's been already two days since The Streets happened and Chase kissed me. From then he haven't given me any sign of life. Has he changed his mind about me?' asked herself Andie during packing her bag and then walking downstairs.

Sarah was in the kitchen already cooking some breakfast. As she saw Andie show up she asked her truly surprised "Why up so early?". Andie sat down at the table and grabbed some toast.

"I'm just glad to be back, you know?" she answered while playing with fork in her food. Sarah felt the immediate change in Andie's mood.

"Is something troubling you?" Sarah set the question as she sat on the chair next to Andie.

"I... There's this boy from our crew. We kissed at the competition and since then he hasn't spoken to me... Just wondering if he regrets what it."

Andie looked up at Sarah only to find her smiling at her.

"Honey, is this the boy that took your friends that evening here?"


"From his words, that I've heard then, I can easily learn that he cares about you greatly. I guess you two need some talking. Go now, find him before lessons start." said Sarah.

"I guess." Andie answered apparently unconvinced. She said goodbyes to Charlie and Sarah and left to catch a bus.

At school the first person that she met was Moose. Andie greeted him happily as he hugged her.

"You won't believe me!" he cried out loud. "Our final dance is in the Web. Everyone from school is talking about us!"

Andie laughed. "Yeah, yeah. Guess you're happy to be extra famous now, aren't you?"

"Hey, it's not like I wasn't before that." Moose winked.

"By the way, have you seen Chase?" Andie asked him, looking around. Moose smiled at her, suspicions popping out in his head.

"No, sorry. I heard from Sophie, who talked to director Collins, that he might come later today. Dunno why. Are you two up to something?"

Andie wouldn't know why but she wasn't ready to talk about it with Moose before she had conversation with Chase. "No, nothing. He just crossed my mind." She said while shrugging and trying to remove emotions from her behaviour. "I'll talk to him later."

After a couple of hours later she had at last dance class. Looking around the hall she spotted Chase, who's been talking to Blake. Andie couldn't see his face but she was able to notice that Blake was worried. She walked over to the group and sat quietly at the floor. That's when the mental fight inside of her started. Was she supposed to be the first to start conversation with Chase? Or rather act like nothing happened? Lovesick girl or Ice Queen? Love or Ice? As she was thinking, the two brothers stopped talking and the lesson have started. She caught a glimpse of Chase's face and realized he wasn't looking great, like he always did. Sure, for Andie, he would be attractive all the time, but he looked different now.

What made Andie more confused was the fact that while dancing with the group she tried to catch Chases eye and she never succeeded at that. After 30 minutes she gave up. She had mess in her head. Why was he acting like this?

She was so deep in her thoughts that she hasn't realized that after the lesson, while packing her bag again, Chase came to her. He was close, but not too close.

"Er. Hey." he started clumsily.

"Hi." Andie answered not looking up at him, imitating working on her boots.

"Andie is something wrong?" Chase asked and her head immediately shot up.

"Nothing Chase, nothing besides my foolishness and childish faith. I guess I'm not enough to tempt a lady man."

There it is. She said that. She was mean. Go project Ice Queen.

Chase looked more confused than she felt.

"Can I drive you home?" was the only thing that came out from his mouth. 'You mean rather drive me crazy'. Andie thought.

"Chase, seriously, you ain't deaf..."

"Can I?" he asked again looking around nervously.

Andie couldn't figure out what was he up to. She did agree hesitantly. They were walking down the hallways remaining silent when she felt his hand on hers. Looking up at him she noticed he was trying to hide a smile. Then she heard cat-noises and whispering from crowd, that both of them were passing by. Just when they were about to walk out through the main doors she heard Moose call her name.

"Hey Andie, Chase! Where are you going?" shouted Moose who's been running after them. "Are we meeting today with the crew?"

"No. Not today Moose." Chase answered for Andie and almost dragged her over the doorstep. Moose stood completely surprised to see them leave school in such a rush, hand-in-hand.

Andie and Chase stopped beside his car. But Chase just released her hand and kept standing, looking at her.

"So... What does it mean?" she asked him simply.

"I'm really sorry Andie." he blurted out. "It's just that Blake slipped out accidentally to my parents what I've been doing recently and they wouldn't leave me alone. And then I caught this cold and the only thing I could think of was sleep."

"What? You're sick?" she asked worried.

"It's nothing, really, I'm almost good now."

"Was it because of dancing in the rain?"

"Maybe, nevermind Andie." he looked away pretty embarrassed.

"Men." she said while rolling her eyes and then she started to laugh. "Chase Collins, you didn't want to show that your health is poor..."

"My health is just fine. It's my parents that treat me like I'm flippin' two. Nevermind, I can bear them and I can bear Blake. This is not what I wanted to talk to you about." He went serious.

'Here it goes' she thought as she leaned her back at the wall of the school.

"What I'm trying to say is that I don't know what our kiss meant and the whole time I'm going crazy with hoping that you might share my feelings." said Chase while leaning over her.

"Great way to show your feelings acting like I don't exist." she murmured faking the anger. She hoped she would get him into more talking.

"C'mon, Andie. I still don't feel too well and at his class I was focused on being angry with Blake. I think I've fallen for you since I've set my eyes on you for the first time. Forgive me." he murmured as he buried his head in her neck and kissed it slightly. She smiled to herself.

"Okay." was her only response. He looked up happily and was about to kiss her, when he stopped himself.

"Oh, I'm sorry I can't kiss you, sunshine. We don't want you to get this cold from me. You have to be in great shape and health." He teased her. She grabbed him by his t-shirt, whispering against his lips "I think I'll survive."

Before their lips could even touch they heard Blake's voice coming from the top of the school stairs.

"Chase! What are you doing? I've been searching for you everywhere, we're going home."

"I swear to God, I'm gonna kill him." he said to Andie then shouted back to Blake "Man, get a life, will you? Can't you see I'm busy over here? I'm not going home now! Especially with you!"

Blake was surprised to see the pair embracing each other when he came closer. He just watched them get into the car a second later and after a couple of seconds they were gone. He had to talk with his brother soon. This girl had great influence on him. He couldn't tell yet if that was a good thing.

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