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Chase couldn't get rid of that image in his head. He tried to focus his mind on something else, like remembering last months of his life, but failed at that. Finally he shook his head and groaned with discontent. In front of his eyes there was this girl, called Andie, surrounded by his family and some people from his school. She was surprised to hear his question. He could tell she was the most shocked person in the room. After she left the room quickly his brother followed her. Everybody could hear their conversation, but no one would speak up.

"Andie, come back."

No answer.

"Andie, please. He needs you now."

"No. He doesn't need me now at all. He doesn't even recognize me. And it's all my fault. I'm out of here before I make things even worse." Andie said and directed her steps towards main entrance. A strong hand stopped her.

"It's not your fault. He choose to be there, that night." Blake said trying to keep his voice strong. "The doctor said he might loose his memory for some time, but he was pretty sure it'll be back in a couple of days."

"I don't care. It's better off like this, he can go to New York. Everything is a mess at the moment, I don't think I can handle that." she answered quite harsh to hide her emotions.

"Andie, I know my brother pretty well. You might think different, but I do. He cares about you strongly. He was a mess when you broke up with him. You're the only one that can ease him way to bring memories back." the older Collins said and put both of his hands on her arms.

Andie looked at him and tilted her head.

"Why do you care?" she asked slowly. "You seemed to be against me."

Blake sighed and remained silent for a moment, gathering his thoughts.

"I used to. But I accepted you back to school, remember? I couldn't accept the fact that my brother is old enough to choose what's good for him and what's not. I didn't see he doesn't need any of my protection anymore, because he has matured. And his love for you is one of symptoms."


"What did she reply?" Chase asked after a long moment of silence, shifting uncomfortably in his hospital bed.

Blake, who's been sitting on his side, seemed to be pretty confused.

"Who replied to what?"

"Andie. What did she reply before she left? About me maturing, that stuff you said to her? I didn't manage to hear."

Then Blake turned his head away.

"You heard good. She left without a word."

"Oh, right." was the only thing that came from Chase's mouth.

"You remember anything about her?"

"No. Not yet." Chase shook his head sadly.

"Then why the sad face?"

"It seems like I was deep in love with her. It's so frustrating that I can't remember any of it."

"Want me to tell you something about her? Or about what recently happened in your life?"

Chase hesitated before answering.

"Just a little. I would like to make myself remember more."

Blake laughed a little.

"You're a fighter, aren't you?"

"OK, so what did she got for to MSA?"

"Dancing. You were the one that pushed me to accept her. She bewitched you from the first time you saw her, at the audition."

"I can imagine that." Chase chuckled, but suddenly he went serious.

"What? Chase, are you alright?" Blake asked alarmed.

"Wait. I think I remembered something."

The club was quite crowded. After a couple of minutes Chase reached the dance floor at last. The most famous crew in the town, the 410, were giving a performance there. He scanned through the crowd to find his favourite, brown haired little dancer talking to her friend on the side. Although she wasn't dancing at the moment, she still managed to get his attention. A couple of seconds later her gaze, that night not hidden under a cap or hood, found his look. He longed to do something more, but after a moment he smiled warmly at her and vanished in the crowd. Then he got angry with himself. It was stupid to hope for a girl like this one. She was unattainable because of her crew and the leader.

"What? What, Chase. You get me scared."

Chase blinked a couple of times and came up with a goofy smile.

"I didn't met her for the first time at the school. I used to kind of stalk her."


"Forget it." Chase knew what his brother thought about him going to the Dragon and laughed. "Save your beauty for other revelations."


Sarah watched Andie with disturbance. The girl couldn't focus on anything. She was wandering around the house with her textbooks, trying to study some.

"Andie, give it a rest maybe?" Sarah asked when Andie came downstairs murmuring about some history dates from her book. Andie looked up quite surprised.

"I'm scared you're going to explode in a second, with too much things on your mind."

"I'm just fine."

"No, you're not." Sarah pointed at the book Andie's been holding. "Look at this, you never study that much."

"Is that bad? You said I have to keep grades in order to stay here."

"You're overreacting a bit. Sit down with me." Sarah said and pushed slightly Andie to the couch.

"Now. I know you really want to stay here, but there's something different on your mind. Hm?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Andie unsuccessfully tried to convince her guardian and mostly herself.

"Oh, come on Andie. It's just been two weeks earlier that your boyfriend was shot by your old friend in front of our house. Did you have enough time to think about it? How about you talk to me at last?"

Andie sighed and murmured back something like "he's not my boyfriend".

"Stop being so stubborn. Why you keep denying things? Come on, Andie, talk to me."

Still no response came from her. Sarah turned and was just about to give up and sat up, but she heard a loud cry. She turned to see Andie starting to cry like a baby.

"OK, this is what I'm talking about." She sat down again and hugged Andie strongly.

"He comes into my life, turns everything upside down. He makes me fall him for him so hard, then he messes everything up, breaks us up. We're about to be okay again and he messes up once more. He forgets me. How can we ever be okay? I just want him to be gone into New York already. I hate him, I hate him."

Sarah smiled as she heard the girl confess at last.

"I think you're far away from hating him." Sarah said. "You're a strong girl Andie, I'm sure you're going to work something out."

"I'm not that sure."

"Girl, what is wrong with you? Where is your spirit? You're not the Andie that I used to know."

Andie replied with a shrug. Then she surprised herself as much as Sarah and laughed.

"What?" Sarah asked, never more confused.

"Thank you, Sarah." Andie hugged her once more before standing up.


"Stop that. Chase, I warn you. Stop that. Chase!" Andie shouted and laughed hard.

"I can't, your belly is magnetic. It's like it screams for attention." Chase replied and pinned strongly his girlfriend to the ground again, his mouth finding her navel again.

"That tickles, ass. I'm watching television here, hello." she laughed and hit him slightly in the arm.

"Who cares about television when you're here, on my carpet." he said and turned her head to him by her chin.

"Stupid band boy."

"Little dancer."

"Mister Collins, your weak, blondie ass needs some kicking."

"Can't wait." Chase murmured before Andie caught him by the hem of his shirt and pulled him down to kiss him.


Chase woke up suddenly. He looked at his phone to find out it was only 5 am in the morning. Knowing he won't fall asleep anywhere soon he got up and headed for kitchen. Two weeks. Two damn and long weeks. Just a couple of days before doctors let him leave the hospital. He couldn't stand it anymore, he needed a peaceful place where he could think. That's why Blake insisted he would stay at home until he feels good enough to come back to school. And Chase gladly accepted that.

He poured himself some water and sat down at the kitchen table. For a second he was just sitting there trying to make is memory work and recall the whole accident that got him into this mess. Blake told him that there was no success at finding the guy that shot him. But it wasn't what was bothering him most. He wouldn't remember any of, what seems for others, important facts. All the time he kept on having those visions about him and Andie. He would remember how right it felt to kiss her, hold her in his arms. All these sensations drove him mad, because he wasn't ready to face her now. Not with his memory still full of holes.

"Can't sleep?" he heard his brother walk into the kitchen.

"Nope." Chase answered and asked after a moment "Why she keeps avoiding me? Why she doesn't want talk to me?"

"I don't know. She might be confused with you losing your memory."

"There must be something else." Chase shook his head. "I was in front of her house, with her, right? Before that guy shot me."

"Yes." Blake answered tiredly. "I told you, she left the competition and you tried to chase her. I don't know what happened between you two. She wouldn't tell me."

"But why she left the theater?"

"I don't know either. You won, you got an offer for dance school. I don't really know, Chase. You seemed to be almost OK again."

Chase's head shot up quickly.

"School? Where?"

"New York."

"That's why she's angry." Chase said and stood up. "She thinks I'm going to leave her for New York."

"Oh, for god's sake, it's not that far away." Blake answered and rolled his eyes.

The younger brother looked at the older one indulgently.

"No wonder you have no girl. Andie's a woman, Blake, think."

"Yeaaah, hard to miss that fact. So?"

"Well, I might be wrong but I think she was scared I'm going to hurt her again. Like leave her for some party girl from NY."

"Hurt her again? I don't get your way of reasoning at 5 am. What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the reason she broke up with me." Chase said and looked at stunned Blake. "Oh, I remember."


Andie was sitting on windowsill in corridor and kept on watching the sky through the window. It was a very nasty day with a very nasty weather. On her side there was Moose with Hair, laughing and imitating a tango dance to cheer her up.

"Andie! Andie, look." Hair laughed.

Andie turned her head and smiled. Then Moose sat down next to her.

"What's on your mind?" He asked and poked her. "Worrying about our school super star? He's going back soon."

"I'm not..." Andie started saying but stopped when she noticed Blake in crowd, walking down the hall. He passed them without a word, but kept on strangely smiling at Andie.

"Well, that was weird." Hair said and blinked. "What's director Collins smiling about that much? He was rather grumpy lately in dance class."

"I don't know." Andie shook her head and jumped off to the floor.

"So what were you saying?" Moose jumped after her and handled Andie her bag.

"I'm not worried, Moose." she said smiling.

"You seemed down here?"

Andie kept on smiling and shook her head once more.

"It's going to rain."

"You're sad about it?" Hair asked.

Girl sighed and looked at her friends looking pretty funny and confused.

"No. I'm thinking quite positive at the moment." She answered for last time and slowly walked away, as the bell just rang signing the last lesson for her.

"Women." Moose murmured. "You get her? How come she's simply positive now?"

"Because it's going to rain, Moose!" Andie shouted from some distance and vanished in the crowd.

"Sheesh." Hair shrugged and left confused Moose.


During English classes Andie had the strangest feeling ever. She couldn't focus on lesson at all and kept looking out through window, observing closely the rain clouds. When the bell rang, she almost trampled people on her way to exit. Finally Andie reached the main doors. He got to be somewhere here, she knew it. Out of sudden a strong lump appeared in her throat. She noticed Chase leaning over his car, parked in front of school. He wasn't looking at her, actually was talking to someone. She figured it was some of his friends, because she didn't really look at anything else than him. Blind to everything else she came up to him in a very self-confident steps. He smiled at her widely.

"I think we've got to talk." Chase said, smile never leaving his mouth.

"Damn right. How about now?" Andie answered quickly.

"Now? Here?" He asked disconcerted and looked behind her nervously.

"Yes, now. I don't care if you remember last months, I don't care if you're going to leave Baltimore, just... please, help me with a decision and tell me if you remember this." Andie said and grabbed him by his shirt. He gladly accepted her lips on his and put his hands around her. Actually he lifted her little figure and she encircled him with her legs a little. Although Chase remembered now everything, he couldn't help the amazing feelings coming from his stomach while he kept discovering her kisses once more.

"Chase, for god's sake, we want to visit school already. Chase!" a harsh voice reached his brain at last. He stopped the kiss, but never released the lovely girl from his hands.

Andie turned her head, and it took a second to realize that people Chase have been talking to were actually his parents and brother. Blake and Chase's dad were standing a little farther, and kept on laughing. His mother was closer, looking very unsatisfied with her hands on her sides.

"Mom, let them be." Blake chuckled and patted Grace on back. "He just got his memory back, cut him some slack."

Andie blushed and looked at Chase again with complaint.

"You remember? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Hey, you just attacked me, blame yourself."

Then Andie went serious.

"Chase, what we're going to do?"

Chase knew what she meant and grinned.

"Oh, well. Can season train ticked do for now? We'll figure something out in June."

She nodded slightly, but then released herself from his arms and punched him in the arm slightly.

"Aw, what was that for?"

"For being an ass."

"You were an ass too." He murmured and added before catching her lips in another kiss "Just sexy one."

"God." Blake sighed.

"Double 'god'." Thomas said and pointed the sky full of dark clouds.

In one second it started to rain heavily. Chase's family along with people, that came out too late to miss the rain, hided under ceiling of school. For a moment they had to deal with view of the making out pair, who where soon completely soaked up.

"Get a room, slut!" came Chloe's voice from crowd.

Although Grace wasn't a fan of Andie, she loudly sighed terrified.

"Chloe, such a language is needless. She's my son's love, after all."

Chloe was shocked when she saw Grace in the crowd, which, she thought, was totally unexpected. She was about to apologize, but she heard Chase's response.

"You're quite right about room part. Let's go." He said and grinned at Andie. In one moment they got into a car and vanished in unknown direction. Everybody watched in confusion.


"Who is that girl who just snogged junior Collins?" some young, blond boy asked his friend as they waited in crowd for lighter rain. The other one looked at his friend with slight surprise.

"That's West. Andie West. You didn't know they won the Streets with their crew?"

The blond one shook his head.

"Isn't that illegal?"

"Nevermind." answered his friend. "Why you asked anyways?"

"They sure look like next freaking prom king and queen."

"God, no. She would turn their dance into electric boogie, or something." director Collins said with fear.