Summary: Someone from Rei and Sei's past shows up with a big secret that will affect everything Rei knew or thought he knew about his brother and what's more Masao will challenge this person. But could this person prove too strong for even the psychotic, masochistic Masao? Can it get any weirder? AU

I have read the manga and I've seen the Taiwanese drama. But this fic is also AU so forgive me if I veer kind of far or the characters or OOC. So, I imagine the characters from the live action T-drama, especially the guy who plays Hamazaki. Also, I use the names from the manga. They are in college like the T drama. So they are two years older than in the manga.

Chapter 1 Blast from the past

Hama and his boys were sitting in the shade under a tree drinking something from a non-descript, brown paper bag passing it between the five of them when a young man came up to them.

"Eh, Hama, did that kid find you?"

Hama frowned. "What kid?"

"I don't know, some short kid was asking after you, and one of the guys told him you would probably be over here."

"What did the kid look like? Was it a boy or girl?" Hama asked.

"Come to think about it. I couldn't really tell. The kid was covered from head to toe in motorcycle gear, including dark glasses, a hat, and gloves."

Hama shrugged. "Haven't seen him."

The guy turned around to leave and saw someone striding toward them at a fast pace. "Yo Hama, I think this is the kid now."

The short kid came up to the group and recognized Hama as the leader immediately. "Hey are you Hama?" The kid asked.

"Yeah," Hama stood up. "What can I do for you?"

The kid nodded and then connected a right hook to Hama's jaw. "You can leave my big brother alone and never mess with him again."

Hama rotated his jaw and shook his head back and forth. "Kid I don't know who you are or who your brother is, but you just made a big mistake. If it's a fight you want, I'll be glad to oblige." Hama cracked his knuckles.

"You're the one who's mistaken. You do know my brother, Kashino Rei, and you better stay away from him." The kid replied.

Hama snorted. "Kid, you're either crazy, stupid, or you must have been out of the country because Rei and I are cool, and as far as I know, he only had one brother who died."

At the mention of Rei's dead brother, something stirred in the kid causing the kid to reflect momentarily. That was all the time necessary for Hama's boys to grab the kid on either side.

Meanwhile the guy who had first approached Hama ran to get Rei. He was joking around with Kira, Harumi, and Tatsuya across the school yard. "Kashino, some kid claiming to be your little brother just hit Hama telling him not to mess with you and is about to get beat down."

Rei's smile faded momentarily, his eyes clouded over, and his brow furrowed before his smile returned to his face without reaching his eyes. He shrugged.

Kira touched Rei's arm. "Rei, aren't you going to go check it out?"

Rei scoffed. "Why should I? If some kid is messing with Hama and claiming to be my little brother, he deserves whatever is coming to him."

"But Rei, he was defending you. What if he gets hurt?" Kira asked concerned.

Rei shrugged. "I don't care. I only had one little brother. Besides if this person is my little brother, he would know that Hama and I are cool now. Anyway, are you sure this kid came up and said he was my little brother? Does he even resemble me?" Rei asked the boy.

The boy thought. "Well, I don't know what the kid looks like because he was dressed head to toe in motorcycle gear. Also, he was a short kid, and he said that you were his big brother and that he had been out of the country. That's why he didn't believe it when Hama told him you were friends."

Rei looked at him frowning. "Short, out of the country, and he said I'm his big brother?"


"It can't be. Oh my god!" Rei took off running toward Hama's direction. Kira, Harumi, Tatsuya, and the other guy ran after him.

"Rei, Rei, what is it? Who is it?" Kira asked.

Rei and Tatsuya reached there first in time to watch the kid get hit in the stomach by Hama.

The kid bent over double but stood up straight laughing. "You call that a hit. You hit like a girl. My grandmother can hit harder than that."

Hama was ticked off but smiled. "Oh, you want me to really hit you? Well, you asked for it." Hama went to punch the kid, who balanced against the two guys holding either side and jumped in the air to kick Hama in the stomach with both feet. Hama bent double and stumbled backwards, slightly. Hama's other two guys grabbed the feet of the kid and held them in place. Hama was angry now and came at the kid with the full force of his muscular arm.

Rei caught his fist before he connected with the kid's face. "Hama!" Hama turned to see Rei. "Trust me. You don't want to do that."

Hama looked confused. "Rei, you know this kid? Is this your little brother? I thought you only had one little brother, and he's dead."

"I never claimed to be Rei's little brother." The kid said. They released the kid, and she took off the helmet to reveal two braided pony tails, dark skin, and dark round eyes. Everyone stopped and stared at the kid who was not only a different gender but a different ethnicity. They all gaped staring back and forth between Rei and the girl. She smiled at Rei and ran and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Rei!"

"Nana! What are you doing here? When I heard the description, I knew it had to be you, but I couldn't believe it." Rei hugged her, swung her around, smiled, and placed her on her feet.

"Silly boy, I'm here to see you and settle some of your business." Nana smirked.

"About that, you should have come to see me first instead of going off half-cocked, and then you wouldn't have intervened where it wasn't necessary." Rei chastised the girl.

Nana scoffed. "You're one to talk? Who do you think I learned it from? But anyway, are you saying you and the muscle man are cool now?" Rei nodded. "Oh." Nana smiled sheepishly and turned to Hama. "I am so sorry. Please accept my apology." She bowed to Hama and then stuck out her hand.

Hama glanced at Rei. "Kashino, are you saying this kid is your little sister?" Rei shrugged and nodded. Hama laughed, shook her hand, brought her in for a bear hug and then put her down. "You're more of a lightweight than I though. Don't sweat it. You got a pretty good punch for a girl." He rubbed his jaw again. "A girl, huh?" Hama chuckled.

"Whatever, I got a good punch, period, right bro?" Nana turned back to Rei.

"You awight (slang for alright)" Rei said teasing Nana. "But seriously, what are you doing here in Japan?"

Nana looked around to see everyone still staring. "Uh, Rei, I think we are being rude to your friends. I think we better make formal introductions and explain. I'm sure everyone is wondering how I'm your kid sister."

"You got that right!" Harumi had her arms folded across her chest and was scowling.

"Ah, you must be Harumi san, right?" Nana turned to her smiling, and then turned to the other girl. "So, that must make you Aso san Kira. It's nice to meet you. I've been looking forward to this. I'm Kashino Nana, Rei's adopted little sister, sort of." She bowed to Kira. Kira returned the bow startled.

"Kashino?" Rei eyed her.

"It's a long story, but okay. My name is Seven Jackson, but everyone calls me Nana since that is the Japanese word for Seven. So my legal Japanese name is now Kashino Nana. It's nice to meet everyone." She bowed. She turned to Tatsuya next.

"You must be Tatsuya san. Thank you for taking care of my brother." Nana bowed again and then hugged him. Tatsuya stiffened as they all stared. "Oh, sorry, right, I'm in Japan not the states. You guys aren't used to that much physical touch. Any way, Rei, I gotta jet. Can you and Aso san join me for dinner tonight? I'll give you a call later. See ya." She kissed him on the cheek and left. "Bye, everybody." She waved.

They all stared after her and then turned to Rei. "Who was that girl?" Harumi asked doubting she really could be Rei's little sister. "How does she know you, and why does she claim to be your sister?"

Rei smirked. "Shouldn't Kira be the one asking those questions?"

Harumi shook her head. "You know she won't. She seems to trust you. Just how many more girls are going to keep popping up in your life challenging Kira for you?"

"Ugh, shut up." Rei shivered involuntarily. "We don't even see each other that way. We can't. If she heard you say that, she'd probably punch your lights out."

"Hmph, I'd like to see her try." Harumi scoffed.

"No you wouldn't." Hama chimed in. "She really does have a good hit." He turned to Kashino. "Okay, spill, what's the story with you two?"

"She's from the states. She lived in L.A. next to my uncle and aunt's place, and her dad and my uncle worked at the same place. We three, me, her and Sei, all grew up together." Rei shrugged.

"So why is she here, then?" Tatsuya asked.

Rei shook his head. "Don't know. I guess she'll tell me tonight at dinner or whenever she is ready."

"Rei, do you think she knows about Sei?" Kira asked.

Rei's eyes clouded over for a second, and he shook it off with a smile. "Probably since she knows about you guys, and that happened before I met any of you."

"How does she know our names and about us, anyway?" Harumi asked.

Rei scowled. "Probably, my old man. He put me in this school so he could keep tabs on me since he has friends here. Anyway," he looked at Kira. "School's over for today. I am so out of this joint. You coming?" He held out his hand to Kira. She grabbed Rei's hand, and they said their goodbyes.

They went to Rei's apartment. He was deep in thought and then looked up at Kira. "So, can you join us, me, for dinner?"

Kira nodded. "Rei, I know you said she was your little sister, but …" Kira was afraid to finish, but Harumi was right, and she wasn't sure that she had the strength to handle another situation like Shiori's.

Rei smiled teasingly. "Ah, is Kira jealous? This is the first time. No, we weren't like that. If anything, she was Sei's girlfriend or at least Sei liked her. Well, I think she liked Sei, too. I know that they liked each other, but it was kind of hard to tell because she was such a tomboy and Sei was such a prude. He never really expressed those kinds of emotions for girls. I mean the whole time he was with Shiori, he didn't even touch her. He held Nana's hands all the time, but we all did as kids. You know?" Rei laughed. "To me, Nana was almost like a little brother. She was the youngest of seven children, six boys and one little girl. That's why they named her Seven. She always hung out with boys and even acted like boys sometimes. She couldn't help it since she only had brothers." Kira smiled as she watched Rei reflect.

"She was actually my aunt's god daughter. She took care of me and Sei from the moment we landed in America. She came with my aunt to meet us and even learned some Japanese to talk with us and welcome us. She showed us around the neighborhood and the schools and everything. Sei was always very protective of Nana, and she was protective of us, especially Sei. The three of us were inseparable for six years. When I went to high school Sei's and my interests differed. I was into girls, sports, and racing, and he was into arts, music, and books. So, that's when he and Nana really took up together, I guess."

"So did uh Nana chan like arts, music, and books, too?" Kira asked.

"Yeah, she did. It was a way for her to explore her 'feminine side' she would say. I think it was an excuse to hang with Sei, but she really did enjoy it and was good at those too. She was also good in sports. She played basketball and soccer, and her teams even made the championships. Since all she had were brothers 3 – 14 years older than her, she was immersed in sports. She and Sei were inseparable though. She would go to museums and art exhibits with him, and he would go to her games and cheer her on." Rei became pensive.

After a few minutes, Kira touched his arm. "Rei, does it make you sad when you think about her because she reminds you of Sei?"

Rei looked up at her, shook his head, and smiled. "No, because most of the memories with her and Sei were good ones. The three of us used to get into so much trouble. They called us the terror triplets, but she would always get us out of trouble. Sometimes it was more like she was the older sister the way she protected us and cared for us."

Rei's house phone rang then, and he answered it. "Yeah, I know the place. Meet you at 6:00 p.m.? Yes, she's right here, hold on."

"Hello Aso san, can you please join us for dinner?" Nana asked.

"Uhm, sure if you two don't mind or don't want to be left alone to reminisce?" Kira was polite.

"No. No matter what my pig-headed big brother says, you are like family too. So, please join us, and call me Nana."

"Oh, thank you. Please call me Kira. I look forward to seeing you tonight." Kira gave the phone back to Rei.

"Hey pig head, you need to get a cell phone. What if you hadn't been home? Anyway, I'll see you guys in a little while. It's my treat, okay? And I have a surprise for you."

"You treating is a surprise since we usually paid." Rei responded.

"Oh, you are so wrong for that. Sei is the one who usually paid anyway, punk. Just be on time, okay?" Nana laughed and hung up.

Kira smiled. "Rei, I like her. She is so friendly and outgoing. She has your personality."

Rei arched an eyebrow and smirked. "You know we are not really related, right?"

"Sometimes it is hard to tell." Kira smiled.

Later at the restaurant

Kira and Rei arrived at a nice restaurant. The hostess recognized Rei from when he was little and ushered him to where Nana was waiting in a private dining area. She hugged and kissed Kira and Rei on the cheek as she greeted them. Kira was impressed. Nana had changed out of the motorcycle outfit into a purple short-sleeved tunic top with a skewed hemline that went from her mid thigh to her knee, black pants that flared out toward the bottom and purple ½ inch heeled sandals. She finished off the look with purple earrings in a silver setting and a matching ring. Her hair was now in one braid down her back and bangs in the front.

Rei looked her over and made a comment. "It looks like someone put on weight and filled out. You even have a chest now. You were what an A then? Now it looks like a C or even a D."

Kira touched Rei's arm embarrassed. "Rei"

Nana just laughed. "It's okay Kira. I'm used to it. Yeah, I filled out, but in all the right places thanks to Sei. And I've had a decent chest since I was ten. I just bound it up to keep it out of the way when I was ballin'."

Rei scowled. "What do you mean thanks to Sei?"

"You'll find out later. Anyway, let's sit down and order drinks. Oh by the way, a few people will be joining us later for dinner. I hope you don't mind?" Nana motioned for Rei and Kira to sit.

Rei frowned. "I knew it. Don't tell me it's my old man." Rei had begun to get up.

Nana slammed her fist on the table. "Sit down and shut up. Trust me. "You will want to meet them."

Rei and Nana locked eyes in a serious gaze. Then Rei sat down and ordered a beer, Kira ordered a drink, and Nana ordered three drinks. Rei folded his arms. "Well, I'm waiting. Why are you here?"

"Is that anyway to talk to someone you haven't seen in a long time? Man, I thought I missed you, but maybe not." Nana's serious face broke into a broad grin as did Rei's. "Alright, I'm here for four reasons. I'm here to go to school. I'll be attending your university after the break. I just graduated from high school in Cali, and I'll be studying business management."

Rei frowned. "How can you afford that? I'm also surprised your parents let you go."

Nana sneered. "My parents have nothing to do with it. They have no say in the matter, but please hear me out." He shrugged. "Your father arranged a scholarship for me. Your aunt convinced your dad. They agreed that if I could maintain my 'A' grade point average when I finished, he would pay for my living expenses, get me an internship at his firm, and then give me a full scholarship."

Rei's eyes flashed with anger. "I see. That old man managed to buy you off, too, but why would he do that?" WHAM! No sooner had Rei finished speaking than Nana had back handed him.

Nana had the same look of fire flashing in her eyes as she looked at him holding his cheek. "Rei. Shut the hell up and listen or else." She had a serious, cold tone.

Rei was seething. "Or else what?"

"Or else you want find out the other three reasons that I am here." Nana's tone lightened a bit.

Rei exhaled and then relaxed. "Okay, continue. I'm listening."

"Second, I'm here to see you. I'm concerned about you as is the rest of the family. They think that I can talk or beat some sense into you."

Rei shook his head and replied with a snarl. "I knew it. They want you to convince me to move home and accept my old man's laws. Well, you can tell them that it won't work, not even if you tell me."

Nana sighed exasperated. "Rei, I would never convince you to do anything that I thought was wrong for you. Not that I could ever get you to do anything you didn't want to do anyway. Have you really forgotten me in three years? Have I changed that much?" Nana was pleading.

"Well, when I saw you pick a fight with Hama today, I didn't think you had changed. But seeing you dressed all sophisticated, I don't know any more."

"Fair enough, I have changed somewhat and you're about to find out why. Let me introduce you to the two most important reasons that I came." Nana motioned for someone to come in. A woman came in ushering two toddlers who ran over to Nana and hugged her around her neck and called her "Mommy." "I wanted these two young men to meet and learn about their father's family and culture. Rei, I liked to introduce you to Hiroki Rei and Soujiroh Sei, Hiro and Jiro. These are Sei's and my boys."

(A/N): Although I use a Mary Sue in this story, I am trying to make this story more about Sei and Rei and Masao. I try to use her more as a conduit to explore Sei's character and what happened to Rei and Sei when they lived eight years in the United States. This story starts just after Shiori and Takemura come to find Rei at the school festival. It is right before graduation and after Rei got hurt protecting Shiori from getting hit by the car. Although I will weave this story around what happened in the drama and the manga, I will try to avoid retelling the story as it is exactly unless necessary. I will also try to keep it in chronological order as told in the story. Review if you want to or not. I have another fan fic that I'm about to finish in a different area, but I always like to start the next one before I finish another one. I have the first six chapters of this written, and the next three chapters outlined. So, I'll try to update it soon.