The two girls appeared out of nowhere, a few feet away from Evan, under the fain-moonlit sky, for a moment they were going to

The two girls appeared out of nowhere, a few feet away from Evan, under the fain-moonlit sky, for a moment they were going to attack him cause they thought that he was the enemy; Recognizing who it was they settled down and started to walk towards the castle.

"Any news Starfall" asked Evan?

"Yes"-said Starfall!

Are forces are holding up as good as they can but I am not sure how long they can last.

The road was boarder with burning trees and bushes to the right, and to the left was a river filled with broken branches of the trees and dead bushes,

"Their dark blue robes flapped around in the wind on their way to the castle."

"I thought that they had captured you," said tommy, his figure sliding in and out of the faint moonlight.

They did but we got away! "It was hard but we accomplished are job!"

"That is good to hear so what did you find out'" said Evan.

The enemy has a new group of hell spawn demons on there way to attack, us by they way that they where moving they should be hear with in the next two to three days!

-"The group mad a left and headed up the staircase to the castle."

The dead branches broke under there feet as they made there way up the stairs, when they reached the castle they greeted by the priestess's young night watcher with a letter for them in hi s hand form the priestess.

-"He is a tall young muscular boy with blond hair and with blue eyes!"

"My lord Evan I have a letter for you from the priestess Ella!"

-"What dose it say Evan!"

Emperor Evan read the letter out loud so that they all could hear it.

My lord,

My forces and I are holding are position, north of the castle we have managed to set up a war camp. Hear but I don't know how much longer we can hold out, we are under constant attack from the enemy, my warriors are growing week from this battle, we are running out of supplies. I also need to inform you that the other forces to the east, west, and the south. Are going through the same problems. I personally request that you send back up and more supplies; I don't know how much longer we can hold out and my watchers have reported that there is another group of demons on there way hear, and I don't think that we will be able to survive with out back up.


Ella priestess of the water

"Watcher go back to the priestess and inform her that I will be sending a group of warriors lead by Starfall" –said Evan

"Yes my lord I will not fail you"- said the night watcher

-As the night watcher left Evan told Nightfall to go get Leo and Vale.

Nightfall go get Leo and Vale,

-"Then meet your sister and me in the grand hall there I will tell what you will be doing." –said Evan

-"Evan what are we going to do," –said Starfall

"Well I have a plan you will go north, with a group of warriors,

Your sister Nightfall will take her on group and go to the west, Vale will take his group to the east, and Leo will take his group to the south, and I will gather are remaining forces at the castle and I will signal you to fall back to the castle For are last battle and we will drive this vile demons off are planet."

-Evan what's the matter you seem worried about something! Said Starfall

"Well it is just that I am a little worried about sending Leo out to fight, this is his first time going, with out you, your sister, me or Vale and his is really young."