Summery: When one can no longer go on, it is time for the ninken. At least Pakkun doesn't mind... mostly.

Who here wants a tub of Chocolate on a Hot and Steamy Chuunin Tonight Swirl?

Ninken, Fighting the Battle
Humor. G.

kakashi x iruka / pakkun

Kakashi entered his home with a sigh. Shopping had never been his favorite chore. He'd much preferred eating out. It meant no dishes, no cleaning and best of all no shopping. But according to some unwritten rule, having no food in the house was not an option. He could either go out for a few hours in the fresh air, do whatever he wanted, for as long as he wanted, on the condition he brought back at least a few bags of nutrition; or he could stay indoors and clean. Not the most difficult decision ever to confront the Hatake genius.

Dropping the surprisingly heavy bags on his kitchen bench, Kakashi, the aloof legendary nin, went about dividing perishables and preserves. He'd even given the candy it's own pile dictating it the: Hatake-Only Mountain of Mouth Decay. Smiling to himself, Kakashi packed away the vegetables and ice-cream (renamed Chocolate on a Hot and Steamy Chuunin Tonight Swirl). The cupboard food could probably wait until after he'd had his Icha Icha Violence fix, but then it ran the chance of ruining his Seduce An Umino night if not done in time. Growling inwardly at the unacceptable obstacle, he moved to the cupboard.

Upon it's opening a rather large and hideous cockroach scampered free. Suppressing the squeal rearing to come, Kakashi settled with annoyance. "Pakkun!"

Seconds later the pug arrived, ears perked, eyes already searching for danger. Noticing the lack-there-of he cocked his head and looked up. "What?"

"Roach," Kakashi moved his toe in the insects general direction.

"And…?" Pakkun snorted in disdain. "Do I look like some stray at your beck and call? I'm a nin-dog, brat. I have my dignity."

Konoha's Copy-Nin glared down at his pug and growled. "Go. Fetch."

"Don't make me bite you." Said pug glared back.

Breaking eye contact first, Kakashi whined. He even stomped a little. "Come on, Pakkun. Please? You'd do it for-"

"PAKKUN!" They were interrupted.

Hearing his name, the ninken's eyes widened. "Coming Boss!" He ran from the room hot on the trail of one soon-to-be-dead cockroach. So what if the man had an irrational fear? He gave great scratches, and chose the best steak ever. Besides, Pakkun was a dog with an uncanny knowledge of human relationships. The Hatake brat might be his master, but the Umino kid was definitely boss.

"…Iruka." Kakashi finished to an empty room. Traitorous mutt.