This is a crossover between H2O: just add water, and Avatar:

The last airbender. It starts during Sea Change (season 2, episode 25 of H2O) and a little over 100 years before the start of the avatar series.

Do not expect the story to make sense unless you are familiar with those series!

"Lewis you really let me down… I always though that I – you was on my side, and I was on yours. I though deep down… that you… umm… still cared for me. I guess I was wrong."

I guess I was wrong.

Her last words echoed in her head as she swam.

I guess I was wrong. You never cared… Lewis.

She swam up, breaking the surface. She was crying.

Cleo raised her hand in frustration, and then hit the surface with it.

"Fine… Have dear Charlotte for all I care!" she shouted to the sky, her words laced with sarcasm and hurt. "See if I care!"

She raised her arms, water rising with them. Normally, she wouldn't have done something like this, risking someone finding out about her powers, but she was beyond caring.

As the power accumulated, Cleo was crying, silently now. With a mighty roar, lightning struck from the clouds gathering above. She had raised a mighty storm.

With a wave of her hand, a vortex of air and water raised her towards the sky, lightning striking like mad around her. Cleo laughed, but it was a laugh of the betrayed, or the insane.

She hung there, in the middle of her self-made storm, for but a moment.

Then she vanished, taking her storm with her.

Only a few small clouds and waves remained.

Cleo opened her eyes. The sun was shining in her face. And she was in the water… What had happened? Then it all came back. Lewis… and Charlotte… the necklace. Her mad flight into the ocean. The storm…

The girls must be so worried about me, if I've been out at see the entire night…

She looked around, but couldn't see any land.

Might as well start swimming. I wonder which way land is?

Cleo started swimming towards the sun.

She swam the quick way, moving the water around her body with her powers. After almost an hour, she started to wonder if she was going in the right direction… As she was about to turn around, she saw land, and a town. She swam towards it, but soon realized, it wasn't her home… It looked like a medieval village, and she knew no place near Australia were people wore such old-looking clothes… Almost robes.

After drying off, out of sight, she walked into the village. She was stared at, and she realized it must be due to her clothes… She looked around for a while, and asked a few innocent questions, such as were she were.

As the sun was going down, she had thought things through.

"I don't think I'm in my world anymore…" she whispered to the setting sun.

And I have no means of living, either. I suppose…

"…I'll have to live as a mermaid."

She shuddered… eating raw fishes… Well, what could she do?

Cleo felt very alone.

She had been living in this world for a few weeks now, and the moon would be full tonight. The cycle seemed to be a little out of sync with her world, as it was about five weeks since the last full moon in her world.

Cleo didn't think it would be a problem. After all, she lived alone in the ocean, and slept on a bare rock in the water. Who could get hurt?

As she gazed upon the moon, climbing up the horizon, she still felt chilled. She closed her eyes. She had feared the effects of the full moon for so long.

I have nothing left to loose. I will not be afraid! No more!

She opened her eyes. Nothing happened.

"This really is a whole new world…" she said quietly. "No moon sickness…"

As she tried to look away, she couldn't move a muscle. Her gaze was locked to the moon.

I think that was a bit hasty to assume there is no moon sickness…

She suddenly had an irresistible urge to create a storm. She raised her hand, standing on one foot on her small rock. She giggled. Then she started to dance, and the water followed.

Soon she was dancing on a rock in the middle of a stormy ocean, rain and splashes falling everywhere, but never touching her.

As the moon set in the morning, she was amazed by what had happened. She had never had such immense power, or such control of said power, as during that dance of storms, even though the dance hadn't really been her idea.

Perhaps I can do it again?

She started to dance, and danced on her rock for hours, in the eye of the storm her dance created.

The next full moon, during her dance, she decided the rock was too small, and stepped onto the surface of the water. It somehow held for her weight, and she didn't get wet… She kept dancing on the water, the storm dancing with her. She couldn't stop, and didn't want to.

As the moon set, she just kept going – never missing a single step, never resting, never eating. As she danced on the turbulent water, in the heavy winds and rains, lightning bolts flying around her, there was no need to.

During her dance, there was nothing but the dance.

After an unknown length of time, something distracted her. Someone was shouting.

"Help! I'm drowning!"

The brief lapse in attention was enough; Cleo fell into the water, and turned into a mermaid. The storm was still going strong, but now she had no control over it.

Even so, the storm was her responsibility, and she had to save whoever had gotten in trouble in it.

She quickly found the one in trouble. It was a fisherman, and he was rapidly sinking. His boat was wrecked; it had been struck by lightning and fallen apart.

Cleo took the sailor on her back, and started towards the shore, which could be seen on the horizon.

As she put him on the beach and turned to leave, an old weathered lady looked upon her, bowed deeply, and said:

"Thank you, noble spirit. I will never forget what you've done for my son."

Feeling uncomfortable, Cleo answered:

"Do not thank me… It was my fault"

"I still thank you. You saved him, when you could have left him to drown" the lady whispered. "I will never forget"

"Thank you" Cleo whispered back, and took off into the stormy ocean.

I won't forget either.

The fisherman's accident didn't stop her storm dances; as soon as a full moon went up, she couldn't resist dancing. She didn't really want to stop either, and didn't stop for many days after a full moon.

From time to time, someone got hurt from her storms. She got very good at feeling when the storm struck a boat, and if someone was drowning, she immediately stopped dancing to save them.

She often got thanks from them or their relatives, and she had gotten known as "the spirit of storms". She didn't mind being thought a spirit. That way, they didn't really blame her. Though as soon as those she saved were safe on land, she left. She didn't want their thanks; she was the one to hurt them in the first place! Still they thanked her, and sometimes gave her some little trinket or some food – always from the ocean.

Still she couldn't stop. The intense focus of the dance was the only thing that made her forget her grief. She missed Emma and Rikki. She missed her family. Most of all she missed Lewis. They were all lost to her.

She was dancing in icy waters, when she felt something fighting her. Someone was trying to fight her storm, and with power like hers as well. The amazement of that (She wasn't alone in this world!) made her fall, of course. To dance on the water had to have all her attention or she would fall into it.

Pretty soon, she could see the one who had been fighting her. It was someone in a blue coat, standing on a small canoe, doing motions similar to her dance. The other's dance seemed to calm the water – freezing and thawing, and making it calm down.

But the person was soaked, and still had no tail – she couldn't be a mermaid.

Still, after the storm was gone, Cleo followed the canoe in secret.

She had watched this little village on the ice (probably one of the poles, considering how cold it was) for a few days now. It seemed a number, but far from all, the inhabitants had an amazing control over water and ice. They called it "bending", or specifically "waterbending". She had not seen anyone that controlled anything else, but assumed that there were other types of bending, or calling it waterbending wouldn't be necessary.

She wanted the control they had. She thought her storm dance (stormbending?) had much more power behind it, but there was little true control in it. Sure, she felt in control, but it was the storms, not hers, not really. Perhaps these waterbenders could teach her control?

She had a plan. She still had her old, wind-pined clothes – the blue-greenish patterned dress and the blue shorts she had worn when she arrived in this world. She also had all the trinkets she had gotten for thanks.

Perhaps the trinkets could be used for payment… if such was required for training.

But she couldn't approach as a mermaid. None of them reacted to water by turning into mermaids, and she didn't want them to react badly to seeing her.

Nor could she dance into the village – as they would likely misstake her for the spirit of storms.

No, she had to go onto land, dry herself with heat – she wasn't good at using Rikki's power, but she could nowadays - and quickly get to the village, before she froze to death. It was really cold out here, on the South Pole. That was were she was, she had overheard the villagers say so.

She also had to remove her trinkets, put them in a little bag she had gotten once – those, too, might seem suspicious.

Her plan was going pretty well so far. She had gotten into the village, though she was freezing like crazy. As the villagers were helping her to warm up in one of the igloos, she fell asleep, muttering about waterbending. That was not a part of the plan – she had wanted to stay awake to ask them to teach her.

As Cleo woke up, she was greeted by a foreign voice.

"Good morning"

Cleo jumped at the foreign voice – she had slept alone for the last few years, after all.

"Good morning" she answered with a yawn. "I guess I… umm… fell asleep" She thought she sounded pathetic.

"That, you did, dear" the lady that had greeted her said kindly. It was the woman that fought her storm a few days ago. The waterbender then followed with: "What were you doing out dressed so lightly?"

"I just wished to learn waterbending…" Cleo said, a bit uncertain. She didn't really answer the question "I guess that wasn't the best way to go about it…"

"That was a dangerous way to go about it – but I think you can get what you wanted… " the woman said. "I'll teach you myself, if you still wish to learn"

"You will? Of course I do! Thank you!" Cleo said happily. "Oh… My name's Cleo, by the way"

"And I am Nema" the woman answered. "Nice meeting you, Cleo."

Nema went to the opening of the igloo, but as she was about to exit it, she turned around.

"I won't ask who you are, Cleo. You can tell me in your own time, if you wish too. I believe you will be an excellent student"

Nema had been right about Cleo's bending capabilities. Bending came naturally to her. Cleo supposed it was martial arts, but to her, it felt like dancing, one moment leading to the next. It felt very natural to her.

The great bendings came very easily to her – it was the small things that had been hard, and she had gotten past those long ago. The only really hard thing was freezing and thawing water – and she had to be careful never to boil it, as you had to be a firebender to do that.

Cleo had eventually realized that her powers, her "stormbending", was something impossible here – It was a mix of waterbending, airbending and firebending. The latest also including the use of lightening. During her time at the South Pole, she had had stick to waterbending only. It had been hard, but it was worth it. She had much greater control of her powers now.

The other people of the water tribe considered her odd. They had from the beginning, when she showed up so badly dressed for cold, and her strange habits had made it worse. She never actually touched water, even though she was a waterbender. Also, she disappeared during full moons, often for a few days, and the came back acting as if nothing had happened. Strangely enough, there were always storms around the full moon, ever since she had gotten there.

But the training was over – Cleo had mastered waterbending, and it was time to leave. Still, she had one thing left to do – she had to tell Nema who she was. Then she could leave for the southern air temple – there she could learn to control her power over air. Her firebending wasn't really much to learn – she could boil water, start a small fire, and throw or redirect lightning. That was it.

It is time…

Besides, if she stayed much longer, someone would notice she wasn't really ageing. She guessed it had something to do with being from another world.

She had entered Nema's igloo.


"Yes, Cleo?"

"Well… I am leaving" Cleo said, slowly. "But I have something to show you first. Come with me."

"I'm coming, dear"

They left the village together, and once they were out of sight, Cleo turned to Nema.

"Splash some water in my face" she said.

"Ok…" Nema said slowly. She quickly did so.

After a few seconds, Cleo turned into a mermaid, as always.

"So that is your secret… I knew it was something big" Nema said. "I'm glad you decided to show me"

Cleo was relieved. "Thank you"

"You are thanking me? Why?"

"For not minding…" Cleo trailed off. "…And for teaching me"

"Of course I don't mind" Nema said. "You're still you. And you are a great pupil."

"There's one more thing, before I go" Cleo said. She the evaporated the water around her, turned back to being a girl, and stood up. Nema just looked curious.

"Goodbye, Nema" Cleo said. "I will never forget you"

She held out a bracelet of pearls to Nema.

"And I will always remember you, Cleo. You are one of the greatest waterbenders I have ever known." Nema stated, as she took the bracelet. "Goodbye"

"That's the thing, Nema" Cleo said, a bit unsure. "I'm not a waterbender… I'm a stormbender"

Then she started to dance, and a storm arose around her. Cleo danced out on the water, leaving Nema standing on the ice, gazing towards the horizon with an unreadable expression.

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