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The Attack

Dawn buried her head in her hands

Dawn buried her head in her hands. How had she gotten into this situation? More importantly, how had she gotten Lucas into this situation? It was all her fault that her best friend in the whole world, besides the blonde Willis, was lying unconscious on the ground at her feet, fevered from the poison running through his blood.

It had started out as an ordinary day, with Dawn wandering the forest landscapes on route 216. Her goal was to reach the icy Snowpoint city within the next three days, and she had been making smooth progress for the past four. Route 216 was the longest stretch of land between two cities in all of Sinnoh, so she had stocked up on potions and strong pokémon before she had left Celestic town.

Unfortunately, she had never even considered buying bandages and medication for humans. As long as she had her pokémon with her, it was highly unlikely she would get hurt.

But she hadn't planned on running into a reckless wild Nidorino who had more fun in targeting people instead of their pokémon protectors.

Dawn tucked the blanket around Lucas's shivering body as she unwillingly relived the day that had literally been her worst nightmare. She had been minding her own business, trudging alone through the snow that settled on the ground like a thick blanket, when the pokémon jumped out of the nearby trees. At first she was shocked—Lucas had once described a few of the pokémon from other regions, and this one fit the description of a Nidorino, though she had no idea what it was doing in Sinnoh. And furthermore, why was this pokémon hanging out in the snow and freezing temperatures? It clearly wasn't an ice or fire type.

While she watched in curiosity, the Nidorino focused its sights on her and began pawing at the ground. Dawn realized all too quickly what it was planning on doing, and swiftly whipped out her Empoleon for battle. The penguin-type pokémon braced itself and started firing rapid bubbles at the foe on Dawn's command. But the Nidorino had something she hadn't anticipated: speed. It dodged her Empoleon's bubbles as if they were in slow motion and honed in for the kill, with the horn at the tip of its nose lowered and oozing poison.

Her Empoleon fell with a thud, and Dawn quickly recalled it. Then she reached for another pokéball, keeping her gaze on the Nidorino. She grabbed a ball and was about to open it when a strong gust of wind hit. Snow got into her eyes, and she squinted, searching for her opponent.

"Not good…" she muttered, wishing she had bought the goggles an elderly lady tried to sell her. "Definitely not good…!"

Just then, someone stood protectively between her and the Nidorino, obscured by the blizzard's snow. The Nidorino charged at him, and made contact. The impact sent the person flying towards Dawn, and he collided with her at full force. Unable to dodge the person, she fell into the snow with an 'oomph!'. She felt a weight on top of her, and gasped in recognition as she noticed Lucas's red beret.

"Lucas! Oh my god, are you okay?"

"Shh," he whispered, trying to regain his breath but still stay silent. "Stay down, don't…make a sound…"

They sat in silence for a moment, with him lying on her, and her pressed into the deep snow. She blushed at the close contact, but Lucas didn't seem to notice, instead staring intently at the swirling snow. Finally, after what seemed like an hour—but was probably only about ten minutes—he slowly climbed off of her and helped her up.

"Sorry about that," he apologized between pants. "I heard you…were planning on going through route 216…and came to help. It's…a treacherous road, and it looks like I arrived just in time…"

She dusted the snow off of her skirt, glaring at him, "I can't believe you did that, you idiot. I'm amazed you didn't break any bones," she scowled, and he smiled apologetically. She studied the surrounding forest with curiosity, "Is it gone?"

Lucas nodded, huffing, "It should be… It can't see in a snowstorm any better than we can… I'm willing to bet it was just…protecting its mate, and you got too close…" he took a few deep breaths, still trying to regain the air that had been knocked out of him due to the collision.

"But what was a Nidorino doing in Sinnoh?"

"No idea…" Lucas seemed to be breathing harder, and he leaned against a nearby tree. "I have a headache all of a sudden…"

Dawn frowned and walked up to him. He definitely looked paler than normal, but she had written it off as another after-effect of the Nidorino's tackle. Now, however, she could see his cheeks were flushed, and sweat was trickling down the sides of his face despite the freezing temperatures. She put a gentle hand on his forehead and furrowed her brow, "My god, Lucas, you're burning up! Were you sick before you came looking for me?"

He slid to the ground, using the tree trunk as a backrest, "…No, I wasn't…"

She knelt down beside him, brainstorming on the possibilities. Suddenly she recalled the poison oozing from the Nidorino's horn, and her face went as white as his was, "Did the Nidorino touch you with its horn when you got knocked down?"

"M-maybe…" his teeth were starting to chatter, and his eyes drooped. She kept one hand on his cheek, hoping the warmth of her glove might keep him awake for a bit longer. In the meantime, she scanned his body in search of any place the skin was showing, where the poison might have seeped into his skin and bloodstream.

There. She located the spot—his stomach. In the harsh wind, his sweatshirt and t-shirt must have flown up, exposing bare skin that was now bruising from the forty pound pokémon hurtling itself at him. The venomous horn had left a thin, shallow scrape on the right side of his abs, but that was all the poison needed to enter his bloodstream. She knew that by now the blood was circulating the toxin throughout his body, and his heart—the very organ that pumped blood through the veins and kept someone alive—was now aiding the spread of the toxin that might end up killing him. It would have been very ironic if it hadn't been so horribly serious.

She knew that nothing good would come of keeping Lucas in the snow—she needed help, and fast. She quickly pulled out his cell phone and pressed number two-speed dial, remembering that he had once mentioned the Professor's number was programmed in. Then she fidgeted, waiting for Professor Rowan to pick up.

After the second ring, a click was heard and the Professor's voice filled her ear, "Ah, Lucas. Finally checking in, are you?"

"Professor!" she blurted out, and suddenly her eyes were wet with tears. Talking to the Professor made this nightmare all too real. "I need you go get up to route 216 as soon as you can. Lucas is hurt really badly!"

She could hear shuffling in the background as the Professor quickly got his things together and prepared to leave—he didn't need any more convincing, "I'm coming. Give me your coordinates."

She glanced at her Pokétch and rattled off their position.

"I'm on my way," the Professor said quickly. "What's wrong with him?"

"Poison," she stated worriedly. "I ran into a Nidorino, and it attacked me. Lucas saved my life…"

She heard the professor swearing, "Nidorino poisoning is nothing to joke about. I can be there in an hour. In the mean time, give him a dose of antidote. Even though it's meant for pokémon, it still has some of the agents needed to keep the poison at bay until he can be treated properly. Keep him warm, Dawn, and don't move him!" the phone went dead, and Dawn quickly pocketed it before searching through her backpack for the antidote and a thick blanket.

Lucas was worse than he had been just minutes before—he barely seemed to be breathing now. His eyes were mere slits, and it seemed to be a large task to keep them open that far. Dawn put her hand on his forehead again, frowning as she readied the bottle of antidote. For pokémon, all you had to do was spray it on the skin, and it soaked into the body. She had no idea how to administer it to a human being, and almost didn't want to take the chance of screwing up. This was Lucas, not some pokémon! If something happened, she could never live with herself…

Then realization hit her like a bird might hit a window—abruptly, and without mercy. If she didn't do something now, Lucas probably wouldn't survive the hour.

With that in mind, she pulled up his shirt. He stirred and opened his eyes as the bitter cold hit his unprotected skin. Dawn grabbed the antidote bottle and prepared to spray it on him.

"…Dawn…?" Lucas murmured, pretty much out of it. "…Am I sick…?"

She felt tears streaming down her face, freezing to her skin, "Yes. But you'll be fine, so don't worry, okay?" she winked for his benefit and sprayed four quick squirts of the antidote onto his stomach.

"Why… are you crying…?"

Dawn bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut, looking away as she wiped up the tears. Typical Lucas. He was on deaths doorstep, but was still concerned about others. "I just got something in my eye," she lied. She could feel his conscious slipping, and covered his stomach again, looking into his glassy eyes. Her voice cracked more than once, "Lucas… Please, don't let this poison… Stay alive, okay?"

His lip twitched upwards, "I… wouldn't die…" his eyes closed, and he sagged against the tree trunk.

She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around him, tucking him into it tightly and bringing it up to his chin. Then she checked his pulse. The antidote seemed to help a little bit—his breathing wasn't quite as shallow, though his fever still raged. She settled down next to him, holding him close to share body warmth while she waited for the Professor.

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