The twenty dead soldiers lay all around me

"Foolish humans…" I growled. The twenty dead soldiers lay strewn all around me. Their blood coated my scarred armour and body, and was spattered across the entrance to the temple. There was only one foe left for me to defeat. I walked slowly across the courtyard to the tall, spiked spire. Behind me, the city burned and people died. My troops could do what they wanted with the population; I didn't care. For a moment I considered Megablasting the temple, but he probably had a shield around it. Anyway, I wanted him to suffer for what he'd done to me: I would kill him personally. I had a strange sense of Deja-vous as I kicked open the doors, but no soldiers were there.

The temple was as silent as the grave, and I entered cautiously.

"Hello Blitz." A voice hissed. He stood with his back to me facing the island map on the floor. I aimed an extreme lightning at him but he anticipated my move and somersaulted over me. I turned and tried to punch him, but he blocked by fist and head butted me, breaking my nose. Blood spattered the front of my armour, joining the human blood already there. Knylus pushed me back into the far wall and raised his hands, calling energy into them. A black lightning bolt blew chunks out of the wall where I was standing, but I had already gone. I landed beside him and hit him in the kidneys. As he staggered, I got him in the side of the head and blasted him with a lightning bolt. He lashed out with a foot and I fell through a side-door labelled 'creature cave'. Inside was a small grassy area with fluffy green trees and a gurgling stream. The lighting here made a twilight effect, and I paused to admire it for a second before turning to face the door. Knylus leapt through and sent a flash of black fire to scorch the ground around me. I dodged this and returned fire with another lightning bolt which he caught and hurled back.

"Damnit!" I gasped, as it hit me in the stomach. I couldn't fight in such cramped conditions. I leapt up and imbued myself with a powerful shield. I burst through the earth and came out slightly to the left of my enemy's temple. Slates and cobbles slid into the massive hole I had made, as Knylus flew out. We had a short mid-air fight, trading punches, but that ended when I grappled with him and threw him into his own temple. Far, far below us, the gates to the temple compound (I had just vaulted them) burst open and my men began to pour through.

"Look at that, Knylus. Your end is near. Why fight? Just embrace it." I hissed.

"No!" He wailed, hurling a megablast at me. I shrugged off the resulting explosion as though he'd thrown a bucket of water at me. In reply, I cast a lightning extreme, which wrapped itself around him as though alive. He screamed in pain as the lightning bolt scorched him and knocked him flying. There was a little flash of light as he struck his shielded temple wall, and fell to the ground. My men were running towards him, but I yelled:

"NO! This one is mine!"

As he attempted to rise, I kicked him in the kidneys and he fell again. I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him above my head. From that position, he could see his burning city: The flames and billowing smoke, the corpses strewn around the streets. I wanted him to know that his empire was crumbling before I finished this.

"After all this…" I rasped, a stitch burning into my side. "…you finally die. How does it feel?"

"I am…invincible…" he hissed "I cannot…die…"

"Hah hah hah…" I chuckled. My men assembled behind me and stood to attention. I turned to them and spoke, loudly.

"Signal the withdrawal from the city. It's time to finish this…"

They all saluted and streamed through the gate. I had a cruel and twisted idea, and I decided to act upon it. I carried Knylus calmly towards his temple and hoisted him up. There was a sickening crunch as the hated one was impaled on one of his own temple's spikes. His face was contorted in pain and hatred as I smiled up at him.

"You're going to die now." I stated, simply. Now, most temples have a spell that diverts most damage to the god's nearest town. I was going to take advantage of this. I raised my arms and fired an Extreme Lightning spell at the impaled god, both injuring him and his temple, and diverting damage to his city. I saw pale tendrils of light drifting from his home to the Aztec town below, and houses began to catch alight. He screamed and attempted to rise, but I kept pouring lightning into him. He slumped, unconscious as his city burned. I stopped using lightning and instead let rip a volley of fireballs that set the structure alight and damaged the city further. I sensed that the protective spell on the temple was almost spent, because it was beginning to take serious damage. I finally raised my arms and called down a megablast to finish it off. The column of flame cut through the roof like a hot knife through butter, and detonated inside. The whole temple pulsed once, like an animal in pain, and then exploded outwards. Further explosions ripped the innards of the temple out, and destroyed the underground sections of it.

I dodged a chunk of stone the size of a house that fell from the explosion, and took off. I felt cold hatred welling up inside of me as I watched the temple detonate. I focused the last of my energy, and all of my hatred of Knylus and then let rip with a megablast. However, no single megablast fell. Instead, the clouds darkened, and dozens rained upon his stricken city and destroyed the remainder of it in a flurry of blasts. I realised that using a Megablast Extreme was not a clever thing to do in my condition, and blacked out: the ground rushing up to meet me…

It took me a week to recover from the ordeal of killing my foe. All through my recovery, I watched with admiration from my bedroom window as black smoke billowed from the horizon and didn't stop for at least a fortnight. Wounds knitted themselves together and my nose was fixed (except for a red scar running across it from my forehead to my cheek). On the day of my recovery, I left my temple and allowed my villagers to celebrate: No work for a few days, and no rationing from the food store. I then went to check on my ally.

"Randulfr!?" I called, from my Tibetan town. At first I thought he was dead, and that the worst had happened. Then I saw him. He limped from his small valley-mouth town and leapt up to join me. We embraced like the battle-brothers we were then I stood back and looked at him. His orange armour was gone and he wore simple leather with fur rims.

"Where's the armour?" I asked to break the silence.

"It was almost ripped to pieces in that explosion. I'm having it fixed."

"Okay…" I muttered. "Why did you stop that megablast? You could have beaten him on your own. Why save me?"

"We're brothers now. Family have to look out for each other." He smiled "besides, you need the training if you ever want to best me."

I laughed and punched him in the chest jokingly.

"Anyway, we have a surprise for you…" Randulfr smiled.

"Who're 'we'?"

"That old man in the strange house; the one in your town."

"Oh. I forgot about him. He has something for me?"

"Indeed he does."

I flew back to my capital. By now it was thriving. The snows of winter were melting and the grass was showing, bright green and lush. Crops were doing well, and the population was booming. If I ever needed a reason to stay here after killing Knylus, this was it. I landed next to the house, and approached the three-legged stool-like structure.

"You fought well to overcome your enemy." A voice said. I looked around and saw the old man looking at me with his piercing blue eyes.

"I had something worth fighting for." I said. "My people and my revenge."

"Ah yes: Revenge. Your creature was killed, was he not?"

"Yes." I said. I didn't want the day to be ruined by thoughts of my dead creature. He smiled and turned to his house. In the middle of the three legs, a speck of light appeared, grew and warped into a portal. Something appeared and the portal disappeared in a flare of blue light. I gasped and for the first time in front of my people, I showed emotion (other than hate).

"Moooo." The newborn Cow Creature exclaimed, punching the air enthusiastically. His white and brown body seemed to shimmer in the light and I scratched his chin. He gave a happy grunt and curled up, asleep. I turned and saw Randulfr standing beside the old man.

"You like?" He asked.

"I love!" I replied. The old man smiled, and there was a sudden shimmer of light. He seemed to shift and change form until he was no longer human, but a god in symbol form, the symbol being a circle with a cross in the middle.

"Who are you?" I asked the god.

"My name is Khazaar. I am an ally." His voice sounded the same as the old man's, but deeper. "I help other gods who need it, and my ultimate aim is to topple the ultimate evil."

"Ultimate evil?" Randulfr asked. He seemed as surprised as me.

"It is a god known as Nemesis." He sighed. "My strength grows weak. Alas, I fear that another god requires my aid."

"Can we help you? Come with you?" Randulfr asked.

"No. I must give this god passage to my home realm. I sense that he alone, has the power to crush Nemesis and his ally, Lethys."

"I could crush him…" I muttered "Will we ever see you again?"

"I hope so. Maybe one day when the wars are all finished, we can meet as friends. I still have a war to fight on my home land, against the allies of Nemesis. Until then, farewell…"

A whirling hole of pink, gold and blue light opened in the ground and Khazaar (still in symbol form) hovered above it, and then dropped into it like a stone into a lake. I stood for a moment, then sighed and turned to my sleeping cow. I thoughtfully scratched his ears and then said to Randulfr:

"What the hell was that all about?"

"Not a clue, old friend." He replied. I chuckled and then asked:

"So what shall we do now? We've defeated our enemy."

"There's a lot of rebuilding to do. And then there's my homeland we should check on. I did leave it unguarded after all…"

"You what!?" I exclaimed.

"Well you were in need of help!" he replied, indignantly "if you care about it so much, you check on it!"

With a causal wave of a hand, a vortex opened in the ground, the swirling colours making my eyes ache just looking at it. I sighed and walked through.

In Randulfr's homeland, I stood atop a snow-capped mountain. Below me, a few Norse villages were dotted around the snowy plains and I was impressed at the size: At least three times the size of Knylus' homeland, his was big enough for around twenty villages spread out across its bulk. I gazed across the land for a moment, and then started as I saw something through the whipping snowstorms that buffeted it.

"RANDULFR!" I called "you may want to have a look at this…"

"What?" He muttered, materialising beside me, then: "oh crap…"

On the mountain opposite us, a strange temple that definitely did not belong to Randulfr rose up like a thumb pointing at the sky. It was a completely good, pearly white citadel with statues of angels around its front and beautiful fountains that made up a courtyard on the path to the foot of the mountain. Before the path leading to the strange temple, a large, Greek village was sprawled lazily in the pass. As we watched, a unicorn-like horse descended the steps to the town and began healing people and satisfying their needs. Already, this god or goddess had taken over at least half of Randulfr's towns and villages.

"Here we go again…" I sighed.

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