Author's Note: If you think this is just OoT put into my own words, you're about to get a surprise. This story is similar to the game only in essentials. The base storyline has remained intact, although there are several characters, places, details, and even minor plot changes that are entirely of my own creation.

Some things, however, had to be changed to suit realism, and so they would work in a written format. Hopefully you'll understand. For example, many parts of the game's plot that were not emphasized on have been emphasized on in this story, and some characters (a good example is the three goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore) have been given full characterizations, whereas in the game they were merely faces.

IF you are a diehard Zelda fan, and you aren't happy with the fact that Link isn't the fairy boy from the forest, I really don't want to hear it. Remember that I'm a huge fan as well, and am simply putting a twist on the story that changed the series forever.

Hope you enjoy it, and on with the story.



A voice rang out in the cold chamber, a soft voice. The darkness was pitch but a small fluorescent light could be seen in the blackness, a thick shimmering shaft of green. It emanated from a tall, beautiful woman with her long green hair tied into a tight bun.

Out of the shadows, a face appeared. It was worn and wrinkled, and the white beard on its chin sagged ever so slightly. His sagging skin formed bags beneath his eyelids, giving him the unfortunate appearance of a lonely bloodhound. It was clear that this man was old and quite tired, as though he had not slept in a very long time.

"Yes, my dear..." the man replied, and the woman opposite him saw a crease flutter through his orange robe in the cold. "You called?"

The woman smiled, and brushed a lock of vivid green hair out of her eyes. "Yes... I hope you are well?" Rauru bowed and gave a curt nod. "Excellent. My sisters and I have been worrying... What with the attempted break in to the Sacred Realm and all. I have done all I can to protect the Triforce. However..." Her voice cracked and Rauru looked up.

"You are failing?" he inquired, his soft blue eyes growing even wearier.

The woman saw another ripple of cold cross Rauru's ancient body. "Unfortunately..." she frowned. "With the destined ones unidentified... Oh Rauru, whatever are we going to do?"

Rauru wrinkled his nose. "Quite," he mumbled. "And you have not yet discovered the identity of the intruder?"

"No. They could not bypass the Door of Time, of course," replied the woman fervently. "I would have thought that would be obvious to someone like yourself. Only…"

"…a member of the Royal Family can wield that power. I am aware of that fact, good lady," interrupted Rauru. "It appears as if... You still have your piece…" The woman did not respond.


He had apparently hit a raw nerve, and the woman gave Rauru a stern look. "Yes," she snapped. "But who are you to make assumptions like that?"

Rauru merely smiled. "Your sisters have given their pieces up, Farore, so why not you? It has been foretold, you know. There is a boy..."

"I am quite aware of the prophecy, thank you very much, having written quite a portion of it myself!" snapped Farore. And yet, veiled behind her anger, Rauru thought he sensed a hint of sympathy in her voice. "And I can not release my piece... Not at a time like this. The boy would be useful, but... Far too risky. Not enough..." At a quizzical and somewhat pleading look from Rauru, however, Farore sighed. "Fine… Fine! I'll do it. But only if... Well, her highness would need to watch for him. And of course, the King would never… much too protective..."

"That can be arranged," said Rauru, his voice growing stronger with each word. "I shall speak to the King myself and request his permission. His relationship with his daughter is his business and his alone, however, I have the feeling that he would agree they would be safer together.

"You, on the other hand..."

Farore scowled, and brought out from some distant pocket within the folds of her dress a brightly glowing triangle that lit up the room with an ethereal, almost ominous, glow, illuminating every last wrinkle on Rauru's face and brightening Farore's fair complexion. She tapped it lightly with her hand and watched as it soared high into the sky, into a world unknown... "I do not see how it is wise to entrust the Triforce of Courage to a two-year-old child. It would be better to wait until he is older, in my 'humble' opinion."

Rauru smiled, either unaware or uncaring of Farore's last statement. "Thank you, my dear... Whatever this unknown evil will herald itself to be, I feel we have taken the appropriate measures. You have done the country of Hyrule yet another great deed." And with that, he turned on his heel and swept out of the room.

"I eagerly await the king's response," said Farore bitterly, and after a moment's hesitation, she dematerialized into nothing.